AUGUST 2017                                                                                      Volume 11, Issue
Biscayne Bay in the HOT HOT summer

I admire those who can depart for a trip on time, I really do. It's not because I'm perpetually late. In fact, I take care to be punctual. It's just that fate always conspires against me when it's something important and I really really need to be on time. This morning was no different. Our planned departure was 9:00am and here it was 10:30am. We were just now coming out into the ocean from the entrance at the Lake Worth Inlet. Not what I had wanted at all.

The distance between Palm Beach Inlet and Fort Lauderdale Inlet is 41 nautical miles. It was Thursday. The weather was clear and the seas were calm. Our route south required staying close to shore avoiding the Gulf Stream. We were towing a dinghy for the first time. Plus, the winds were South East, clocking to South, South East. All this led to some uncertainty about ground speed. At 4 knots, it would take over 10 hours to get to Fort Lauderdale. With luck, I could squeeze 5-6 knots making a large impact on our arrival time. Hello, Robert, you are on a sailboat; why the rush, right? If you have ever entered your home port in the evening you know just how darkness can make even familiar waters challenging. I preferred to not enter Fort Lauderdale in the dark.

After an initial bit of motoring, I let fly the sails and cranked them close hauled. Now we were making between 5 and 6 knots. Knowing we would make our arrival window, I relaxed and began the process of slowing down. If you know me, hearing me embrace the word "slow" seems laughable. Yet here we are, plodding along and watching the towns in our community go by...Lake Worth, Boynton, Delray.... I think they call this "moving to a state of mindfulness centered on the journey". All I know is that it is a dramatic departure from the constant go, go, go. At first, it seemed strange and admittedly uncomfortable. But, slowly by slowly you get it. Or it gets you.

It's not difficult to find Fort Lauderdale inlet. Look for the massive container ships anchored outside the inlet. After eight hours, we were here. Pulling in the sails, we turned into the inlet. This place is a bee hive of activity and the ships are absolutely enormous. Motoring next to these in our 34-foot sailboat, the multicolored steel containers are stacked so high you must crane your neck to see to the top.

We were hungry and ready to stop moving entirely. A week before we left, I was given strict instructions by our very own Don that "you gotta stop and eat dinner at this place... Capones." Following his instructions, we continued south from the port on the intracoastal. Two bridges later we nosed into "the North Lake" in Hollywood. It's a small box shaped area right off the intracoastal with about 10 sailboats comfortably nestled in it. A short dinghy ride later we are ordering pizza in air-conditioned comfort; yes, at Capones. I wasn't going to disappoint Don. By the way, if he does give you advice, take it because we slept soundly in this quiet anchorage after a delicious meal.

Morning arrived and time to get moving. There is no such thing as sleeping in on a sailing trip. You just cannot escape the light. And, on this trip the heat. It was July and it was South Florida. But, did it have to be so darn hot. Anyway, there was another 20 miles to go in keeping to our schedule. From here on we would be motoring down the intracoastal from bridge to bridge. Continuing South, we entered what we started calling "The Condo Canyon". I have never seen such a diversity of looming structures. From the three and four story faded concrete buildings from the 1970s to the cantilever blue glass shimmering 24 story structures more art than building. Aidan jokingly started counting them... fading after the mid three hundred and then finally abandoning the effort. Next stop was Downtown Miami and our mooring ball at Dinner Key Marina.

Robert Norvell, Commodore


We are forming a new committee to oversee the planning and execution of all regattas being held at PBSC throughout our year.

Joining this committee will give you a great opportunity to get involved in all aspects of planning and operating these events - preparing the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, coordinating volunteers on and off the water, planning social events associated with regattas, etc.

Our first meeting will be August 18 at 7:00 pm (to coincide with a discussion about the Finn North American regatta).      
2017/18 Regatta Schedule that this committee will handle:
  • Oct 22nd - Treasure Coast Opti series - small boat
  • Nov 11th - Fred Thomas Memorial Regatta - keelboat
  • Dec 8, 9, 10 - Finn North American Championship - small boat (offshore)
  • Jan 27-28 - RS Aero Mid-winter - small boat (offshore)
  • Feb 2, 3, 4 - Laser Masters - small boat (offshore)
  • Feb 18 - George Washington Regatta - small boat
  • Mar TBD - Blue Regatta for Autism - keelboat
  • June TBD - Hillsboro Inlet to Palm Beach - keelboat

As noted last month, we were on the look-out for another Zuma, and thanks to Charles Field we found a great deal for a complete Zuma and trailer for $500.   We now have four of these fun boats for our members to sail.

If you are interested in a clinic for the Sunfish, Zuma, or Hobie Wave, please contact the office or myself at .  I will be rescheduling the clinic we attempted July 30th as we got rained out before we could do any sailing. 

Fleet Captain - Alex Hill

Professionals Using Palm Beach Sailing Club Facilities
Professionals doing work for a Member may be allowed to use Club facilities, including launching and landing a boat at the dock or waterfront, under certain conditions whether or not the Member is present. Examples are a person doing work on a Member's boat moored near the Club, or a licensed Yacht Broker showing a boat for sale by a Member.
Such use of the Club is subject to the following:
  1. Professionals doing work for a Member, and using Club facilities must contact the Office in advance during regular business hours for the Office and
    • Give their name, the name of their company, and the name of the Member they are working for.
    • Give the names of any persons accompanying them.
    • Tell when they will be using Club facilities-date and estimated arrival and departure times.
    • Provide a certificate of insurance covering themselves, their company, and any persons accompanying them, for General Liability in the amount of at least $500,000. Once provided, a certificate any be used for all visits until the expiration date of the insurance policy, as listed on the certificate, unless the policy is terminated earlier.
    • Sign a hold-harmless agreement in favor of the Club, the Board and Officers, and Members. The term of such an agreement shall not exceed one year.
  2. The Member must contact the Office, in advance, and verify the name of the Professional, the time the Professional will be using Club facilities, and whether others will accompany the Professional.
  3. The Office will issue parking passes as appropriate. These shall be displayed so as to be easily read from outside any vehicle allowed on the Property.
  4. If the Office is open, the Professional will check in and check out with the Office.
  5. The Club reserves the right to deny permission to anyone, including those who are making undue use of Club property.
Members are required to remove or prepare their boats, equipment and possessions located on or at club property in the event of a named tropical storm or hurricane that has a potential of landfall near PBSC. This includes sailboats and dinghies, trailers, equipment, furnishings, ANY and EVERYTHING on or attached to PBSC property including the floating docks.
Please remember that members are responsible for any damaged caused by their property to the club property or other member's property.
Members must take action when a tropical depression is upgraded to a tropical storm and named.
When a Hurricane Watch is posted for our area (usually 48 hours prior), PBSC has the right to attempt to secure any members boats or possessions. There will be up to a $150.00 fee charged for this effort. Securing boats or possessions may include dismasting the craft, tying down craft, flooding craft or moving to a more secure location. This is done in an effort to stop damage occurring to the club property or other member's property.
If you are not able to secure your boat please contact the office ASAP so that we can plan to take care of this for you.

Please note that we will make an attempt to contact members by email when a storm is named. We cannot guarantee any notification will be given by PBSC. There will be no phone calls made.
After the storm, it is again the members' responsibility to restore their property to pre-storm status. In particular this means clearing any accumulated water from your boat to prevent the spread of mosquitos. If you do not attend to your boat within two days after the passage of the storm, the PBSC has the right to attend to your boat and you will be charged up to $ 150.00 for this effort.

Finn Volunteer Meeting
Friday, August 18 @ 7 pm

Palm Beach Sailing Club Is hosting the 2017 Olympic Finn North American Championship Dec 8, 9, & 10.

Your volunteer help will assure a successful event for PBSC and the competitors. An organizational meeting will be held Friday, August 18 @ 7 pm.

Please contact Regatta Chairman, Don Lasky at 
if you would like to volunteer but are unable to attend.

Club members John Robertson and Tim Slater are Finn Sailors. The Finn has been an Olympic class since 1952. It is a performance single-handed sailboat. Americans have won 3 Silver Medals and 2 Bronze Medals at the Olympics, including a Bronze Medal in 2016 by Caleb Paine. Olympic hopeful Luke Muller from Ft. Pierce plus many international sailors are expected to compete!

Social/Membership Committee Meeting
Friday, August 18

End of Summer Camp Party
Saturday, August 19 - RSVP by email to
Introduction of Brooke Sharpe, incoming Sail Training Director and the presentation of the Fall Youth Sailing Program.   
  • Pancake Breakfast - 9am to 11 am - FREE for campers & family!
    All members are invited - $7/person!
  • Camper & Family Sailing - 10am to 1pm
  • Hot Dog & Chicken Frank Lunch - Noon to 2pm - FREE for campers & family!
KB's going away party
Friday, August 25 - Reservations are required. 

End of Summer Party: 9/3 
New Member Mixer: 9/8
Don's Retirement Party: 9/8
Social/Membership Committee Meeting: 9/15
Pancake Breakfast: 9/16  

Check upcoming "On Deck's" for more information. 
We are taking donations for school supplies.

Some of the things needed are:

Colored pencils 
Pencil Sharpeners 
Glue Sticks 
Elmer's Glue

Construction Paper
Notebook Paper
Spiral Notebooks
Composition Books
Pocket Folders
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

We are taking donations for another week!

Schralpie McGnargnar
"Eric Burgess"
"Schralp" hails from the North, the land the Patriots and the Harwich Mariners. Growing up by the sea his experience has been vast.
Eric attended The Martine Academy (go buccaneers!!!!) where he earned degrees in protection of the marine environment, marine safety and a minor in Marine biology.
Eric currently works for NOAA Fisheries and travels near and far to school the fisherman and shrimpers on the legal way to ply their trade.
As a member of the Palm Beach Sailing Club, Eric is excited to moor his 30' C&C and join the comraderie of the live aboard community.
If you see a short strawberry blonde rowing his way to shore be sure to say hi!
Cork Friedman

Occupation: TV Producer
From: Barnegat Light New Jersey/Philadelphia (yes, an Eagles fan)
Lived: Miami, Florida
Moved to: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Married to Alison Friedman, one child "Kiera" 11 months old.
Years sailing: 44
Boating Experience: 
  • 100 ton master captain
  • Extensive offshore racing and cruising keel boats & large cats
  • Club racing
  • 2 Atlantic crossings (sail)
  • Rowed solo from the US to the Bahamas
  • Certified USLA Open Water Rescue
Boats owned:
  • J/27
  • Kauffman 43'
  • Allied XL2-42'
  • Lasers, 470, Lightning, Wherry sailing/rowing dory
Hobbies: Open water rowing, cruising, boat building, animal rescue.
Ross Munro

I first encountered members of the Palm Beach Sailing Club at the Miami boat show. When I chose to retire in Palm Beach County in October 2016 I went to visit the Club and was delighted to meet Jamie from Schooner Girl Charters. She is a terrific advocate and asset for your organization. Since then I have attended several functions and have very much enjoyed the other members I have encountered.
I began sailing at the age of 8 and ten years later acquired teaching certification from the Canadian Yachting Association. I taught sailing to both children and adults for a number of years.
At this point I do not have a boat however I do have a slip at a dock that I share with neighbors on the Intracoastal. After completion of renovations on my retirement home a boat may arrive.
August Membership Anniversaries:

Edwin & Nita Bowen:  2 years
Elie Edmondson: 9 years
Joe Fields: 15 years
John & Karen Hough: 4 years
Calvin & Marty Landau: 9 years
Richard Meyer:  2 years
Stephen Murphy & Heather Long: 2 years
Jeffrey & Priscilla Nelson: 3 years
Juan & Lorena Yoshikay: 2 years

We have had a strong summer camp with weekly sessions running at capacity and lots of young sailors spending time on the water and learning our great sport of sailing.  A final 'Race Week' will be held August 7 th -11 th for those interested in taking their sailing to the next level.   Please contact Don Lasky at for more information. 
Planning is also underway for our Fall Sailing Season.  There will be Race Team and Recreation Sailing programs to allow our young sailors additional opportunities to have fun and further develop their sailing skills.   Race Team will sail in Optis, Lasers and 420s and include 1 mid-week practice and 1 full day weekend practice.  A regatta schedule will provide many local and regional regattas throughout the season.  Recreational sailing is planned for Saturday mornings using a wide variety of club boats including Hobie Wave, Flying Scott, Zumas and Sunfish with activities that include exploring our intracoastal waterway, picnics, and some racing.
 Optimist World Championship 2017
A total of 280 sailors from 62 nations met at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club (RVYC) in Pattaya Thailand for 2017 Opti World Championship from July 11-21.  The Opti Worlds comprises two 'championships', the OPTIMIST INDIVIDUAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (IWC) and the OPTIMIST TEAM RACING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (TRWC).  Each country has a qualification process to determine their most skilled Optimist sailors to race as national representatives.  For the USA, the top 5 finishers in the annual Team Trial event is used to determine the Team.  All 5 Team USA sailors train in South Florida sailing clubs showing the high level of Opti sailing in our local area. 
Team USA won the team racing portion of the Optimist World Championship 2017 beating Team China in a dramatic final race, and retaining its hold on the IODA Challenge Cup team racing trophy for the second year in a row.
In Fleet Racing, Stephan Baker was top USA finisher with a very impressive 4 th place result. (See photo of Stephan in the Mainsheet header above) Charlotte Leigh's 42 nd place earned her 3 rd place Girls finisher.   Finishing positions of other Team USA sailors were strong enough to earn the overall winner of the Nations Cup.    
Well Done!
There were a lot of young Opti sailors across the US watching live tracking of races on the internet and monitoring results as the week progressed. It will be great to see these sailors back in the US when they compete in the USODA Nationals in Norfolk Virginia July 24 th to Aug 3 rd .    
Team USA - Stephan Baker, Justin Callahan, Charlotte Leigh, Mitchell Callahan, and Liam O'Keefe

Robert Norvell

Sue Slater

Rich Richardson

John Robertson


Anthony Pace

Alex HIll

George Paddick

Mike Galvin


Tom Homberger

Bob McCormick


Harry McFarlin


Fred Parulli


Matt Woods

Club Needs
Volunteers are needed for the following club responsibilities:
  • Social Committee Members
    - our new social committee - Jamie Sutton, Mike & Sarah McKenzie, Harry Borders, Mary Beth Lambert, Lishan Mu, Robert Norvell, Sue & Tim Slater, Cecil Slayton, Marie York and Juan and Lorena Yoshikay - is looking for more folks to help in the planning of activities for members. Call the office at 561-881-0809 if you'd like to join in and help.
  • Mainsheet Writers - Club members are invited to contribute articles and ideas to this Mainsheet. Write an article, share a link to an interesting tidbit online. Send articles and ideas to:
These are only a few of the club's needs. Volunteering at the club is a great way to help out your club, get involved, meet other members and have fun!

Robert Norvell, Commodore

Club Boat Protocols
  • Members YOU MUST be checked out by our sailing director before signing out a club owned boat. Contact Don Lasky. Call him at: 561-351-5784 or email him at: 
  • Sailors must sign out club-owned boats on the clipboard found in the boat house. Be sure to note your name, boat, time in time out, crew, and any specific problems or damages before leaving the dock
  • Reminder - alcoholic beverages are not allowed on club-owned boats.
Club Notes

  • Dinghy Dock Renters - Please place your outboard motor in the down position or use a prop covering so that damages to other boats do not occur.
  • Place your assigned plastic numbered tag in a visible location inside the boat
  • If you do not pay for a dinghy dock spot - please use the transient dock or the beach.
  • Please note that if a private event, especially a wedding, is in progress on our grounds, common sense dictates that launching or picking up your boat during the ceremony is definitely improper. We recently received a complaint from a paying customer, that the boat launch was being used during the actual wedding ceremony.
  • All pets must be on a leash, attended to, and under the control of its handler.
  • Dogs are NOT allowed in the clubhouse.  
  • All owners must pick up after their dogs.
  • If you're looking to deposit more bagged garbage than our 33-gallon can outside the Boat House can accommodate, take a few extra steps and use our large dumpster behind the white gates across the drive from the Club House.
Please send suggestions on needed repairs or projects to the office at and they will be recorded, reviewed, and considered.

New and very affordable rates are now being offered to area professionals and businesses that wish to reach out to the over 300 South Florida recipients of PBSC's electronic Mainsheet. Issues are emailed on the first Monday of every month and the new prices for 6-month and 12-month contracts are as follows:
  • 6-months at $30 per month, $180 plus tax
  • 12-months at $20 per month, $240 plus tax
Artwork must be submitted in jpeg (.jpg) format and emailed to us at by the 25th day of the month preceding the desired initial placement.
Payments may be made by check or credit card. For further information or specific pricing contact the office at 881-0809 or email to

The objective of the club shall be to develop, encourage and stimulate interest in sailing in the Palm Beach County area, to promote fellowship and camaraderie among local and visiting sailors, and to offer sailing education and training to members and others.