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Founded in 1993, KFA is an information technology ​consulting and services firm that specializes in technology solutions for smart cities, the AEC and capital facilities industry.
What's New?
The start of year 2019 has been exciting. We launched our first technology forum called Tech-Net. We also entered into a partnership with software company K2. In March, we will conduct a trade mission to Kenya and Ethiopia. Finally, we will be launching a new web hosting service in the upcoming months.

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Our CEO, Greg Bush Jr., had an idea to create a meeting place where like minded technology firms can get together and collaborate on project opportunities, exchange ideas, and share experiences to help support the growth of MBE/WBE/DBE firms.

As a result, KFA partnered with the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Counsel and the Minority Development Business Agency to launch Tech-Net (a bi-monthly event) where influential corporations present on topical issues of the day. For our inaugural meeting our key note speaker was Tyrone Griggs of Exelon. He provided valuable insight into the procurement process and buying opportunities of Exelon. Irvine Sloan of ABB, another major corporation in attendance, shared information during our discussion on strategic partnerships and collaboration.

Consequently, due to corporate participation, the firms in attendance received useful information to assist them in growing their businesses. 

The highlight of the evening was the Master Mind Session. During this session Greg expounded on new technology concepts and the audience chimed in to present their niche offerings and capabilities as it relates to the topic at hand. Altogether these conversations helped generate ideas that led to collaborative pursuits among the attendees.

The next meeting will be in March and our corporate presenter will be Alex Buckles, Supplier Diversity Program Administrator for McCormick Place/SMG. Also in attendance will be nMeta & Associates from Louisiana. Keep a lookout on for more details!
In March, KFA will venture into the continent of Africa to visit Kenya and Ethiopia. KFA was selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce to partake in a trade mission to Africa.

Greg Bush, Jr. stated
"I am very proud that we have been selected to travel with the U.S. Department of Commerce on this trade mission. KFA will have the opportunity to introduce “smart” solutions and IoT opportunities into the development planning. Both Kenya and Ethiopia are considered two of the top-ten developing countries in Africa. They have growth and transformation plans to improve social services, health services and education which will improve lives. The transportation and roads initiatives will improve access to resources and markets for business people and consumers.  It is my pleasure to represent KFA in the Motherland - Africa."
KFA has expanded its ability to deliver technology solutions in the area of business process automation by partnering with K2. With K2 we are now able to build and run applications and solutions that automate and streamline our corporate clients' processes and operations, just as we have done for the AEC industry with PMIS solutions.

The tools and features available in the K2 platform will enable our clients to maintain, monitor, and improve their operations. With the K2 platform, we can create complex, integrated, mission-critical process automation at scale, while also quickly roll out lightweight departmental workflows and simple and effective applications. Lastly, K2 enables system integration with an easy to use approach.
KFA is busy preparing to launch its new subsidiary that will provide hosting and web services to commercial and consumer markets. More details in the next newsletter.