In this month's Benefits Focus, we review the latest Illinois legislation that legalized marijuana , report on the pressure to pass a medical data privacy law , and examine Senate efforts to stop "surprise medical bills" and lower healthcare costs in general. We're also looking at the Trump administration's thwarted efforts to make pharmaceutical pricing more transparent.

Live Well, Work Well provides tips for your best camping experience this summer , information on the FDA's new sunscreen rules and the health benefits of wearable tech.

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Will Pinn, Director of Employee Benefits
Illinois Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana, but the impact on employers is still hazy.

Pressure Builds To Secure Health Care Data
Recent health data breaches have put pressure on lawmakers to draft the first national data privacy law.

Senate Panel Makes Fast Work Of ‘Surprise Medical Bills’ Package
The bill touches nearly every aspect of the health care industry, from lowering the price of prescription drugs and creating a national database of health care costs, to increasing vaccine rates and preventing youth tobacco use.

Rule Blocked Requiring Pharma Companies To Disclose Drug Prices In TV Ads
A federal judge blocked an initiative to require pharmaceutical companies to disclose the price of their drugs in TV ads.  

Live Well, Work Well
This month's newsletter offers tips for camping this summer, provides updates to sunscreen selection by the FDA and discusses the health benefits of wearable fitness tech.

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