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Welcome to the very first MAXIFY Your Life! newsletter. Each bi-monthly newsletter will be filled with valuable information or inspiration in each of THE MAX Challenge success pillars; Fitness. Nutrition. Motivation and Results. to help you stay focused on your health and fitness goals!
In the Fitness section, we'll feature one of our awesome instructors who will share insight about their favorite exercise or provide fitness tips.
In the Results section, we'll feature one or more of our awesome members who have had great results with THE MAX Challenge fitness and nutrition program. 


Featured MAX Challenge Instructor:  Linda DeVizia, Old Bridge, NJ. Member 3 yrs, Instructor 18 months
Linda is known as a real badass, high energy, super fun, no non-sense instructor!  
My favorite day is LEG DAY and I love to do SQUATS! The squat is the KING of lower body exercises. Few exercises train so many muscles at the same time. Your gluteus, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and even supporting muscles in your abs and lower back are called into action. That's a lot of bang for your effort! Not only does squatting improve muscle strength and size, it can improve functional fitness. How many times in your daily life do your squat down to pick something up? Squats help you do that effortlessly!  
Basic Squat: Always be mindful of form. Feet, shoulder width apart. Start to lower, stick butt out and back, weight in your heels, chest stays up, keep your gaze up. Squat down, hip joint is slightly lower than your knee joint and your knees do not go out past your toes. On the way back up, squeeze the glutes for that little something extra! To challenge yourself even further, perform this move with weights!


Instead of using and refilling a small water bottle throughout the day. Get a larger bottle/container and fill it with water.  Seeing how much you drink and how much more you have to go can motivate you.
Try to eat veggies/greens with every meal. Fill your plate with mixed greens and enjoy the eggs over the greens. No dressing necessary!


Put your Before picture on your refrigerator, night stand, bathroom mirror or somewhere you will see it often. Find a picture of someone you want to physically look like (maybe it's a picture of when you were younger and in better shape) or cut a picture out of a magazine. Put that picture next to your before picture as a constant reminder of what you're striving for. This one strategy could be the daily motivation you need to take your health and life to the next level.


Below is the Before and After picture of Aimee from THE MAX Challenge Freehold, NJ. Congratulations on your success and your commitment to lead a happier, healthier, longer and more fullfiling life!

" Months ago, I never thought I would feel this healthy or this confident in my skin. I was also shocked to find a full body shot of myself from months prior to starting THE MAX, this may be the only one in existence. Thank you MAX for changing my life, here's to more body shots in the future and no more hiding myself behind other people! "


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