August 2018
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New to our e-newsletter!  Each newsletter we will feature one of our diamond level corporate sponsor's with a banner ad.  This month, let's give a warm welcome to Rady Children's Health Network.

Sean Greene
President's Message

2018-19 is shaping up to be an exciting year for SDAHU.  We have a lot of newer faces on our board and A LOT of exciting ideas for events. The number of people who have expressed interest in becoming more involved with the organization has been amazing. The only way for us to improve is to continue to grow our membership and have those members be engaged. It seems like that is starting to happen.

Barry Cogdill
VP of Finance
Broker Rant
Hello SDAHU members.  Summer is going by so quickly, and the dog days of the fourth quarter loom.  For agencies that also attend to individuals, this last quarter is overlain with Medicare and ACA enrollment.  It is sort of like having a map
on a river canoe, and knowing big rapids are coming up, and hearing them coming in advance, but not seeing them yet. 

Kacy Kunkel
VP of Communications
Social Media Message

San Diego Association of Health Underwriters wants to thank the continuous support of all its members! If you'd like to see more the local, state and national AHU events, please follow our SDAHU social media outlets below and use the hashtag #SanDiegoAHU.
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Terri Yurek
Support for Universal Healthcare Will be  
Used as a Weapon in November Election

Many Democrats in California have supported a single-payer healthcare proposal, and Republicans running for office across the state are using that support against their opponents.  Democrats generally think the issue of health care will help them in November and are hoping that by promising expanded access to healthcare they will win votes, but it's yet to be determined how a media push by Republicans will affect the public's perception of that expanded access
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Jim Lowther
VP of Legislation
Legislative Update

On the Legislative front, we have a few updates since the last newsletter in April. We had our annual CAHU Sacramento Capitol Summit in May, at which we were able to meet with ten of our local legislators to share our thoughts on the many healthcare bills working their way through the Senate and Assembly houses. At the conference, we heard from a great line up of speakers and legislators, some that support CAHU positions and some that did not.  Personally, I found it interesting to hear the reasons behind opposing positions.

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