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August 27, 2019
Board of Directors Meeting
Give Advocate Volunteer

Campaign Campaign Update
Thank you to our 
Jan Schmidlkofer and Alisha Benson!

The Campaign Cabinet will meet with our Top 100 financially supportive companies. Targeted asks will be made to increase this year's campaign outcome.
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boardquestionsMeet Your Board Members
At today's meeting attendees were asked to answer two questions:
  1. What are you bringing to United Way?
  2. What's the biggest question you have about your work with us or United Way?

DOIJoin Us and Bring Others with You!

FinanceFinancial Report
The Board was asked to approve a revised budget for FY 19-20 due to the receipt of two grants to support the Anchor Community Initiative - a youth homelessness project with the City of Spokane and other local providers of services to homeless youth.  Because of the significant size of these two grants - $55,000 from the Ballmer Group and $50,000 from the Avista Foundation - and their receipt in the beginning of our fiscal year, staff and the Finance Committee agreed to recommend this revised budget in order to eliminate significant budget variations that would need to be highlighted for most of the fiscal year. 
The grant supporting the Anchor Community Initiative will hire one staff person who will work primarily at the City of Spokane and the grant also will provide support for our staff oversight and management of this initiative with the City and other partners.  
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welcomeWelcome New Board and Executive Committee Members!
New Board Members:
Ann Gorman
US Bank
Traci McGlathery
Beck Taylor
Whitworth University
Bryan White
Acme Concrete Paving
Kris Workman

Executive Committee Members:
Paul Read - Board Chair
Jan Schmidlkofer - Immediate Past Board Chair
Wendy Newman - Finance Chair
Michelle Grabicki - Community Impact Chair
Frank Velazquez - Member at Large

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