August 22, 2019
Working toward healthy lungs & clean air for all
As summer winds down and students return to school, RHA staff looks back at our recent events and shares tips for staying healthy heading into the fall season.
RHA lung health news - August 2019
Back to school asthma tips
Asthma causes more missed school days than any other chronic illness, leading to an estimated 13.8 million days missed per year. For children with asthma, heading back to school can be safer and more fun if parents do a little homework of
their own.

National Immunization Awareness Month is a reminder to prioritize your annual flu shot
Vaccines are a safe and important part of medical care for everyone. Regular immunizations prevent common bugs like the flu and limit the spread of disease through schools, workplaces and communities. For people living with lung disease, a flu shot is especially important.

Lauren is helping other kids breathe easier
Lauren Wilson knows the struggles of living with lung disease and is using her own journey to help advocate for other kids with asthma.

Lauren Rode at the 2019 CowaLUNGa Charity Bike Ride
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