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MMS Monthly E-Newsletter | April 2018

Children in Primary 1 are eager for the warmth and wonder of spring to fully emerge. Just as we have seen signs of new life and growth in the world around us, we are also enjoying new relationships as a result of the teamwork, grace and courtesy that we have cultivated in recent weeks. The seeds of initiative are being sown as friends are growing our sharing time through self-chosen items and a wide variety of questions for one another. The classroom is filled with budding interests and unfolding passions that were more dormant throughout the winter months. The Bead Stair, Hanging Units, Hundred Board, Square and Cube Chains, Multiplication Socket Board, and Multiplication Bead Bars are materials that have captivated a number of the children in the Math area of the classroom. The desire to read has motivated others to explore the mechanics of our language, using the sandpaper letters and moveable alphabet. Several of the children who are reading have become engaged with creative writing and story telling. Illustrating what they have written brings enthusiasm and pleasure to them as well. As the pageant of nature gives birth to the flora and fauna of our planet, it offers the children endless opportunities to make exciting discoveries in weeks to come.

The children of Primary II have been exploring Montessori materials more in depth. What new challenges are hidden behind the Pink Tower, the Cylinder Blocks or the Color Tablets? Children (re)discover sensorial material through building at a distance, using all the sets of material at the same time or bringing objects to the matching color. Children who are reading enjoy labeling objects in the environment which motivates the pre-reading children! French vocabulary is now part of our daily routine by counting how many children are in the classroom and singing songs that teach action verbs and parts of the body.

Lower Elementary I has been working hard! Children use daily work plans throughout the morning to practice, review and solidify the skills that will create a strong foundation for future lessons to build upon. The children are embarking on different aspects of writing, including creative story writing and formal lessons involving grammar and paragraph formation. We are also incorporating practical life skills, such as cooking, counting money, telling time, and creating and following a schedule.

In Lower Elementary II , the big highlights for the past couple months include taking a closer look at earth processes with sedimentation and deposition with the river and identifying the three main types of rocks. The students further explored properties of solids and measurement skills through the bridge-building work. Children are also studying the rays of the sun and how the rays that fall on the earth are oblique and perpendicular (geometry tie in).

It is a busy time in Upper Elementary ! Sixth-year students are participating in step up days at the middle school, including trips to Hudson Farms to assist in the implementation of the organic gardening projects. In the Upper Elementary classroom, student leaders are stepping up to coordinate novel study groups and to present lessons on organization and other topics of choice.

The Middle School has been busy implementing Botany Unit projects at Hudson Farms. This is coupled with lessons on organic agriculture as they have been invited to be a Hudson Farms Community Supported Agriculture Contributing Farm. Recent math lessons have included work in both Algebra and Geometry. In writing, students are working on dialogue and play writing . Current 6th year students have started the step-up process through a special construction project and work on the farm. Students are hosting several events to raise money for their micro economy endeavors and the 8th grade field trip. Please join us for our 2nd annual Spaghetti Dinner on April 14! 
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Spaghetti Dinner | Saturday, April 14 | 12:00-5:00
St. Paul's United Methodist Church located at  4606 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston
Parenting with Positive Discipline | April 14 & 21 | 12:00-5:00
Email Susie Newhouse to register
Standardized Testing Week | April 23-27
Upper Elementary Parent Education Step-Up Night | April 30
Watch for more details soon!
Primary, Lower Elem. and Middle School Parent Ed. Step-Up Night | May 1
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Upper Elementary Spring Trip | May 2-4
Teacher Appreciation Week | May 7-11
Spring Concert for Strings and Ensemble Groups | Tuesday, May 15 | 6:00
Our Spring Concert will be held at St. Matthews Church, 36 Norwood Road. Watch for more details via email. Please note that only strings groups, ensemble groups, and 6th year students perform in the Spring concert.
"Flight of Fancy" - spring event | May 19 | Woman's Club of Charleston
Annual event to support Mountaineer Montessori School - come fly with us!
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