B'nai Israel  Congregation

Shabbat Shalom
Friday, July 3, 2020  ~ 11 Tamuz 5780
Candle L ighting  8:09 pm

All in-person services at the synagogue are cancelled 
until further notice.

please join us on ZOOM for
Friday Evening Service

Friday, July 3, at 6:00 pm
Rabbi Chaya Bender

This service will include the opportunity to
say the Mourner's Kaddish and to offer names
for the Mi Sheberach.

Meeting ID: 870 4502 6973
Password: 296299

You may also listen by calling the 
following telephone number:



Weekly Torah Portion
Torah ~ Numbers 19:1-25:9
Prophets ~ Micah 5:6-6:8

From the President...
It's been a week of good news for Bnai Israel. Rabbi Chaya Bender, our new spiritual leader, has officially joined us! We are so pleased to welcome her and Emily to our Bnai Israel family and to Wilmington. They are getting settled into their new home and learning their way around town, accompanied by Isaiah, their much loved (and spoiled) dog.

Rabbi Bender has already been busy, meeting with the Ritual Committee, coordinating the start of weekly Shabbat services online, as well as planning for the High Holidays. She has many ideas for online learning and programs for the children. Rabbi Bender would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for topics and your preferred times to meet. Please email her directly at rabbibender.bnaiisraelilm@outlook.com

You'll also be receiving a short survey, within the next 7-10 days, to help Rabbi plan for the High Holidays. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and the number of cases increase across the country, it appears our High Holiday services will be held online this year and will be shorter than usual. As of today, no final decisions have been made and you will be kept informed.
The Sanctuary Renovation continues and significant progress is being made every week. It's very exciting to watch this taking place. We are hoping that soon after this project is completed we will be able to return to meeting in person.

One other piece of good news arrived this week: The Bnai Israel Sunshine Team has been awarded a $4,400.00 grant from the Carolina Foundation for Jewish Seniors. These funds will be used to help expand our Sunshine Meals program in a variety of ways as well as provide other services for our members. You will hear much more about our new and improved Sunshine Team in the coming weeks.

Yes, indeed, it's been a very good week for Bnai Israel. I hope it's been one for you as well. Please join me in welcoming Rabbi Bender tomorrow at 6:00 pm at our Friday evening service!

Stay well, Shabbat Shalom and Happy July 4th!


Three Weeks in Three Weeks, 
Learning with Rabbi Bender on ZOOM 
Thursdays, July 9, 16, and 23
                                                     at 6:30 pm

The Three Weeks are a period of mourning on the Jewish calendar leading up to Tisha b'Av, the day of the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, as well as many other moments of grief for the Jewish people. Come explore the history, spiritual significance, and modern relevance of this somber time period.

Meeting ID: 862 8290 1039
                                            Password: 296299 

To listen, please call this number

Meetings and Other Events
The Shul Office receives calls for information about meetings or events scheduled online or in the building.  Please keep the office (Kate) "in the loop" as to ANY scheduled event involving a group or COMMITTEE of congregants so Kate can answer questions with the information on hand.
Your help will be so much appreciated! 

Friday Evening Service with
Rabbi Bender

Friday, July 3, 
6:00 pm

Learning with 
Rabbi Bender
Three Events in Three Weeks

July 9, 16 & 23 at 
6:30 pm on ZOOM
Women's League 
Conservative Judaism
International Convention

Sunday, July 12, 2020 on ZOOM

Book Club

Pla ce TBA
Wednesday, August 5, 1:00 pm
by Deborah Feldman

Women's League for Conservative Judaism
International Convention
Sunday, July 12, 2020 on ZOOM

 Great opportunities, important speakers, meaningful Social Action, terrific concert  in "Zoomberg"- and all FREE.  No expense for travel, lodging or registration, in the comfort of your own home, 
AND no dress code.

Further information and registration on WLCJ website and Facebook. 

Please join me and many friends.
Judi Kenter

Renovation News 

Things are moving along nicely in the sanctuary. The Bimah is being framed this week. The new heating and air conditioning venting is being put in place and the electrical rough-ins have started. The walls are being prepped for insulation and the ceiling grid is going in place. Even with architectural and engineering team, we have run into a few snags along the way. The good news it that we have been quickly able to address them.

Pam Sender, 
Sanctuary Renovation Project Manager

Bimah construction July 1, 2020

We offer prayers of healing for the following:**

Steve Glaser
Walter Pancoe
Sydel Gluck 
Jerry Smith
Cindy Throne
Faye Sobol
Fran Strauss 
Roberta Eichenholz
Henry Westreich
David Burns

**Each week we will show our  members and their families  who wish to be on the 
Misheberach list.  Names will remain on the list for 3 months unless 
you ask us to remove them earlier.  
Contact our office to add or remove names.

The names of those who are not members but whom you wish to 
receive prayers  will be read at Shabbat services.
2020 Birthdays & Anniversaries

Birthdays in July

Sion 2-Jul
Hamelburg 4-Jul
Julien 9-Jul
Retchin 15-Jul
Laniado 16-Jul
Abisch 16-Jul
Eisenstein 19-Jul
Zeldin 20-Jul
Liebeskind 23-Jul
Hirschen 24-Jul
Jacobson 25-Jul
Puritz 28-Jul
Medress 29-Jul
Levy 29-Jul
Adam Irving
Leinwand 29-Jul

Anniversaries in July

Michelle & Richard

Judy & Owen
Marsha & Paul


5-11 Tamuz  5780   ~   June 27-July 3, 2020

Eugene Weinrich Brother of Stanley Weinrich
Jacob Moskowitz Respectfully remembered
Meyer Aaron Miller Respectfully remembered
Nellie Kosch Respectfully remembered
Peter Quarterman Husband of Susan Turner
Rachel Eichenholz Mother of Harold Eichenholz
Wendy Barshay Block Wife of Franklin Block

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