Nurturing Learning, Creating Change - Volume 2, Issue 10
April Newsletter
  • Spring Virtual Auction: April 12th - 18th
  • Bravo, Chabot!
  • Chabot Nursing Students on the Front Lines of COVID
  • Chabot Ranks as 3rd Best Community College in CA
  • Funding Guide for a Master's or Ph.D. Program
Spring Virtual Auction: April 12th - 18th
What: Spring 2021 Virtual Auction
Who: All are invited!
When: View the auction and bid anytime between:
9:00 A.M., April 12th - 6:00 P.M., April 18th, 2021

In one week, support The Friends of Chabot College by visiting our Virtual Auction, April 12th - April 18th, 2021. Items will be hosted for auction on an online site in the same manner as a silent auction, giving bidders the opportunity to go to the site and bid for items all week long. Proceeds will go towards supporting Chabot College students and programs amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Bookmark this page! The auction will be open for bidding on April 12th here:

Whether you're looking for the perfect picnic gear to enjoy the Spring weather or searching for a Mother's Day gift, the Virtual Auction has a wide variety of items and prices. We are so appreciative of all the amazing auction item donations! In fact, we are so excited to share these items, here is a sneak peek of featured items:
  • Paella party with President Sperling for 10,
  • Plasma cut metal art from the Chabot Welding Department,
  • Sonoma Wine Shop one-year membership, and
  • Speciality items pictured below.

Thank you to our fantastic auction sponsors for your partnership and supporting our community.
Al and Marsha Badella
Interested in becoming a sponsor? There's still time! Click the "Become a Sponsor" button below for details.
For more information about the Virtual Auction, check-out our website or email us:
Bravo, Chabot!
Chabot College Nursing Students on the Front Lines of COVID
Over the past year, there has been amazing work done by so many to provide assistance and care for others in the community. 

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, the Chabot College nursing program and pre-licensure nursing students began a unique collaboration with Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Inc. at sites in Hayward and San Leandro. They supported and worked directly with the community assisting with Covid-19 testing, wellness checks, health maintenance, etc. 

In the Spring of 2021, the Chabot College nursing program and pre-licensure nursing students began to assist with the administration of Covid-19 vaccines to members of the community. Each week, the students administer hundreds of vaccines to help combat this unprecedented pandemic.

The Chabot College Nursing Program has been on the front lines of this pandemic and continues to find ways to learn and provide care to those in need. We extend a huge thank you to Director Connie Telles, Chabot Nursing Faculty, and all of the students who have bravely and successfully responded when we needed it the most.
To learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations and other services provided by Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, please visit:
Chabot College Ranks as 3rd Best Community College in CA
Forbes agrees, Chabot is a great place to be!

In a recently released article, Academic Influence ranked the 50 best community colleges in America, as well as top community colleges by state. This ranking revolves around the philosophy that the quality of an academic institution revolves around the people supporting the work.
Out of 839 community colleges in the nation, Chabot College ranked 19th in the country!

In the state, Chabot College ranked 3rd in California!
Funding Guide for a Master's or Ph.D. Program
A Resource for You
Are you looking for a way to boost your career, deepen your research in a particular field, or expand your knowledge? A graduate program may be just the opportunity for you. While the cost of returning to higher education may seem daunting at first, there are many options available to fund graduate programs.
ProFellow has released a guide of over 1,000 programs offering funding for Master's and Ph.D. programs. For more details and how to access the free guide, visit the link below.
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