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August 28th-September 3rd, 2022

Ten powerful things were created in the world:

A rock is strong, but iron smashes it.

Iron is strong, but fire can melt it.

Fire is strong, but water extinguishes it.

Water is strong, but clouds absorb it.

Clouds are strong, but the wind disperses them.

Wind is strong, but a person withstands it.

A person is strong, but fear shatters him.

Fear is strong, but wine dissolves it.

Wine is strong, but sleep dispels it.

And stronger than all these is death.

...Yet righteousness and goodness will always conquer death.

-Talmud (Bava Batra 10a)

Dear Congregants,

Here are the times and links for this week. Join us in person if you can!


Daily Evening Services

Monday-Thursday 5:45 PM

(No Services This Sunday)

Evening Services

Wednesday Morning Services

August 31st

7:45 AM

No Breakfast This Week

Morning Service

Shabbat Services 

Friday Evening

September 2nd

5:45 PM

Friday Night Service

Shabbat Morning

September 3rd

10:00 AM

No Kiddush Luncheon This Week

Shabbat Morning

Please continue to stay safe as the COVID numbers in our community rise.

Encourage everyone to get their boosters.

Wear a mask in close indoor areas where there are unvaccinated people or high concentrations of people.

Continue to use hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of illness.


Rabbi Victor Urecki 

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