August, 2014
  • Peru and Bolivia, SLIDE SHOW!
  • Off to Glastonbury!
  • New School Connection
  • What is great about Soul?
  • August Message from the Angels, Lee Cook

Peru and Bolivia!
Departing October 25!
PLEASE join us for a SLIDESHOW
 featuring Peru and Bolivia
Wednesday, August 20, 7:00PM
471 Ord Dr
Boulder, Co 80303

On October 25, we depart for Peru and Bolivia!
Our indigenous guides will lead us on a magical journey through the lands of Peru and Bolivia. The lovely people, magnificent landscape, sacred places and special ceremonies will be the focus of our journey. We will connect with the feminine energies of the Andes and integrate our souls to a new level of wholeness.
  • Two full days at Machu Picchu, with ceremonies and the opportunity to hike to the sacred Cave of the Moon on the edge of Huayna Picchu.
  • Our indigenous guides will lead us through the Sacred Valley: Moray, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero and Pisac.
  • Cuzco, the center of ancient civilization and a bustling international city today.
  • We will stay 2 nights on different sacred islands on Lake Titicaca, including the Island of the Sun. 
  • Visit special interdimensional power sites such as the Amaru Muru Portal and Tiwanaku. 
  • Bolivia features Copacabana with its Black Madonna, Goddess of Lake Titicaca and La Paz, the City of Peace.
Call with questions:
Registration Deadline: Sept 15, 2014
Leaving for Glastonbury! 
Goddess Center for the Heart Chakra

We are so excited to be leaving
 on our journey to Glastonbury 
within the next few weeks. 

Please check the FB page of Adventurous Spirit Travel and the FB page of Gifts from the Path for updates. We will share about our walk along the sacred Mary Pilgrimage Path into Glastonbury; about sounding circles with sound oracle, Andi Goldman at places like the Chalice Well Gardens; our invitation to join the local community for a full moon ceremony at the White Spring; our special sunrise ceremony at Stonehenge; walking the Labyrinth on the Glastonbury Tor and more!!
 Sister Schools!

Ryan Elementary School of Lafayette, Colorado will be the new sister school of 
Wolathang Elementary School in
 Punakha Province, Bhutan!


Adventurous Spirit Travel was approached for help by the principal and teachers of Wolathang Elementary School last year while visiting in a remote area of Bhutan. We approached Ryan Elementary School, known for its intention of "being a part of the world wide community."  Principal Toby Bassoff has reported that the idea of a sister school was presented to the school and that it has been "unanimously approved by the PTA and the School Leadership Team." We look forward to fostering the new relationship throughout this next school year!


So far we have raised $1,000.00 by the generous efforts of our wonderful donors.

Our goal is still short $9,000.00. We appreciate your help! If others would like to donate, please see below.


Wolathang Dreams
Wolathang Dreams of Sustainability

Please donate HERE.

Click on where it says Donate (right hand side) and then where it says PURPOSE, put: Bhutan School.  THANK YOU!!  


What is so great about Soul?



1) The highest rated ORAC properties (antioxidants) ever measured by Brunswick Labs, who tests 1,000's of products. 9,000 Anti-oxydents in each package, equal to 8 servings of vegetables and 8 servings of fruits.


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3) The most effective anti-inflammatory product, containing 50% Black seed. The anti-inflammatory effectiveness of Black seed has been proven by medical researchers (it is 281 X more effective than aspirin) hundreds of times. Check it out for yourself:  Just type in Black cumin seed.


All this and more in 1 SIMPLE PACKAGE!! 

 What is the product?? 


 It is called SOUL by RAIN,INTL... 

It is all you need for your wellbeing!!!


  Call with questions. 720-217-1829.

Angel Message for August 2014
Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,
To begin again means to "think anew" to be open to the freshness of this moment. To understand that every day, every moment on Earth, you have an opportunity to become completely refreshed and renewed through your choosing to be in the now. How wonderful it can feel to know that you are able to start a new thought, new idea, new emotion at any time. It is up to you! What do you want to create, be, think, do, NOW? Consider this moment the beginning of your time upon Earth. Let it evolve into the most beautiful expression of your highest vision for yourself and your life.
In many places on Earth the "news" continues to be of the past, old grudges and divisions, old beliefs of separation and despair. This is no longer "new" but of the past. Create the peace on Earth, that YOU want to create, choose it! See this as the new "news"!  As you go about your life, loving all parts of  yourself, including the old grudges, the old sorrows, the old "news", the worn-out beliefs, as you love all these parts of YOU, it allows a space to love all others as they are. Judgement is gone, anger is vanquished, all is a precious part of the new dawn of Love. Be as a child of the dawn, embrace the light in you.
The Angels

Thank You, Until Next Time


 "The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew." 

- Abraham Lincoln




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