August 2016 Volume 20  Issue 6

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Pharmax Pharmacy
113 St. Francois Plaza
Leadington, MO 63601
Phone: 573-431-5040

Join Us For Coffee!
This Friday, August 5 at Pharmax Pharmacy from 
7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

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Claddagh Irish Dance
Since 2014

Cozean Memorial Chapel & Crematory Cozean Memorial Chapel & Crematory
Since 2013

First State Community Bank
Since 1998

Habitat For Humanity
Since 2011

Home Pools & Spas
Since 2013

Maloney, Wright , & Robbins, CPAs
Since 2010

Show Me Rent To Own Show-Me Rent-to-Own
Since 1997

SEMO Community Credit Union
Southeast Missouri Community Credit Union
Since 2005

St. Francois County Ambulance District
Since 1999

Turner Chevrolet-Cadillac Co., Inc.
Since 1974

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Order of Operations

The sales chief, the HR chief, and the boss of a company are on their way to lunch when they stumble upon a beat up, but valuable looking brass container.

The sales chief picks it up and starts cleaning it with his handkerchief. Suddenly, a genie emerges out of a curtain of purple smoke. The genie is grateful to be set free, and offers them each a wish.

The HR chief is wide-eyed and ecstatic. She says, "I want to be living on a beautiful beach in Jamaica with a sailboat and enough money to make me happy for the rest of my life."
Poof! She disappears.

The sales chief says, "I want to be happily married to a wealthy supermodel with penthouses in New York, Paris, and Hong Kong."
Presto! He vanishes.

"And how about you?" asks the Genie, looking at the boss. The boss scowls and says, "I want both those idiots back in the office by 2 PM."

Moral of the Story: Always let your boss speak first.

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Chamber News   
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City Wide Yard Sale - August 13

Park Hills/ Leadington City Wide Yard Sale Permits on Sale July 25, 2016 - August 8, 2016

The two-city sale is slated for Saturday, August 13, 2016.   

Hosted by the Park Hills - Leadington Chamber of Commerce and Sponsored by The Daily Journal, Park Hills River Mart, & Maloney, Wright & Robbins, CPA's.

There were 103 Sales Registered in 2015

Park Hills residents  must  purchase a permit in order to sell.  Leadington residents are not required to purchase a permit to sell, however to be included in the map and advertising opportunities, special permit is required.

Park Hills Businesses interested in hosting Sidewalk-Sales the day of the event are also allowed to do so by purchasing a sellers permit from the Chamber Office!  Sidewalk Sales are prohibited in Park Hills except during the Annual City Wide Sale with Permit.
  1. $5.00 - Basic Option: Includes Sellers Permit and Address is Placed on a List of Area Sales.
  2. $6.00 - Premium OptionIncludes Sellers Permit and Address is Placed on a List of Area Sales, and is Pin-Pointed on a Local Street Guide.
  3. $7.00 - Ultra Option: Includes Sellers Permit and Address is Placed on a List of Area Sales, and is Pin-Pointed on a Local Street Guide, and is Allowed Space to List 5 Major Items of Sale.
  • Permits MUST be purchased at Chamber Office.
  • Does NOT count toward resident's annual yard sale limit in Park Hills.
  • Permits will be sold during office hours, July 25, 2016 - August 8, 2016.
  • All permits MUST be purchased by August 8th in order to be included on the Map.
  • Maps will be available for purchase August 10, 11,  & 12 for $1.00 at the Chamber Office and Park Hills River Mart Convenience Store located at 10 Flat River Drive in Park Hills.
  • The City Wide Yard Sale info will be published in The Daily Journal's "Community Calendar" & "Yard Sale" sections; on two local radio stations; and the Chamber's Website and Facebook Pages as well as on posters placed throughout the two towns.
All permits must be purchased prior to 4:30 p.m. Monday, August 8th

Maps featuring area sales will be available at the Chamber office August 10 th  thru the 12 th  for $1.00. 


Visit the Chamber Office at 12 Municipal Drive in Park Hills to purchase a permit or call 573-431-1051 for more information.

August First Friday Coffee to be Hosted by Pharmax Pharmacy

Join us at  Pharmax Pharmacy  located at 113 St. Francois Plaza, in Leadington, beginning at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, August 5, 2016 for coffee and doughnuts!

First Friday Coffee Events are held the first Friday of each month at various investor locations. 

This is a relationship building event for Chamber Investors, clients and potential clients.

Visit with other investors and members of the business community and learn about the sponsoring business or organization and their products and/or services while enjoying coffee, a light breakfast provided by the sponsoring business or organization.

Register your attendance here:  FFC August 2016
August Investor Meeting - Featuring the St. Francois County Ambulance District

Please join us for the August Investor Meeting on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, at, 12:00 p.m. at The Coffee Grill, located at 3413 Rosener Road in Park Hills.
David Tetrault, Randy Davis, & TJ Isgrig  from the  St. Francois County Ambulance District  will be our featured speakers for August.  

These gentlemen will be discussing the Ambulance District's new  Mobile Integrated Health Program , as well as providing us with information about  Classes such as CPR and First Aid Training  offered by the District's Education Department and available to area businesses and organizations.
Lunch to be Catered by The Coffee Grill And will be $10.00 per person. Reservations will still be required.

Our August Business Spotlight is on  Pharmax Pharmacy
Monthly investor meetings provide Chamber investors with a variety of information through guest speakers.  Topics range from small business information to governmental issues and assistance to community interests.  Monthly meetings keep investors abreast of current chamber happenings and provide an excellent networking opportunity.

Register Your Attendance Here:     August Investor Meeting

Ribbon Cutting - August 17, 2016 - 1 p.m. Cornerstone ADHC

Please join us for a Ribbon Cutting as we celebrate the opening of  Cornerstone ADHC, LLC, an adult day and healthcare center, providing services to aged and disabled patrons who need care daily then return home to their families each evening.
Located at 512 East Main Street, Suite A (the former Ragsdale's building) in Park Hills.

We'll cut the ribbon on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, at 1:00 p.m.

Please plan to celebrate with us!
Parkland Celtic Festival - 2016

The Parkland Celtic Festival planning is in full swing! The entertainment schedule is already full for this year's 3-day event with entertainment beginning  at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, September 16, 2016 and the final performers taking the stage at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 18.
Aside from the Live Music and traditional Irish & Scottish Dancing, there will be a huge array of Unique Vendors, Carnival Rides, a Classic Car Cruise, Guinness Beer Sampling, Authentic Imported Irish Food & Goods, Old Thyme Pony Rides, and Iron Works Blacksmith Shop, and so much more!
The Park Hills - Leadington Chamber will also be selling Authentic Irish Seasoned, Guinness Beer Battered Sausages, Fish, and Home-Fried Chips!
The event is sponsored by Prairie Farms Dairy and the Claddagh Irish Dance School, with proceeds to benefit the Downtown Park Hills Association.  The Street Festival is happening in Downtown Park Hills in the 200 & 300 blocks of West Main Street on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 16, 17, & 18, 2016.
Sponsors and Vendors are still being accepted.
View a full schedule of events here: Parkland Celtic Festival Brochure or on their website at
Investor Announcements
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Investor News
Investor Events
How often do you check the Chamber Events Calendar?
Looking for something to do?  One of the best places to get you event fix is on the Chamber's website.  Click the event link to find out more about some of the great events coming soon:
And this is only a few of several events coming in August!  See the entire list on the Chamber's Online Event's Calendar !

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Seminars, Training & Workshops  
Are you looking for opportunities to improve on something old or learn something new?  We have several learning opportunities, business and personal interests, for you and your employees listed on the Chamber's Event Calendar!
Various training opportunities are offered by Chamber Investors and the St. Louis SCORE ( St. Louis SCORE offers free business counseling and resources, low-cost workshops, and free business scan services. ) See what benefits YOU
Find out more about these and other upcoming seminars, training opportunities and workshops on the Chamber's Seminars, Training, and Workshops page!

All About Business 
Interesting business related articles to help exercise your brain, peek your curiosity, increase your knowledge, or simply to make you smile; all intended for finding ways to enhance your business.
11 Phrases Intelligent People Say Every Day (and So Should You)

By: Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor, Inc.
Image Credit: Getty Images
Sometimes what you say to yourself matters most of all.

Every success is based on action, but every action starts with a thought. That's why every worthwhile accomplishment starts with a change in perspective, or a new connection, or a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

And sometimes success starts with remembering what is important to you -- and what you need to do, every day, to stay on the path to reaching your individual dreams.

That's why smart people say these things every day, if only to themselves.

1. "No one else is willing to do that, so that's what I will do."
Often the easiest way to be different is to do the things other people are unwilling to do.

So pick one thing other people won't do. It can be simple. It can be small. Doesn't matter. Whatever it is, do it. You'll instantly be a little different from the rest of the pack.

Then keep going. Every day think of one thing to do that no one else is willing to do.

After a week you'll be uncommon. After a month you'll be special. After a year you'll be incredible, and you definitely won't be like anyone else. (And, in the process, you will develop remarkable mental toughness.)

Continue reading here:   11 Phrases Intelligent People Say

16 Basic Marketing Tools Every Single Company Should Know

By: Christina Desmarais, Contributor,
Image Credit: Getty Images
According to this CEO, they can help any company sift through and make sense of the ocean of marketing data that exists.

Modern marketing involves seemingly endless amounts of data generated by a smorgasbord of digital channels. In fact, the ocean of marketing data available is so vast that it's hard to know what to focus on, particularly when a company is young. Fortunately, a wealth of inexpensive and easy-to-use cloud platforms exist to help sift through and make sense of all the noise. Take some pointers from Nikhil Hasija, CEO of Seattle-based Azuqua, a company helping businesses like General Motors, GE and Starbucks connect cloud apps and data, doing things such as linking Twitter to Marketo to Salesforce to Zendesk to Jira. Here are his words regarding the best digital tools any company should start with.

Website Content Management System (CMS)
Every company needs a website, but it's amazing how many companies create a website without a content management system. There is absolutely no reason to waste precious resources updating website copy. I use  WordPress because it doesn't require engineering talent, there is a huge community of users to tap for help, it offers millions of themes to choose from as well as a huge ecosystem of consultants, agencies and developers.

Continue reading here:   Marketing Tools
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