September/October 2020
Keesing Media Group Live on Advantage
Congratulations to Keesing Media Group (KMG), on recently going live on Advantage. Seven puzzle magazines were purchased from Aller Media in 2019 and were selected to be converted to Advantage.

The project began in the fourth quarter of 2019. The KMG team included Joost Freriks, Marie Gabrielson, Anders Juhlin, Sharon Lewis, Jaap Nijman, Felix van der Sommen and Lena Thelenius. On the AdvantageCS side, the major players included Levi Hyssong, Binoy Philip, Mark Sauter and Tim Zapawa. In addition, the project received assistance through the involvement of a team from Aller Media.

“During this project, we migrated the running Aller Media subscriptions seamlessly into our AdvantageCS area. Besides the technical tasks (mainly setup of integrations and data conversion), this also meant that the subscriptions had to be adjusted to the Keesing subscription business rules. We started with a pilot publication, and not much later the others joined. I’m grateful for the commitment and team spirit of everyone involved which led to a successful project,” said Joost Freriks, KMG project manager.
Our Sunday Visitor & AdvantageCS: Partners for 30 Years
It was in 1990 that Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) first became a part of the Advantage family. In the years since, the two companies have gone through countless projects together---large and small---including upgrades, in-conversions and new development. Today, OSV is the largest provider of church envelopes and one of the largest Catholic publishers in the world, and all OSV divisions are operating on Advantage.

The Publishing division of OSV had been happily using Advantage for nearly 20 years when Harcourt Religion Publishers (now referred to as Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division) was acquired by Our Sunday Visitor Publishing in 2009. The conversion of the Curriculum Division to Advantage allowed Our Sunday Visitor Publishing to consolidate data, streamline customer service, improve fulfillment and inventory management and maximize sales efforts by using the same system.

The remaining division, Offertory Solutions, went live on Advantage in 2010 after an extensive development and implementation project. 
AdvantageCS Celebrates 40 Years
This year marks our 40th anniversary as a company. A milestone to celebrate!

We have experienced many highlights and transitions over the course of those 40 years, including product advances, shifts in our business model, moving to new office locations, recessions and now, a pandemic. Our software and services are renowned for their functional breadth, reliability, richness and flexibility. We continue to expand our software and services to align with the never-ending advances in technology and business.
Congratulations to Ken Nemerovski: Soon-to-be Retiree

Ken Nemerovski—known to all as “Nemo”—has been a fixture at ACS since early 1982; the earliest start date of anyone currently at the company.

In his nearly 38 years at ACS, Nemo always worked in sales in some capacity. Even though he officially moved to the Client Services Division in 2006 as a Senior Account Manager, he kept his hand in the sales game, with responsibility for selling additional software licenses and third-party products to ACS clients. Nemo also managed third-party relationships for the company as well as license compliance, monitoring usage for clients with such agreements. All that, while serving as the account manager for 14 ACS clients!

InterVarsity Press is one of them. “I have very much appreciated having Ken Nemerovski (aka “Nemo”) as our Advantage account manager,” says Tricia Koning, IT Director at IVP. 
Altroconsumer Live on Advantage in Italy
Congratulations to Altroconsumo, a member of the Euroconsumers group, who recently went live on Advantage in Italy. This multi-phased ongoing project involves consumer advocacy organizations in five different countries---Portugal, Belgium, Brazil, Spain and Italy---that all promote and defend consumer interests, solve their problems, and help inform them about their fundamental rights.

The Italian project phase was spearheaded by Fabrizio Datrino, program manager, and Graziella D’Amico, project manager for the Advantage implementation project, with the executive sponsorship of Christelle Roche, Customer Care & Commercial Support Group Manager. Assisting on the project was a cross-country team that previously accomplished successful go-lives on Advantage in the other EU countries.

“With the Italian go-live, all our European Euroconsumers’ Organizations are now using Advantage to manage ordering, subscriptions, payments and logistic processes,” explains Fabrizio. “Italy was the last European country we migrated, however, it was the first where the team was challenged to manage, roll-out and start using the new system in full remote-working mode due to COVID-19.”
Ten Years of Hope
Earlier this summer, we held our 10th annual fundraiser for Hope Clinic (, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing free care (medical, dental, food, and more) to those in need. While their services are always necessary, they have become essential as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact millions of people. More individuals than usual are unemployed, increasing the need for food and other necessities. Since April, Hope has more than doubled its meal services, serving meals five times a week. They have also more than tripled the amount of groceries they’re giving away, with half the households receiving food assistance being new to Hope’s services.
A Trade Show Season Like No Other
A typical September sees us busily planning and preparing for the onslaught of fall trade shows and conferences. Coordinating booth furniture and graphics, booking flights and hotels and shipping collateral materials and giveaways are some of the usual tasks. This year, however, it’s all changed.

Many shows have been canceled outright, while others have decided to go the virtual route. That means more people can participate and saves on travel costs. However, what will the virtual experience be like as sponsors or attendees? This year will tell the tale.

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