Cousins in Seattle by Shelly Smola
Hello! I'm back from Seattle, and as you can imagine, it was good, bad, hard, sad, and bittersweet all at once. It was so nice to see my family, and we got lots of hugs and pictures. My cousin, Reta Anne, was smart to wear sunglasses. You can see that Sarah (my other cousin) and I have cried off all of our mascara, as there were lots of tears as we remembered all the best things about my sister, Jamie. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate her life with us.
This little guy was so happy when I got home! He wrapped himself around my leg, and cried when I went out to unload the car. He has been super snuggly, and he is delighted to be playing in the sewing room again! We just finished your August Gift, and as always, Spooky made sure that he was the newsletter picture. I wish y'all could spend a day with us so you could see how much he loves having his picture taken!
The new Beach Day mug rugs are ready and waiting for you! As always, they come in snack size and coaster size, and they are free with any $10 purchase. Make sure to add them to your cart at checkout! :-)
Can you tell I've got the beach on my mind! I NEED to feel the sand under my toes, and next week I actually get to swim in the Atlantic Ocean! We'll see if I can avoid the sharks this time... Until then, I'll be having beach dreams (without sharks) on my Beach Bolster pillow. If you'd like to do some ocean dreaming, too, this pillow sham is on sale this week. It comes in two hoop sizes, and you can find it here.
I'll be taking my beach bag full of sunscreen, water, and of course my straw hat (a southern essential) to the ocean with me. Might slip a little margarita mix in there as well, but don't tell anyone! I think I need it after last week... Anyway, At the Beach is also on sale. Click here to see it!
Great gravy - in my mind it's still spring even though these hot days are telling my body it's definitely summer in the south. My cousins, Reta Anne and Sarah, and all the other teachers out there are getting ready to start a new school year in a few weeks. Eek! Are y'all ready? Here's a few projects to help you get your students sorted! First, entice the middle and high school kids to keep their locker clean with the Locker Pockets organizer! This set has 12 large pockets and 4 small pockets to choose from. My favorite is the phone pocket! Won't all the teachers be happy when students learn to leave their phone in their locker!! Ha. Dream on, teachers! This organizer is sized for a standard locker, and it's on sale here.
The Write Stuff pencil cases are perfect for lunch money, sugary treats, small toys, makeup, and of course - pencils! This set includes 6 cases to please every age. If you click here and scroll down a bit, you can see how these adorable cases are made. The video shows the Frosty Friends cases, but the method is the same.
The Racetrack case is perfect for micro mini cars. Just sayin'... Click here to see all of them!
Just cause they're such a hit with little ones (including Spooky), I've put the Spooky Supply Cases on sale, too! You can find them here! It's never to early for Halloween!
I hope you all have a beach day in the near future (even if it's just a the local swimming pool)!! Thanks so much for reading!

Shelly and Spooky