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March  29, 2019
22 Adar II, 5779

Shabbat Shalom
Friday, March  29 , 22 Adar II
Candle Lighting ~ 7: 17  pm

***Friday Evening, March 29***
Shabbat Service - 6:30 pm
Oneg to follow
sponsored by Arlene & David Burns

***Saturday Morning, March 30***
Service ~ 9:30 am
Torah Reading by Rich Weisman
Kiddush to follow sponsored by
Michelle Bannon and Rich Weisman in honor of the 50th anniversary of
Rich's Bar Mitzvah

Sedrah ~ Parah

Dear Members,
     Whether you call it UJA-United Jewish Appeal, or its new title of United Federation of North America, UFNA, the purpose and needs of this organization are as important now as they ever have been.  This past Wednesday evening we had the annual Federation dinner.  This annual event is an opportunity for the entire Jewish population of greater New Hanover and Brunswick counties to come together, celebrate the state of Israel, become more familiar and updated with the current needs and biggest issues facing our brothers and sisters in what is truly a country in a constant state of emergency.   
     This year, the speaker was  Avi Melamed , founder and CEO of Inside the Middle East: Intelligence Perspectives an expert on current affairs in the Arab and Muslim world.  We were served a full dose of reality with his timely presentation of how the struggles within the Arab world were not lessening any of the tension between Israel, Gaza, the Palestinians, and of course Iran, Syria and the rest of the Arab world in its on turmoil between Sunnis, Shiites and the multitude of terrorist organizations, i.e. Hamas, ISIS and many more.  According to Avi our hopes for peace in our lifetime are going to require a total philosophical shift for many of these groups that are determined to destroy and eliminate Israel.
     In the meantime, Israel continues to thrive, grow, build, and attract new citizens with much help from the American Jewish community.  
     Our mission as American Jews is to support Israel regardless of politics or personalities.  The need for financial aid, Americans now raise $1,000,000,000 (that's Billion) to help feed Israeli's aging population, house and educate new emigrants that are coming every day, and provide medical services for all.   
     If you missed this year's dinner, I ask that you not turn you back on Israel and donate now to help with this daunting task of protecting an entire country so that Judaism continues to fight and defend itself from hat red and anti-Semitism that pervades the world.

Contact Alan Katz (452-7884) or Shelly Rosenberg (383-3437) to make your donations and be sure to put next year's dinner on your schedule.

Shabbat Shalom, see you in Shul.

We have made a change!
We will now have Hospice meals on the 
    instead of Wednesday.

Thank you Mimi Bloch, Caroline Eisenstein, and Sandy Moskowitz for volunteering for a Hospice meal on May 13. Main dishes, salads and desserts are still needed.  Please email sue_mintzes@hotmail.com to volunteer.

Coming Events
Please check Rabbi's Calendar before scheduling any event involving the congregation.
We aren't able to advertise any events in the Weekly Newsletter 
or on the ShulCloud calendar unless Rabbi's Calendar has been consulted.

Join the 
Bag Ladies
Making Mats
for the

 April 3,
10:00 - 2:00
Everyone is  welcome!
Semi-Annual Congregation al
April 7,
4:00 pm

Cooking for Good Shepherd

 April 10,
4:30 pm
**Do Not Stand
Idly by
the Suffering
of Your Neighbor

Sunday, April 14, 
2:00 pm 
Rabbi Julie Kozlow
Jewish Film Festival

April 28 & 29
May 1, 5, 6 & 8
Thalian Hall

Jewish Journeys:
 Art Exhibit

April 25 thru May 8
in conjunction with the
Jewish Film Festival
*Men's Club
Baseball  Outing

UNCW Seahawks vs.
James Madison

May 16th
6:00 pm
* Please see following article
** Please make a reservation by calling or emailing the Shul office.
910.762.1117 ~ kate.bnaiisraelilm@gmail.com

Men's Club Outing - BASEBALL

UNCW vs. James Madison
May 16th, 6:00 pm at Brooks Statium
$8:00 per person
Sign-up deadline is April 26th!!

Send your check and sign up IMMEDIATELY because seating is limited.  Late sign-ups may have to get tickets on their own and may NOT be able to sit with the Men's Club group.  Send your check to:
Efraim Jaronowski
1163 Forest Hills Drive
Wilmington, NC  28403

or drop your check off in the B'nai Israel office.

Legal Fund for Luis Caballero-Herrera      
Per request from Luis & Bianca, we will not be pursuing a legal defense at this time. 
Rabbi Julie is collecting various types of donations for the family. Please contact Rabbi Julie if you would like to help Bianca & the girls. 
     Please keep Luis, Bianca and their daughters in your prayers.
  Michelle Bannon

Circle of Honor

Beneficiary:  Carol & Scott Johnston
            Patron:  Ronna & Herbert Zimmer,
Mark Alper
Sharon & Terry Dresbach
Judith Malman
Joanna Puritz
Debbie & Jerry Smith
Rose & Alan Zimmer
Michelle Bannon & Rich Weisman
Roberta & Harold Eichenholz
Sharon & Stephen Mechum
Dee & Murray Sherman
Lee & Walter Winter
Dottie & Irv Freedland

For more information or to sign up for the Circle of Honor

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Bags, bags, bags! 
Come and plarn!
     Thanks to everyone who has been bringing plastic grocery bags for the sleeping mat project.   We are close to what we need and that's because of the wonderful community support.  Keep them coming as any extras will go to other organizations who are making the mats.
 A ny questions...please call or text Rena Goldwasser at 

Sisterhood Membership
Why is it important to be a Sisterhood member?  There are so many reasons.  First, and most important, is that the Sisterhood is an active part of the synagogue.  Much of the programming supports and contributes to the functioning of the synagogue, and the Sisterhood helps sustain the culture of our synagogue community.
     Innovative and varied programming helps encourage our synagogue membership to be involved in our religious and larger community life.  We contribute funding for the holidays and coordinate shivah meals.  Many of our members help monthly to prepare meals for families of Hospice pat ients.
     We also join together to create the Sisterhood Shabbat; attend one evening of the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival together; visit the Cameron Art Museum annually; and plan and prepare some congregation educational programs.  There is also a B'nai Israel Sisterhood Book Club, and we enjoy the camaraderie of being and working together.
     Join the fun and the joy of service and consider joining the B'nai  Israel Sisterhood.  It is easy to do and we welcome you.  You can use your ShulCloud account or call one of Co-Presidents: Diane Gerberg (910-399-6201) or Barbara Waxman (910-763-7460).  We look forward to hearing from you.

** Please save this date:
April 14, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
  Rabbi Julie will speak on the topic:  "Do not stand idly by the suffering of your neighbor."  Rabbi will discuss her experience in Washington D.C. when she and a group of Jewish activists from across the United States lobbied Congress regarding the end of detention of children seeking asylum in our country.   The program is for all congregants of B'nai Israel as well as their families and friends.  
       Refres hments will be served, and the  Gift Shop will be open that day for you to purchase Passover items or just to browse.  
     Please RSVP to  Laurel Westreich at  laurelw5071@gmail.com

**Please make a reservation.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
April 2019

Alan Katz 2-Apr
Gavin Mizrahi 3-Apr
Zita Reitblatt 4-Apr
Kyle Robbins 5-Apr
Michael Rovner 5-Apr
Scott Diamond 10-Apr
Alane Savod 12-Apr
Sharon Weber 14-Apr
Erica Mehler 16-Apr
Benjamin Levy 17-Apr
Sydel Gluck 18-Apr
Richard Weisman 20-Apr
Meghan Beecher 20-Apr
Lori Gorman 20-Apr
Joy Nichols 21-Apr
Sharon  Leinwand 22-Apr
Alan Gerberg 24-Apr
Kathleen Meyerson 29-Apr
Sheldon Rosenberg 30-Apr

Birthdays and Anniversaries come from your ShulCloud Member Profile.
If your special day is NOT included here, please check your profile and add the dates.  If you are not sure how to do that, contact Kate Maclay in the office for help at kate.bnaiisraelilm@gmail.com

5779  16-22 Adar II    March 23-29, 2019

Charles Agnoff Father of Steve Agnoff
Robert Solomon Father of Susan Mintzes
Florence Frey (Frimma) Mother of Barbara Waxman
Mollie Bakst Mother of Debbie Arouesty
Phoebe O. Lugassy Mother of Ninette Kartchner

The Yahrzeits represent those whom we have remembered over the past week, Saturday evening through Friday Shabbat.

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Sarah & Marvin Neuwirth
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
For support of
those in need
Rich Weisman
Sunshine Meals
In honor of Barry Weiss
for his dedicated and invaluable tutoring for my Bar Mitzvah
Michelle Bannon
Operating Fund
In honor of my husband,
Richard Weisman on the
50th anniversary of his
Bar Mitzvah
Owen & Judy Kaplan
Building Fund
In memory of
Frances Kaplan
Pam and Barry Weiss
In honor of Rich Weisman's 
50th Bar Mitzvah Anniversary

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