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Dear Albert,

Here's an article from the Constant Contact Knowledge Base which describes the best way to add in social share buttons like the ones below. This is the #1 article I shared last year. Email marketing and social media work well together. When you publish content - reusing it in multiple places makes sense. Speaking of multiple places...

About a week ago I found myself watching someone I'd met through Blab many years ago. He's now using to livestream his content to Youtube, Facebook, Facebook pages, Twitter and beyond. For free. So, if you're a video content creator or are thinking of becoming one, this is an interesting tool to try out. Once I learned about this I dove in and created 9 broadcasts in 3 days. They automatically post to the platforms and stay there! Here's an early example of one of the broadcasts where I talk about 3 different friends' businesses. You can see I'm still finding my way.

Please write back and let me know how things are going for you and if there's any way I can support your efforts.

Here's to a successful 2021 - whatever that means to you!

Albert Kaufman, Albertideation

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Offering my services: Social Networking

I've been working with clients in the Pacific Northwest for the past 13 years and I'd like to remindyou of my services to the community. I advise people and small businesses on how to make the best use of social networking.

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Go Overboard on Mentioning Place and Time when you create Events

Something I'm noticing about peoples' posts on social media and via email is that they often assume that the reader knows where they're located. With about 4,000 FB friends - hi, everyone! - I'm constantly intrigued by friends' offerings, but often don't know where they are located.

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LunchClub. Have you tried it? I've had 23 meetings with somewhat random people set up by LinkedIn in the past 2 months since it began. I'm sure it's possible to match with someone and have something cool come of it. And.. I'd much rather be doing this with people in my community.

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House of Social Networks

I was working with a client yesterday (11.7.2008) and came up with a great metaphor to frame how social networking is helpful. Each kind of social network is a like a room in a house. How might each one help us with our work and play?

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