Your April News & Updates

Hydra-Tech Pumps' mission is " Meeting customer requirements by designing and manufacturing the world's highest quality hydraulically driven pumps and hydraulic power units." 
Hydra-Tech prides itself on our ability to meet customer needs through both the adaptation of existing products as well as the development of new products to suit everything from a one-off project to an OEM development project. Because of our in house design and manufacturing capabilities Hydra-Tech Pumps is able to control everything about your pump / power unit build from the paint color to the choice of hydraulic motor and engine.  
Whether you need a little bit of customization or something exclusive to your requirements Hydra-Tech Pumps is ready willing and able to build it for you!

Pump of the month:


Hydra-Tech's S3SHR, three inch hydraulic drive submersible shredder pump is designed to continuously rip and shear solids with 360° shredding action.  This compact unit features an open-vane shredder impeller with tungsten carbide cutting tip.  The smaller size allows for use in tight spaces commonly found in municipal, industrial, agricultural and i nstitutional waste applications.  Depending on the application, there is a version for portable or fixed installations.  A guide rail assembly is available for stationary applications. Combined with our HT11 to HT20 power units, the S3SHR is capable of flows up to 450 GPM.  The safe and variable speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical. 

Spill Containment

As everyone everywhere gets more tuned in to the environmental impact of actions taken on job sites, we at Hydra-Tech Pumps have taken some steps to help make and keep things green.  In addition to all of our equipment being able to run on fully bio-degradable hydraulic oil, we can now offer as an option 110% percent spill containment on some of our power units.  This option is built right in to our units that feature a removable trailer, and it allows for getting to a job site and getting set up quickly without having to rely on a portable berm.  This secondary containment system is fabricated in our Pennsylvania facility out of 14 gauge sheet metal, and can be right sized to most of our power units.  For more information about this option, please contact us! 

Equipment Financing
Is equipment financing something that would be of interest to your company?  Although we have not been asked about the financing very often in the last 10 years, Hydra-Tech Pumps will be partnering with Marlin Leasing to offer financing very shortly.  If the opportunity to finance the power units and pumps that you purchase from Hydra-Tech Pumps is of interest please let us know the next time you call for a quote / with an order and we can provide the quote and add a line showing the monthly payment option through equipment financing.

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