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A New Normal
Four months ago, we started planning our Spring On-air Drive for May 6 to 9. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, business-as-usual is a thing of the past. We cannot put volunteers, staff, and food donors at risk to help us in our fundraising efforts. We have to do something we have never tried before .

So instead of a Buyback, we are attempting a Buyout. We need to raise $200,000 by May 9. This money will pay for everything from the vast power to run the transmitter to our music and streaming costs; everything that is essential for the operation of WBJC.

We will not have long fundraising breaks interrupting the programming. There will be no volunteers answering phones or end-of-the-hour drama. We are committing to maintaining the calmness and sanity we all need in these times.

Please think about what WBJC means to you. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest classical music and opera presented in complete form and programmed by people, not computer algorithms. Great music that is undisturbed by commercial interruptions. And we bring you more of this music than any other station in the Maryland/Washington, D.C. area.

As we stay at home during this pandemic, you will probably rely on WBJC more than ever. We are in this together, and we are doubling down on our commitment to bringing you the music that means so much to you. As we come together as a community in this time of extraordinary need, please do your part in sustaining this service to everyone in our area.

So give an additional gift or gift membership today. You can charge your pledge on our secure website .

Thank you for your continuing belief in, and support of, WBJC.

Sincerely yours,
Jonathan Palevsky
Interim General Manager
P.S. Above all else, stay safe and well.
We're all right here with you...
Mark Malinowski

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things for many of us. some are staying indoors, others have little choice but to go to work, and many of things we have been taking for granted are sorely missed. It has changed the way many organizations have to do business, as well. Some are operating in a very limited way (curbside, takeout, etc) others are closed completely. Fortunately, our state and federal government are working on assistance packages for those hardest hit.  Although you may not notice it on your radio, a few things are different around WBJC.  Read more
Dyana Neal 

Okay, OUR new colleagues. WBJC’s on-air personnel are the only humans coming to work at this point, but we have some exciting new staff members who have been working super hard to keep us all safe. Aren’t they photogenic? They get quite a workout several times a day disinfecting countertops, door handles, the sound board, phones, and other equipment. Read more

Judith Krummeck


This is what the pianist, Emanuel Ax, said to me during an interview when he was in town to play a concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in the aftermath of 9/11. I thought about what he’d said when listeners called us at WBJC to thank us for being there and for playing beautiful music during that grim time.

And I’ve been thinking about it now, in these unprecedented coronavirus times,  Read more

Kati Harrison

I spoke/Facetimed with my mother recently who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My mother has lung issues, so she has to safeguard against the Corona Virus by physically isolating herself from all people. My brother who lives in Austin, Texas and I have been Facetiming almost every day with her. In spite of the situation, my mother says that she prefers the term, “Physical” distancing to “Social” distancing. She maintains that we can still be social without being physical which makes sense and seems less lonely. Read more
Jonathan Palevsky

With the advent of Covid – 19 all of our lives have changed so dramatically!
All the lectures, classes and podcasts that I do in addition to radio have all disappeared! March April and May, some of my busiest months (and if you know me I am a pretty busy guy) are now empty other than my fabulous full time duties at WBJC! I miss my students who are amazing, I miss producing pods for the BSO (I did one for Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony just for the heck of it and might do one on Holst’s planets) I miss introducing concerts for the BCO and others.

What to do with, what for me, is an ocean of time? These are in no particular order! Read more
Diana Ross 

Staying connected to each other is so important while we’re physically being isolated.I have several craft groups that meet every month… spinning, knitting weaving, bobbin lace, as well as a few other specialized social groups and over the few months, I’ve just been too busy in many cases to hang out on a regular basis. I’ve taken them for granted. Read more 
Yvonne Allen

There isn’t anything I can say that hasn’t already been said in the media or from your family and friends about our safety in this environment. I think of you all often and pray that you all are doing the right things and staying well. I have faith in a higher power and this too shall pass. Read more

Programming Notes

We now have One Single Stream to Rule Them All on the website… the mp3 stream.

We’ve increased the number of listeners who can be on the stream at one time, in addition to increasing the bitrate (overall sound quality) to ~128kbps (up from 64kbps).

The stream is still mono for now (in case you Sonos/Bose people ask).

And now the old “Windows” stream button will now launch the long-awaited pop-up player (desktop AND mobile). WOO HOO!! 

The Met season has been cancelled but they are kindly providing recorded performances of their scheduled broadcasts. The cast may differ from what is listed on our website!

Apr 11 - Tosca - 1pm
Apr 18 - Simon Boccanegra - 1pm
Apr 25 - Turandot - 1pm
May 2 - Kata Kabanova - 1pm
May 9 - Maria Stuarda - 1pm

Your continued support for opera keeps the Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts and other live performances on the  WBJC Operafest  coming to you on Saturdays throughout the year. 

Join Judith Krummeck for an interview series on WBJC devoted to the world of books — from different genres, to book awards, to local and national authors — everything to do with books. Booknotes is made possible by YOU, our members.

This month:

When I inherited this collection of Dickens novels from my mother, many of them were in sad disrepair–until I took them to be thoughtfully, carefully, and authentically repaired by Jennifer Jarvis , Book & Paper Conservator at Johns Hopkins University’s Sheridan Libraries. This month on Booknotes we revisit the theme of preserving these precious objects.

Listener's Choice

John Scherch plays your requests every Friday evening during our long-running request show, Listener's Choice. You can request your favorite music anytime by emailing  listenerschoice@wbjc.com or by visiting us on  Facebook. You can even call in during the week (410-580-5800) and we'll make sure John gets your request!
By Judith Krummeck 

At 7:30pm 4/2, I was to have been giving a reading from Old New Worlds at Buunni Coffee on 4961 Broadway in New York, as part of their Multiverse Reading Series. In these times of Staying in Place, I am offering a remote reading instead. Please enjoy!
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