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April 10, 2020
10-16 Nisan 5780

Ark of the Covenant
as described in Exodus 25:9-10.

We are committed to serving the Jewish Communities of Wilmington
and the surrounding areas  and providing for the study of Torah, education,
Tikkun Olam,  and a sense of community, egalitarianism and spiritual growth
all in accordance  with the principles, values and traditions of Conservative Judaism.

Shabbat Shalom
Friday, April 10, 2020  ~ 16 Nisan 5780
Candle L ighting  7:22 pm


All Services are cancelled until further notice.
Sedrah for April 11, 2020:  1st Intermediate Day of Pesach
Exodus 13:1-16

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From our President:

As we sit down this evening to welcome Pesach and read the story of our people's journey from slavery to freedom, it will indeed be a night different from all other nights. Most of us will sit down to a table absent the family and friends usually joining us. Along with most of the country we are "sheltering in place" due to the Corona virus pandemic. Over the last several weeks, as our activities have been progressively restricted, we have experienced just a taste of the loss of freedom that our ancestors endured. But, our people were enslaved for 400 years. They were subjected to backbreaking work and cruel treatment at the hands of the Egyptians. We, on the other hand, are facing real but temporary challenges - even if a week sometime feels as long as a month. We may not be able to visit an elderly parent. We may have been furloughed from work. The uncertainty of how long this will go on is the most difficult aspect for many. At this time of great uncertainty, some are rediscovering the joys of simpler things: a walk in our neighborhood, talking to neighbors (albeit at a distance), playing a board game or reading that book we've always meant to. This type of self care is an important part of staying healthy. Thankfully, modern technology allows us to be in contact with our friends and family by phone and online, even for a Seder. 

No one has to be alone on this very different night. To that end, we are offering both a 1st and 2nd seder via Zoom, beginning at 6:00 pm tonight and tomorrow. Many thanks to Alan Gerberg for hosting this evening and to Rabbi Waxman for leading us tomorrow. Have your Haggadah with you at the table. Some of the readings might be different but the story is always the same. Dayenu. It will be enough! 

From our house to yours, Richard and I wish you a safe, happy and blessed holiday. Chag Pesach Sameach! 



The CDC has recommended wearing face masks when going out of your house, in particular when grocery shopping or where other people are present. Everyone should be staying at home as much as possible, but there are times when you need to go out. Pam Sender and Michelle are sewing face masks and offering them to congregants at no charge. We will try our best to supply everyone who requests one. Please contact Michelle if you would like one or if you would like to deliver some. Email: Text/Cell: 706-832-3048

Invitation to 1st Seder
14 Nisan 5780 ~ April 8

B'nai Israel invites you to a
Virtual 1st Seder
Wednesday, April 8th, 6:00 pm Eastern Time
hosted by Alan Gerberg and Michelle Bannon

Meeting Password:   079461

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You will receive a separate invitation to the 2nd Seder
hosted by Rabbi Waxman, on Thursday, April 9, at 6:00 pm.

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Watch your email for an invitation on ZOOM for Friday, April 10, at 6:00 pm

Bnai Israel is inviting you to a meeting on

Topic: Stories of those we loved.

Meeting ID: 701 725 7356
Password: 448443
Online Resource Sites

Online services at synagogues around our country - CLICK HERE


Prayer in Place of Mourner's Kaddish
When a Minyan Cannot Gather (to be  used in exigent circumstances only)

רִ ּבֹונֹו ׁשֶ ל עֹולָ ם,
אֱ ֹלהֵ י הָ רּוחֹות ל כׇ ל־ָּבׂשָ ר
                                                                                                                    Ribbono shel olam,
                                                                                                                    elohei ha-ruh|.|ot l'khol basar -
Master of the world, God of the spirit of all flesh, it is revealed and known  before You that it is my fervent desire to praise Your name, and to  remember and honor my beloved:
father/mother/son/daughter/ husband/wife/partner/brother/sister/________  [the name and relation of the person may be inserted]
by reciting the Mourner's Kaddish in the company of a minyan. Though  circumstances prevent me from doing so, may my yearning and prayers  find favor in Your eyes, and be accepted and received before You as if I  had prayed that Kaddish.
May you grant hope and healing to all who suffer, and may we soon be  able to once again safely gather in holiness and joy.
May Your name, Adonai, be elevated and sanctified everywhere on earth  and may peace reign everywhere.

עׂשֶ ה ׁשָ לֹום ּב ִ מְ רֹומָ יו
הּוא יַ עֲ ׂשֶ ה ׁשָ לֹום עָ לֵ ֽינּו
ו עַ ל ּכׇ ל־יִ ׂש ְ רָ אֵ ל ]ו עַ ל ּכׇ ל־
יֹוׁש בֵ י תֵ בֵ ל[, ו אִ מְ רּו אָ מֵ ן
                                                                                                                                    Oseh shalom bimromav 
                                                                                                                                    hu ya·aseh shalom aleinu
                                                                                                                                    v'al kol yisrael [v'al kol
                                                                                                                                    yosh'vei teiveil], v'imru amen.



Unveiling  for  Joseph Reitblatt
has been postponed until further notice.
                              2020 Circle of Honor
Beneficiary: Carol & Scott Johnston
                                       Patron: Anonymous
Mark Alper
Judith Malman
Debbie & Jerry Smith
Barbara & Stanley Prushik
Martha & Steve Stein

Michelle Bannon & Rich Weisman
Sharon & Stephen Mechum
Dee & Murray Sherman
Leigh & Walter Winter
Roberta & Harold Eichenholz

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Joyce & Philip Sassoon   Anniversary  5-April

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Steve Glaser
Walter Pancoe
Sydel Gluck 
Jerry Smith
Bucky Stein
Gayle Ginsberg
Faye Sobol
Fran Strauss 
Roberta Eichenholz
Scott Prushik
Henry Westreich
Andrea & Jevin Frische 
daughter\son-in-law of
Marsha & Paul Freedman
Corona Virus testing

**Each week we will show our  members and their families  who wish to be on the Mi sheyberach list.  Names will remain on the list for 3 months unless you ask us to remove them earlier.  
Contact our office to add or remove names.

The names of those who are not members but whom you wish to 
receive prayers  will be read at Shabbat services.
10-16 Nisan 5780  ~  April 4-10, 2020

David Gorman
Father of Bruce Gorman
Elsie Edell Mother of Shirley Leinwand
Joseph Reitblatt Husband of Zee Reitblatt
Justin Raphael Husband of Shirley Raphael
Louis H. Waxman Father of Robert Waxman
Morris Greenberg Father of Esther Eisenstein
Morris Prushik Father of Stanley Prushik

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