Welcome to the April edition of the IDA newsletter!
We have many generous sponsors this year, and we are thrilled to announce Thera Plate as the new Title Sponsor of IDA Nationals.
IDA Nationals: What You Need to Know Before You Go
  • Nationals will take place from April 26-28th, at Lake Erie College. Thank you in advance to all of our volunteers, sponsors, riders, supporters, and to LEC for hosting! See you SOON!

  • Coach of the Year Nominations must be submitted before April 24th, 2019. Click here to download the form.

  • The 2019 Nationals Prize List is full of useful information, and can be found here.

  • Call for Stewards: If you are able and willing to steward on DSE, Individual or Team day, even if it is only for a portion of the day, please email Lisa at lmoosmuellerterry@ehc.edu. We need 3 days of stewards this year.

HorseLinc, a popular mobile application that revolutionizes invoicing and payment processing for equine professionals, is proud to announce their new scholarship program.

Offering three scholarship opportunities, HorseLinc's initiative was designed to recognize dedicated collegiate equestrians who are incoming college freshman, undergraduate students or graduate students.

Monthly Motivation: Dressage Terminology Explained: "In Front of the Leg"
We hear the phrase "in front of the leg" a lot in dressage. But what does it really mean?

"From the moment you apply your legs to go from walk to trot, expect the reaction to occur in the amount of time it takes you to hiccup.

This feeling of the horse being ready to react quickly is sometimes referred to as being 'in front of the leg' or 'on the aids.' While riding within any gait, you should feel as if your horse has the desire to carry himself across the ground without being constantly pushed or prodded by you."

In this article, Heidi Chote explains what it means for a horse to be "in front of the leg."