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Board UpdatesBoard_Updates

The GO Virginia Board convened on Dec. 11, 2018 and  March 12, 2019 for FY 19 quarterly  meetings. Several new and important policies were announced and approved.  Please pay attention to these updates, and contact Matt Weaver at if you have any questions. For more details, please refer to DHCD's GO Virginia Board website.

At the December GO VA Board Meeting, the board presented additional guidance on how to focus project development efforts for the coming year.  The board determined these priority areas for funding based on their likely potential for regional and statewide economic impact.  Please find more details and the complete memorandum  here .

GO Virginia Project Guidance and Metrics
At the December GO VA Board Meeting, the board presented additional guidance for the GO VA project types: workforce, sites and start-up ecosystems. The memo includes an overview of advice per project type as well as suggested project metrics to employ.  Please find the full memorandum here.

FY20 GO VA Capacity Building Match Requirement
The board approved a match waiver for FY20 Capacity Building funds, waiving the required $1:1 match for the $2.25 million allocated ($250,000 per region). 

FY20 GO VA Per Capita Allocation 
Consistent with FY19 funding decisions, the board approved a reallocation of $643,764 from the FY20 competitive pool of GO VA funds to bring three regions receiving less than $1 million up to a floor of $1 million in FY20 per capita funds. 

Regional Entrepreneurship Initiative
In March, the GO VA Board presented the Regional Entrepreneurship Initiative, crafted to facilitate new  projects and boost regional collaboration in the entrepreneurial ecosystem space, as recommended by the TEConomy regional reports. The board will review applications for projects that identify or create a coordinating entity that will then develop a regional entrepreneurial investment plan.  

The board invites regions to submit Regional Entrepreneurship Initiative proposals in line with the following policies: 
1) Identify a coordinating entity which may apply for up to $300,000 of per capita funding.
2) The $300,000 total amount may support the initiative for up to two years, although regions are encouraged to move towards implementation of their plans quicker than that.
3) There will be a waiver of the local match requirement and a reduced match requirement of half of the total grant (as opposed to requiring the 1:1 match). 

Please find more details and complete memorandum here.

Growth and Diversification Plan Amendment Guidelines
Each regional council shall submit an amended growth and diversification plan to DHCD for consideration by no later than Aug. 1, 2019 for consideration at the September 2019 GO VA Board meeting. As part of the amended plans, the GO VA Board highlighted a focus on project pipeline development and updated quantitative data. Find out more details and complete memorandum here.
Upcoming EventsUpcomingEvents

TomTom Festival + GO VA Regions: April 12, 2019
Region 9 and DHCD are collaborating to sponsor GO VA events at the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Conference.  All GO VA Regions are invited to attend. 
  • 8 a.m. GO Virginia Coffee and Networking Open to the public and a great way to showcase each region's projects and ideas.
  • 10 a.m. GO Virginia Panel Envisioning a Statewide Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Panel discussion featuring Dubby Wynne, Mitch Horowitz, Ross Baird and Tom Click
  • 11:15 a.m.-12:45 p.m. All-Regions MeetingLunch will be provided.  Stay tuned for agenda.
*Please see more details about full TomTom festival events and activities here.

Next GO VA State Board Meeting: June 11, 2019

For information on GO Virginia Board and Regional Council meetings and events, please see the

Council Meeting Highlights
The GO Virginia Region 1 Council met on Dec. 4, 2018 at the Wayne C. Henderson School of Appalachian Arts in Marion. Adam Northrup, senior vice president and financial strategist with Virginia Community Capital provided a presentation to the council on Opportunity Zones. During the meeting, the council approved a per capita funding recommendation to be evaluated by the state board.  

Related Activities
The Region 1 Council has contracted Chmura Economics and Analytics to assist the Region One Information and Emerging Technologies working group with data acquisition and project development. Chmura will facilitate conversations with focus groups to identify priorities and potential projects for the region and will assist with broadband mapping, labor pool inventory and identifying areas of emphasis for the technology workforce in Region 1.

The fourth annual SWVA Economic Forum will be held on May 15, 2019. The theme for this year's event is Technology and will feature keynotes, panels and breakout sessions exploring strategies to integrate disruptive technologies into the future of work in the rural communities of the region. The forum will feature a GO Virginia panel including various regions across the state and their efforts in the technology industry.

Approved Projects
In December, Region 1 received the following project awards:
  • $25,000 (ECB) for Virginia Tech to conduct a graphene regional market study
*For more details, please refer to GO VA State board packet information here

In March, Region 1 received the following project award:
  • $310,372 (PC) for Mountain Empire Community College to expand their smart farming program 
*For more details, please refer to GO VA State board packet information here

Project Solicitation
Region 1 is currently accepting applications for Per Capita and Competitive projects. The application deadline is April 8, 2019. For more information, visit Region 1's website at

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RAMP Demo Day
RAMP Demo Day
Project Update
This fall RAMP, a new technology business accelerator program for the Roanoke-Blacksburg area, debuted their second cohort at Demo Day. Six startups graduated from the program after the first demo day last year, and RAMP is hopeful to see continued growth from these companies and those in the second cohort.

Capital Ecosystem Development through the Valleys Innovation Council (VIC), a nonprofit focused on connecting, communicating and collaborating with stakeholders to grow and strengthen the region's innovation economy, continues to examine the Region 2 capital ecosystem and is looking for ways to fuel young companies through the early years. VIC has identified gaps in funding for small startups and is working to bring together groups who could fill these gaps. Their goal is to help launch an angel investor network in the region.

Approved Projects
In December, Region 2 received the following project award:
  • $274,980 (PC) for Liberty University to develop the Additive Manufacturing Partnership Lab (AMPL)
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA state board packet information  here

In March, Region 2 received the following project awards:
  • $99,406 (ECB) for UWSWVA to expand their Ignite Internship Program, which encourages post-secondary education and streamlined workforce credentialing, into Region Two 
  • $150,000 (PC) for the Advancement Foundation to launch a new program designed to increase the number of high growth companies in the region
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA state board packet information  here

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New angel investing group could turn into lifeline for startups

Council Meeting Highlights
The Region 3 Council's January meeting was fully packed, starting with overviews of the TEConomy report for Region 3 and on VEDP's new Site Development Effort. The council also reviewed and approved an application to scale up the GO-TEC Program. In 2019, Region 3 is focused on its advisory committees, which include 1) Growth and Diversification Plan; 2) Innovation Strategy; 3) Nominating; 4) Personnel; 5) Communications; and 6) Project Review.  

Related Activities
Region 3 planned a dynamic all-hands meeting for Wednesday, March 27 at The Prizery in South Boston. The event included TED-style talks, a success showcase of innovative projects throughout the region and more.  

How do you connect a city and a large town that are one hour and 40 minutes apart? 
Ballad Brewery expands to new location
Because businesses can grow in regional markets! And, that is what Region 3 Council leaders want to see happen. Ballad Brewing Company ( originally founded in Danville) is growing into the Farmville market, expanding its footprint and introducing new varieties of beer into Farmville's Hotel Weyanoke . Click here for more information.

Approved Projects
In March, Region 3 received the following project award:
  • $1,320,787 (Competitive) for Danville Community College and partners to  to expand its GO-TEC (Great Opportunities in Technology and Engineering Courses) project. The GO Virginia funds will be used to scale GO-TEC into four additional middle schools, providing funds for personnel, instructor training, program outreach, equipment and build-out. 
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA Board Packet 
information  here .

Project Solicitation
Region 3 recently launched "Eight Weeks to Application," a program that walks interested parties through the steps of creating a GO VA substantive proposal. For more information, contact Liz Povar at

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Council Meeting Highlights
At the Region 4 Council meeting held on Jan. 15, Council Member Carrie Roth presented an overview of the final TEConomy report on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Region 4. Also, Wilson Flohr presented a memorandum from GO Virginia Chairman John O. "Dubby" Wynne regarding areas of opportunity for future GO Virginia Funding.

Related Activities
GROW Capital Jobs has created a GROW Capital Jobs Foundation Facebook page. Visit us on Facebook at GROW Capital Jobs Foundation, and give us a like and a share.

Project Updates
Lighthouse U "Entrepreneurial Mindset" Lecture
On Dec. 11, GROW Capital Jobs staff attended an information session at ChamberRVA to discuss Campus RVA, a GO Virginia funded planning grant, centered on retaining and attracting millennials to the Richmond Region. Campus RVA will apply lessons learned from CampusPhilly, one of ChamberRVA's speakers, as they work to implement programs that reach into college campuses and promote the Richmond region as a great place to live, work and play. 

Lighthouse Labs' "University Initiative," funded through a GO Virginia $1 million grant, began accepting applications for its summer 2019 cohort. Lighthouse U recruits early stage startup companies that show high potential to grow quickly and leads them through a 13-week mentoring and planning program designed to help their ventures grow.

Approved Projects
In March, Region 4 received the following project award:
  • $100,000 (ECB) for Virginia's Growth Region (VGR) to conduct a site development project encompassing a portfolio of 89 sites

*For more details, please refer to the GO VA Board Packet information here.

Related Activities
Region 5 will be the anchor region for a revolutionary undersea data connector to Spain. The Virginian-Pilot reported that transmissions will be "more than 16 million times faster than the average home internet connection, with the capability to stream 71 million high-definition videos simultaneously," according to Microsoft. Through the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, the region is nearing the completion of the design for a southside fiber ring. It will interconnect government, business and education centers in the five south side cities with these transatlantic cables, making Hampton Roads a digital port to the world. Read more here about this exciting initiative. 

Approved Projects
In December, Region 5 received the following project awards:
  • $642,713 (PC) for ODU's Tri-Cities Campus to take on a second phase of the Virginia Cyber Alliance, a highly advanced collaboration hub
  • $647,540 (PC) for ODU's VA Modeling and Simulation Center (VMASC) to train approx. 8,500 current and future workers in the shipbuilding and advanced manufacturing clusters
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA Board Packet information here.

In March, Region 5 received the following project awards:
  • $99,705 (ECB) for the Hampton Roads Workforce Council to establish the Hampton Roads Coalition for Talent Development
  • $65,000 (ECB) for the Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission to conduct a site development and sewer infrastructure study 
  • $240,000 (PC) for the 757 Angels to expand their efforts to connect the most promising startup and early-stage companies to smart growth capital. 
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA Board Packet information  here.

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Council Meeting Highlights
At the Jan. 3 MBWRC meeting, Jennifer Ozawa 
Region 6 Council Meets, 1/3/19
from TEConomy Partners presented on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Study in Region 6. The presentation focused on:
  • The results of a survey that was distributed to the study's stakeholder group
  • Recommended strategies to further entrepreneurship within the region.

The presentation was followed by a brief discussion among stakeholders and regional council members.

Project Updates
The Welding Training Program has successfully trained and certified five participants, who are now working full-time with increased pay rates. Three more participants are currently enrolled in the program.

Approved Projects
In March, Region 6 received the following award:
  • $110,000 (PC) for UMW and partners to establish a Cybersecurity Certification Program, designed to train Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) and meet regional businesses' need for qualified cyber professionals
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA Board Packet information here.

Project Solicitation
MBWRC is accepting letters of intent for GO Virginia funding on a rolling basis. Prospective applicants must complete the letter of intent template and submit to Kate Gibson at in order to apply for funding. The next deadline for letters of intent is April 12, 2019. The letter of intent template and additional instructions are available at

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Council Meeting Highlights
Region Seven will be the home of the new Amazon headquarters, which is predicted to directly affect both housing prices and demand for technology jobs. Hiring and keeping properly trained individuals with the necessary certifications is essential, all the more reason to keep cyber employees and experts
engaged. The council is in discussions to outline actions in response to the recommendations found in the TEConomy Region 7 Entrepreneurial Assessment that will enhance its focus on the computer sciences and cybersecurity. 

Project Solicitation
GO Virginia's Region 7 received three applications submitted by the last deadline and were reviewed by the Projects Committee, chaired by Clarabridge's Sid Banerjee. Key members are working with the applicants to refine proposals to match the Council's and State Board's objectives. The next set of deadlines set for applications to be submitted to GONorthernVA are March 25 and June 3, 2019

Anyone wanting to apply through Region 7 is encouraged to follow application instruction here. Specific questions can be submitted here.
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Council Meeting Highlights
On Jan. 22, the Region 8 Council met and  was notified that the two Enhanced Capacity Building (ECB) grants (approved in October 2018) had been administratively approved by DHCD and presented to the state board at their Dec. 11 meeting. 

Project Solicitation
Region 8 is currently working to implement a new pipeline development process which will provide for a more deliberate and proactive approach to identifying and funding GO Virginia projects. Therefore, specific application dates have been suspended for the remainder of FY19. Two summits were held in March to update partners and other stakeholders on this new process. Both summits ran from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. with the first on March 13 at Lord Fairfax Community College and the second on March 14 at Blue Ridge Community College.  

Approved Projects
Staunton Innovation Hub
In December, Region 8 received the following awards:
  • $64,800 (ECB) for the Frederick County EDA to develop a Talent Solutions Strategy focused on regional workforce development needs
  • $23,000 (ECB) for the Staunton Innovation League to assess the feasibility of creating the Hub-Lab, a student-entrepreneur makerspace.
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA State Board Packet information here.

In March, Region Eight received the following award:
  • $540,000 (PC) for Winchester Public Schools and partners to develop the Shihadeh Innovation Center for Career and Technical Education, which will include a Professional Skills, Health Sciences and Information Technology Academy
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA State Board Packet information here.

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Related Activities
In early January, the GO Virginia Region 9 Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Workgroup met in Warrenton, VA, to identify next steps. The group recognized that two distinct regional approaches to the ecosystem may be required: an approach geared toward rural localities and an approach focusing on the Charlottesville/Albemarle area where more entrepreneurship activity exists. 
CVP Panel "Strategic Development of Sites to Secure Dynamic Job Growth for Virginia" at the 2018 VEDA Annual Meeting.

Since that meeting, Shannon Holland, GO Virginia director for Region 9, collaborated with the Central Virginia Partnership to co-host a tour of the Mason Enterprise Center for the economic development directors of four rural counties. Next steps are now being discussed. 

Project Solicitation
The next GO Virginia Region 9 application deadline is April 3, 2019. Applications and important resources can be downloaded from the Region 9 website. For more details, go to

Approved Projects
In March, Region 9 received the following award:
  • $475,200 (PC) for UVA's Darden School Batten Institute to develop the Catalyst Accelerator Program, which aims to fill an existing gap in the local ecosystem by providing the dedicated staff, workspace, programming, mentorship, and grant funding to support up to 20 high-potential companies. 
*For more details, please refer to the GO VA Board Packet information here.

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Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development
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