In this month's Benefits Focus, we are bringing you a summary of the health plan rules for employees on Medicare , the Federal Reserve Chairman's views on our nation's healthcare , the future of public long-term care insurance in Washington state and actions that Amazon and other large companies are taking towards health insurance. Also, Live Well, Work Well provides tips for allergy sufferers who just want to stop and smell the roses this spring.

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Will Pinn, Director of Employee Benefits
Health Plan Rules For Employees With Medicare
This overview summarizes the legal rules that apply to employees enrolled in Medicare, including coordination of benefit rules, Medicare secondary payer rules and the special continuation coverage rules under COBRA.

U.S. Healthcare Spending Higher Than Most
Fed Chairman points out that we're getting "pretty average results" for what the U.S. spends in healthcare each year.

Is Washington State About To OK Public Long-Term Care Insurance?
The Long-Term Care Act would provide a maximum benefit of $36,500 to the people who need it.

Amazon & Co Want To "Reinvent What Insurance Looks Like"
The venture will also look at how to make primary care access easier and "maintenance drugs" cheaper.

Live Well, Work Well
This month's newsletter discusses spring allergy alleviation, signs your body needs a break and ways to strengthen your financial wellness plan.

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