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Derron Spoo
FBC Tulsa
LuncheonApril Luncheon: I've got 24 hours...
Thursday, April 14, 2016 // 11:30 - 1:15pm
The Tulsa Garden Center

Deadlines, Family, Donors, Events! It's Important! I have to get it all done! I need some time management help, or maybe what I really need is some Self-Management tools ... 

Deron Spoo, Lead Pastor, FBC Tulsa will guide us through some questions and that will help us make the best decisions about work, family, health and what works and what doesn't and how to decide.

Allison B. Walden, CFRE
2016 President, AFP Eastern OK; SVP Resource Development, Tulsa Regional Chamber
PresidentLetterLetter from the President
Dear AFP of Eastern Oklahoma Chapter Professionals & Friends:

As fundraisers and nonprofit executives, we spend a large majority of our time and resources saying thank you. Thank you to our volunteers. To our grantors. To our stakeholders. To our collaborative partners. To our employees. To our boards and bosses. And of course to our donors. Article V of the AFP Donor Bill of Rights directs that fundraisers assure donors receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition for their gifts. So it's not only a key tool for effective fundraising, it's a mandate.

But is it also our joy?
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April Webinar: On Beyond Social: Inbound Marketing for Fundraisers
Speaker: Shaun Lynch
Thursday, April 21, 2016 // 12:00 - 1:30pm
Brown Bag Lunch - Bring your own!
This Webinar is offered in both Tulsa & Bartlesville!
Tulsa Area United Way - Bailey Room OR
Bartlesville Area United Way

How do we make raise money with social media? By now, everyone is familiar with social networking. We've had websites forever, and most of us have Facebook pages and probably a presence on other social networking platforms as well. But how does one use social networking to raise money? The key lies in knowing how to integrate social media and direct communication for maximum effect. In a nutshell, social media is where we drop the bait in order to encourage potential donors to self-identify to receive more personalized messages. The approach is called Inbound Marketing. In this webinar, We'll explain the approach in more detail, and walk you through the creation of your first basic inbound marketing program.
BeTheCauseBe The Cause Campaign 2016
Gerri Inman, JD Executive Director for the South Tulsa Community House and I, Tom Taylor, Executive Director/CEO for Emergency Infant Services, are excited to chair this year's "Be the Cause" campaign for our Eastern Oklahoma Chapter of AFP.  It is a campaign that encourages every member to give to the AFP Foundation and lead by example in our profession.  These gifts have a direct impact not only nationwide, but a portion comes back right here to our chapter in Eastern Oklahoma.  Our minimal goal to achieve by 12-31-16 is $2000 with a stretch goal of $2600.  When we meet the minimum goal, our first gift comes back to our chapter and our Board has decided to use these gifts in the form of scholarships for our chapter members as a benefit for membership.  Who wouldn't like help with a scholarship to attend National Philanthropy Day conference, or CFRE training, or even Int'l AFP Conference?  You will see Gerri or myself talk about this campaign in a few of the future luncheon sessions. We thank those that gave already during the March 20 - 23rd matching gift session this past month!
Help our chapter succeed in the "Be the Cause" campaign for 2016!
Tom and Gerri
NewMembersWelcome New Members
Rondalyn Abode
Crossover Community Impact
Marge Betley
Talmadge Powell Creative
Sean Conner
Family & Children's Services
Amy England
The University of Tulsa
Kirsten Ergenbright
Bartlesville Regional United Way
Jennifer Kilian
Muscogee (Creek) Nation Scholarship Foundation Program
Jennifer Patterson
Aim High Academy
Christa Rogers
Folds of Honor
Autumn Wiles
USS Tulsa (LCS) Commissioning Committee

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Yes, non-profits can (and should) lobby
If you want to know about the stock market, you ask a broker. If you want to know what that weird noise is when you turn on your car, you ask a mechanic. If you want to know how public policy is affecting regular people in Oklahoma, you ask someone who works for a non-profit organization.
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