Volume LVIII, August 2022
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Baptists & Bootleggers

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After hearing Kathryn Smith’s lively stories about folks on the wet and dry sides of Prohibition, ask yourself if you would have been a law-abiding teetotaler from 1920 to 1933. In her latest work of non-fiction, Baptists and Bootleggers: A Prohibition Expedition Through the South with Cocktail Recipes, Kathryn takes you on a delightful jaunt through the South with lawmen, crusaders, rumrunners, gangsters, and notables who enlivened the era.

On Tuesday, August 23 at 3 PM you’ll get better acquainted with Carry Nation, Al Capone, George Remus, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, to name a few. Learn how to take your own Prohibition expedition through hotels, bars, speakeasies, museums and cemeteries. You may want to ask her where she uncovered so many speakeasy recipes.

As an author, journalist, and American history speaker, Kathryn meticulously researches, observes, and interviews to bring her readers and listeners into the life and personality of history. Kathryn is also the author of The Gatekeeper, Gertie, FDR, and The Partnership That Defined a Presidency and a series of mystery novels featuring Missy LeHand co-authored with Kelly Durham.
A Note
from the Board President

Finding New Heights...

Surrounded, as we are, by our glorious foothills- do you ever wonder which mountain is which? If so, then the Peak Finder app is for you. It is not free - there is a one time cost of about $5 but it is totally worth it! Point your phone at the horizon and it will identify all the peaks in view. I find it absolutely fascinating!
Until next time, Vicky Jackson
August Board & Staff Profile
You may know CINDY CALDWEll as a neighbor since she and her partner Richard McHenry retired to Tryon in 2018. Perhaps you know her as a Lanier Library member, as well as a Board member. What you may not have known are the professional credentials she brings to the Marketing Communications and Programs Committee. A 35-year marketing career in the publishing and legal industries included
advancing positions at Business Week in New York and Hong Kong, General Manager of Travel
Publishing Asia LTD, Marketing Director of the Charlotte Business Journal, and more.

The many years in the Far East instilled an abiding fascination with other cultures and Cindy enjoys adventure travel off the beaten path, such as Peru, Morocco, and Southern India.
“My favorite is the most recent,” says Cindy. “Richard and I went hiking in the Kingdom of Bhutan.”

Bhutan is landlocked in the Eastern Himalayas between China and India. Known as “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” it is habitat for the clouded leopard, one-horned rhino, red panda, rare golden langur monkey, and a wide diversity of other fauna and 5,400 species of plants. Closer to home, Cindy hikes whenever she can with the Tryon Trail Trotters.
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2022 Lanier Library Book of the Month
Reading Challenge

The August challenge is to read a children's or young adult book published
after 2000.

Start your challenge by picking up your BOMC (Book of the Month Challenge) log at the Library. Return your completed book log to
the Library before
January 31, 2023. Please note the bonus opportunities. Each book is an entry in a February 2023 drawing. Prize to be announced.

Books @ Lanier
Book Lovers Meets August 6 @10 am
The first Saturday of every month, avid readers meet at Lanier Library to discuss books they’ve enjoyed (or not)! It’s casual, enlightening, and there are no rules. Join the fun!

Click here for the current favorites.
...is on break for the summer & will
resume in September. Plan to join us then!
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You can call us or log in through the catalog on the website
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And, as always, let us know if there is a book or DVD you think
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Book Review
Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel

As a huge fan of two of the author’s previous novels, Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel, I was excited to read her newest book, Sea of Tranquility. Once again I was stunned by her imaginative storytelling and expressive prose. Amazing, that this relative short novel left such a huge impact.
This story follows several characters in the past, present and future...1912...2020...2203...2401, unfurling their lives across centuries and space. In varying degrees, the characters are adrift, but in many ways make sense of what it means to be alive, despite where or when they are.

Mandel describes her story as science fiction or speculative fiction. I have never been a fan of this genre but having read this illuminating, tight narrative of family, survival, hope and humanity and its surprising revelations, I’ll no longer be a nay sayer.

  Take a look. You, too, may be transported.

Review by Lee Cudlip
Last Month @ Lanier
Huge Success!

The Tryon Theatre filled with supporters of Foothills Humane Society and Lanier Library on July
23 for a special screening of Where the Crawdads Sing with remarks by author Delia Owens and friend, author Mary Alice Monroe.

Tickets sold out in record time to those eager to see a
beloved book brought to life on the big screen. The conversation following the film was a fascinating peek into the process of making the movie.

Lanier Library is grateful to the following
sponsors of the event: John and Cindy Boyle, Freehold Wealth Management, Hare and the Hound, Mary Alice Monroe, Delia Owens, and Tryon Theatre.

Special thanks as well to all the volunteers who contributed their time and energy on a very hot evening.

A Magical Morning!

A lively crowd of all ages enjoyed the magic tricks and humor of magician Dexter Cleveland on July 30.
Dexter found missing dice, showed us a book on fire, and reconnected rope cut in half. Several members
of the audience were able to participate, and all left the library wondering exactly how he pulled off
these tricks. It was a magical morning!
Pets @ Lanier
Meet Bro Sellers who stopped by to visit with
owner Ann Sellers.

Lanier Library welcomes all library-friendly dogs & cats, but asks that they remain on leash or in their carriers
at all times.

Displays @ Lanier
Sandra's Shelf Display

Meet our August Reading Challenge By Enjoying a Children's or Young Adult Book Published After 2000.
August Display


“In 1915 the local Chamber of Commerce, in Richmond, Va. listed four local businesses
As the largest in the world, one the largest in the country, and four the largest in the
South. Some have been family business enterprises, but certainly none that lasted as
long as T.W. Wood and Sons.”

Timothy W. Wood was born in Nottingham, England in 1840 where his father was a
farmer and trader in seeds. In 1878 when his father died, he sailed to America with his
family and began farming near Richmond, Virginia. In 1879 he decided to start a
business which he named “T. W. Wood and Sons Seedsmen”. His sons, William,
Henry and Charles joined him later in the venture.

The business was started in Timothy’s home, but quickly grew when he purchased a
small store in the farmer’s market area at Sixth and Marshall streets in downtown
Richmond. At one time there were four locations and warehouse space on 14th street,
now known as Shockoe Bottom in downtown Richmond. There was also warehouse
storage in downtown Wilmington, NC.another port city. The Cross Seed Company
(Wilmington, NC) benefited from an alliance and mentorship with T.W. Wood and Sons,
as did Southern States Co-op. As the business grew, the work force expanded to close
to 200 employees.

The Wood’s Seed catalog became an important part of the business, and boasted that it
was indeed the “Largest Seed House in the South” and the Largest Seed business in
America. The company owned their own printing office and there was a fleet of trucks
for delivery service. By 1924, the business had expanded to every state in the south,
and as far west as Texas. William Price helped to organize the “Southern Seedsmen
Association”, and served as its first President.

The publication, * “Sketches of Richmond listed the company as “one of the largest, oldest and most famous in the world, and added to the glory of Richmond as a center for the distribution of good merit.”

The partnership was dissolved in the late 1960’s and it was the end of a well known,
and well loved local business enterprise that had served the city well, for close to a
century. My father, Gordon F. Wood Jr. was one of the partners. Sadly, none of my
three siblings or I got to follow his footsteps into the company. We all shared many
memories of the downtown stores, as children, playing in seed bins, and running amok
in the warehouse!

By Denny Crowe

*Big Business in Richmond, The T.W. Wood and Sons Story Compiled by Ray Schreiner January 2010 Courtesy of the Virginia Historical Society/Virginia Museum of History and Culture

July Display Thank You!

Thank you to a member who provided us this
fascinating display of collectibles!

Poem of the Month
The Lanier Library Poetry Committee is pleased to introduce a poem of the month program. Each month we will be posting a different poem that we hope will inspire you. The poem will be in the monthly newsletter and posted at the library.
Please let us know what you think of each month's selection.
Summer Stars
Carl Sandburg - 1878-1967

Bend low again, night of summer stars.
So near you are, sky of summer stars,
So near, a long-arm man can pick off stars,
Pick off what he wants in the sky bowl,
So near you are, summer stars,
So near, strumming, strumming,
So lazy and hum-strumming.
by Carl Sandburg
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