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Mediahuis Goes Live on Advantage

by Cindy Twiss

Congratulations to Mediahuis on their recent go-live on Advantage. In late October, the first of three fulfillment systems at Mediahuis---Mediahuis Limburg---completed an 11-month conversion off of their legacy P5 system and began fulfilling their daily Dutch newspaper, De Limburger, through Advantage.
After determining that developing an in-house solution to replace their separate fulfillment systems was not feasible, Mediahuis conducted a thorough search and chose Advantage as the replacement system to support their business now and for the future. The implementation began in late 2017.


Advantage Integrates with Apple App Store for the AMA

by John Sheehy

From discussions with our clients during account management sessions or through our user group conferences, they (or the organizations they serve) are looking to develop new products to compensate for the shrinking content subscription market. One part of that product development strategy is branching out to exist where their customers already are. And where are they? If they are among the 99.9% of users, then that would be on platforms by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

This can be a controversial decision as it is well-documented how much publishers give up when "partnering" with these platforms-in revenue and in customer data. Why give up so much?
  • Brand recognition. Customers are likely on these platforms and already familiar with them and there are no complicated on-boarding procedures. The buzzword "frictionless acquisition" applies here.
  • These platforms have all the necessary infrastructure ready to go from day one: content delivery, payment, mobile, etc.
  • These platforms are sales channels that just cannot be ignored.
7 Steps to Guaranteed Failure When Shopping for a New Major Software Application
by Dan Heffernan

Over the decades, we have heard horror stories of organizations who have chosen the wrong system or application to accomplish some major task (sales order processing, subscription management, CRM, membership management, etc.), so we've honed a list of the steps, which, when strung together, can guarantee failure. That is, the wrong system will be chosen, which will cost your organization lots of money and years of wasted time. 

Now, it is possible that failure will occur by simply executing any of the 7 failure steps! So, if it's failure you're chasing after, you could be closer to it than you think.
  1. Make sure you are unclear about your requirements, so you can't communicate them to the software vendor. After all, if you're clear, you might slip in your communications and let the vendors know what you really need. This could be the first step in your path toward non-failure, which would, in itself, be a failure. Right?
Stephanie Widrig: Responsive, Resourceful, and Reliable

by Cindy Twiss

Now in her seventh year at AdvantageCS, Stephanie is a member of the Program Services team. She began her AdvantageCS career in the implementations group and had a brief stint in support before joining Program Services over 4 years ago. Everyone who works with Stephanie comments on how speedily she responds, how well she communicates, and how she always knows the right answer or else finds it. These qualities make her a sought-after manager of upgrade---and other---projects.

"I enjoyed working with Stephanie on our latest upgrade," says Christy Westcott of Unity World Headquarters. "She was consistently prompt in replying to any of our needs during the process. Her communication is always clear and concise. I look forward to working with her again on our Cider project as well."

Although upgrades and continuous updates occupy the bulk of her time, Stephanie also gets involved with such things as QA and training. Being a people-person as well as a techie, she prefers client-facing tasks. She enjoys traveling to client sites, which she does 3 or 4 times a year.

Hope to see you at one of these shows!
Look for  Dan Heffernan and  Mona Hidayet at the  American Magazine Media Conference in New York on February 5, 2019 and Dan at the  London Book Fair March 12-13, 2019.

Visit the AdvantageCS booth at the  INMA Media Subscriptions Summit in Stockholm March 21 - 22, 2019.  Mona Hidayet and  Philippe van Mastrigt will be representing ACS.
You Can Still Register for AUG:in New Orleans, 
February 20-22, 2019

by Cindy Twiss

Register now for the 2019 Advantage Users Group conference. It's your chance to network, learn, and exchange ideas with other Advantage users. Plus, have some fun.

The 2019 event will be held in New Orleans at the Crowne Plaza, in the French Quarter.  Located at the intersection of Canal and Bourbon Streets, this hotel is ideally positioned within walking distance of the French Market, Harrah's Casino and Riverwalk Mall.

Presentations, panel discussions, and round tables at the conference will feature a variety of options.  Planned topics include the new web select builder, data mining, integrating with social media, and more!  See the
latest agenda for the full lineup of available offerings.  

Contact  Tricia Koning , Steering Committee Communications, with any questions.

tkoning@ivpress.com  630.734.4054
Increasing website sales by identifying abandoned shopping carts

by Paul DesRosiers

Many sales efforts focus on untapped markets and selling to new customers. However, there's a segment of lost sales that may be slipping past you unnoticed---abandoned shopping carts. These are items selected on your website by customers who then elected not to complete the purchase process. 

Abandonment Rate: As High As 80%
The Baymard Institute has estimated an average abandonment rate of 69.89%, as of June of 2018 ( link here ). Other sites reflect a figure just over 80%. That's 7 or 8 customers out of 10 who have visited your site, added something to a shopping cart and then abandoned it without making a purchase! Some statistics claim that over 60% of these are recoverable. Consider the increase in revenue if even half of those turn into actual sales.  

It WAS the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by Vinal Burbeck

Though that phrase may be overused, it is true here at AdvantageCS. The holiday season always brings festive decor and plenty of activities to help our employees get into the Christmas spirit.

This year, we hosted a workspace decorating contest (which the Support Center won for the second year in a row) and white elephant gift exchange, where the gifts ranged from a ping pong ball duck target game to a folding cane (see more photos on  Facebook or  here). We also observed Pajama Day---a staff favorite---with cookies and milk in the afternoon and the now obligatory Ugly Sweater Day.

The fun culminated in our annual holiday party at a local hotel
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