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ChildSavers Program Updates
New Blog: Representation Matters
Representation matters when it comes to early childhood experiences. Relatable and culturally diverse environments are critical in early development for young children.

Dominique Harris, BS, QMHP-C (Qualified Mental Health Professional), Trauma & Resiliency Specialist at ChildSavers, recently wrote about the need for positive early childhood representation.

With the recent historic confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in the news, Dominique shares strategies on how to make sure young children feel represented and supported in their learning environments.

Donor Spotlight: Liz Fessenden
For Liz Fessenden, a deep connection to ChildSavers came through her role as a volunteer. As the president of Alcoa Flexible Packaging, Liz had extensive experience in leadership positions and was an obvious choice for the ChildSavers board, a role which she would hold for the next eight years. Her board engagement allowed her to more deeply understand the importance of ChildSavers’ programs and afforded the opportunity to meet and learn from both clients and child care providers we serve. 
Liz decided to designate ChildSavers as a beneficiary of a percentage of one of her Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). Gifting from an IRA to a charitable organization is a tax-efficient giving method which can benefit both the donor and the organization. As a way to further her legacy, Liz chose to support ChildSavers’ endowment with her gift, ensuring the long-term financial health of the organization. 
“I’ve had opportunities and success in my life, and creating opportunities for others who may not have had my same access is a way I choose to give back. Including ChildSavers in my estate plan is a way to extend my ‘giving back’ into the future.”
We are immensely grateful to Liz and others who have impacted ChildSavers through their planned gifts. These gifts enable ChildSavers to fulfill our mission for years and generations to come.

Resource Round-Up

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