BCC Weekly Newsletter
September 17, 2021
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From The Pastor
Grief hits you at inopportune moments. Yesterday, I was driving by the elementary school and saw little ones playing on the playground; laughing and yelling and running, as kids should be doing. It brought me to tears – I had to pull over and compose myself. Why? Because for months I drove by that playground, and it was ringed with caution tape and silence. Our babies have missed a lot of recess. A lot of birthday parties, a lot of tee-ball games. A lot of life. It is better now; they are back in school and able to run outdoors with their friends. But in the life of a five year old, two years of pandemic is a lot.

You are probably grieving for someone or something right now and maybe you have been too busy to even acknowledge it. If like me, you were taught to just keep working, you may find that grief forces its way into your life when you least expect it. I am beginning to see grief as a gift, as odd as that may seem. Grief makes clear what matters. When someone dies and you grieve for them, it means that they were important in your life, perhaps in ways that you did not understand when they were alive. When we grieve the loss of occasions (birthdays and graduations and weddings lost or rescheduled due to the pandemic), we realize how important those events are in our lives. I have even grieved the loss of routine that has come with the constant changes forced by COVID. What used to be humdrum is now precious in a new way; dinner with my family, watching the leaves turn, or coming in to work on a crisp morning. We grieve these things because they are important, and grieving is hard work.

So be gentle to yourself if you find your eyes welling with tears or find it hard to concentrate. Be gentle with others when they are anxious or disorganized. Simplify as much as you can and let the feelings work themselves out. We are blessed with the presence of God, who conquered death and loss and offers us the promise of Resurrection.

Pastor Leigh
Digital Ministry Discussion this Sunday
We will gather in the Sanctuary and on ZOOM after worship this Sunday to talk about the presentations made by Cary Friberg and Jeffrey Tuper-Giles, and to hear from Don Singer about the possibilities for digital ministry at BCC. The Council is looking for input and guidance as they plan for the future. 
If you would like to sing or play a musical instrument for Sunday worship, please contact Eric Tuper-Giles to schedule a time to rehearse. We would love to have some solos or duets!
Watch our Service
Did you miss Service last Sunday? Catch up here! Watch the sermon from 9/12/21.
Meals at Good Samaritan Haven
Many thanks to those who have been providing meals to Good Samaritan Haven (our community resource for unhoused people) on Monday evenings! Their food coordinator, Pat Paola, talks often about the encouragement that a hot meal brings the 20 residents at the end of the day. The religious institutions in our region take turns providing a hot meal, but there are some gaps during the month. If you can’t cook for 20 people, could you perhaps support a local restaurant and order out for delivery to Good Sam? Or team up with a couple of friends to make an order? For more information or to find out which days are not covered, please email Pat at ppaola@goodsamaritanhaven.org.
Helping Afghan Refugees in Vermont
Vermont will likely receive close to 100 Afghan refugees, mostly in the Burlington Area to start, but possibly in Middlebury/Barre and Rutland.

The most immediate need now as they prepare is for $$ donations and temporary to long term housing. Second homes are obvious options. If churches express interest in helping with this effort, 
folks with housing to offer can contact Vermont Refugee Resettlement directly at vrrp@uscrivt.org.

Monetary contributions can be made to refugees.org and then scroll to Refugees and Immigrants in Vermont. 
Ministry Updates
Want to keep up to date with our ministries? Read our monthly meeting minutes!

Finance: Meeting minutes
Council: Meeting Minutes
Mentor Program
Mentors wanted to support Community College of Vermont students! We are looking for individuals or families to mentor individual CCV students by meeting with them at least monthly. The meetings will focus on encouragement, problem-solving and sharing activities.

What do you have to do to become a mentor?

  1. Fill out an application and submit it to the church.
  2. Have a background check completed.
  3. Attend an orientation and read the handbook.
  4. Be matched with a CCV student.
  5. Attend the orientation pizza dinner in September.
What do you have to do as a mentor?

  1. Meet with your mentee at least monthly, but not more than weekly.
  2. Plan an activity – walks, picnics, sledding, movies, etc.
  3. Encourage your mentee to finish college and to problem-solve.
  4. Help your mentee apply to the church to meet unexpected expenses, if any. (For example, their computer breaks, their car loses a muffler, etc.)
  5. Share your knowledge.

Click here for an application to be a mentor.
Upcoming Birthdays & Anniversaries
Joseph Blakely Sept 23
Jackie Johnson Sept 25
Erin Murphy King Sept 26
Timothy Bisson Sept 27
BCC Prayer List
Lowell Sanders
Gabe Cole
Uncle Pete
Jan Patch
Ethan Bradley
Jonathan Barre
Marcia Soutar
Geannie Bone
Ryan & Rex
Phyllis Larabee
Gabrielle Laniviere
Rachel Ambrosch
Sandra Lund
Family acceptance
Tink & Joyce Copping
John Derrick
Zoe Zanleoni
Susan Fleming
Louise Marcus
Donald White
Onia Bergeron
Goldie Swift
Laurie Barre
Richard & Sharon
Olivia's family
Harland, Lori and Ryan
Ruth James
Marcia Cadmus

We will have the prayer book available at worship to add your prayer concerns, or you can email it to our church office. We will be renewing our prayer list monthly.
Your Church Council and Deacons
Moderator: Kerrick Johnson
Vice-Moderator: Pam Murphy
Clerk of the Church: Amanda Pugliese 
Treasurer/Finance: Scott Funk
Diaconate Ministry: Don Singer 
Faith Formation Ministry: Cary Friberg
Mission & Outreach Ministry: Kelly Funk
Worship & Arts: Jeffrey Tuper-Giles
Jan Aldrich
Tony Campos
Lauren Jo Chase
Ken Folta
Ilene Gillander
Don Singer
Cheryl Zanleoni
Rev. Leigh McCaffrey, Pastor
Cell: (802) 477-3506
Eric Tuper–Giles, Music Director & Organist
Mary Ann Johnson, Parish Nurse
Alexandria Marshall, Church Administrator