Teddy Sevilla discusses art on coping with Fiona Almeida
Celebrating our 10th year preventing depression
Call to Action
What can I do? If you want to prevent depression, there is much you can do.

Participants at the annual AWI event saw three kiosks - Home, Community and School - each with 7 actions to do immediately. You can choose one as your  priority for the day by visiting the Call to Action page in the AWI website. 

Several helpers at the event were Interact teens, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Wellesley. They have been remarkable in delivering several of the actions themselves, including co-facilitating the curricula referenced and developing new ideas.   
Nathan Chiu interprets Schumann
At the Winter Blues / Spring Awakening event, they demonstrated ways to develop coping skills such as self-awareness with a   m ood gem activity and normalizing the conversation through an art installation an d an interpretation of a composition by Robert Schumann. 

Psychologist and author Nadja Reilly was the keynote speaker, emphasizing the importance of relationships and basic communication without an agenda.  These are foundation elements to wellness and need to be exercised throughout life. Dr. Reilly spoke of how m
'Kids' at play
ental health and wellness promotion has come to fruition during the past ten years. During the presentation, Dr. Reilly spoke of feeling inspired when seeing what the Interact teens had achieved with schools and communities both local and distant. 

Dr. Reilly will expand on the latter theme next month at the Wellesley Community Center.  She will present outcomes from a Rotary Foundation global grant  during a dinner recognizing the Interact teens. This is an awesome story that I wish everyone could hear: it involves schools,  Rotary members and Interact teens in two countries. It can be replicated in every community.   Registration is free  but required to get the seating and dinner service right.
Each independent school nurse in southeast Massachusetts is invited to initiate routine communication with pediatric psychiatrists?

The MCPAP for Nurses program is immediately available and enrollment is free. We want all independent schools in these 72 communities to enroll. See the May 2nd event invitation or contact BobAnthony@AdolescentWellness.org with questions.
Call to action - ask a local Rotary club to deliver the Wellness Project 

Any Rotary club may order the 'Wellness in a Box' to launch an Interact club or provide an existing club with resources for its community.
Marlboro hosts 'Kids and Mental Health'

The Rotary Club of Marlboro is hosting 'Kids and Mental Health' the afte noon of April 28 (details in image at right).

The Rotary Club of Abington is hosting a dinner on the topic of 'Mental Health and Wellness Promotion' at 6:30pm on May 10 at Jamie's Grill in Whitman, MA (no registration required).

The Rotary Club of Wellesley is hosting a dinner May 17 to recognize the Interact teens and the Wellness Project success.
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