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March  7, 2019
1 Adar II, 5779

Shabbat Shalom
Friday, March  8 , 1 Adar II
Candle Lighting ~ 5:56 pm

***Friday Evening, March 8***
Preneg at 5:30 pm
Shabbat Service - 6:30 pm

***Saturday Morning, March 9***
Service ~ 9:30 am
Kiddush to follow

Sedrah ~ Pekude

 From the President ...
Dear Members,
Just a couple of quick notes...

This Shabbat Friday night is a PRE NEG beginning at 5:30 followed by Services at 6:30.

Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm is the Hadassah Tea Party.  Please join this group for tea, conversation, and updates on what Hadassah is all about.  

Plan on attending Men's Club Shabbat, Saturday March 16th (next week)  always one of the best kiddushes of the year. 

and for you long-term planners...

Our Spring congregational meeting will be held on Sunday, May 19th at 4:00 in the afternoon.  

Shabbat Shalom, and see you in Shul.

  News from the Gift Shop
All new Passover items have arrived and gift items for the coming holidays are here! Gift Shop will be open March 14 th! Hope to see you there ...

Circle of Honor

Beneficiary:  Carol & Scott Johnston
           Patron:   Ronna & Herbert Zimmer 
Mark Alper
Sharon & Terry Dresbach
Judith Malman
Joanna Puritz
Debbie & Jerry Smith
Rose & Alan Zimmer
Michelle Bannon & Rich Weisman
Roberta & Harold Eichenholz
Sharon & Stephen Mechum
Dee & Murray Sherman
Lee & Walter Winter
Dottie & Irv Freedland

Hadassah Tea Party
Sunday, March 10, 2-4:00 pm
at B'nai Israel
Raffle and Door prize

We wish to celebrate Hadassah Women - Planners, Doers and Empowered Healers of the world.  Join us for an afternoon of tea, scones, finger sandwiches, light savory snacks and interesting and charming company.  Reservations are $18 for adult members, spouses and friends.  Contact Roberta Eichenholz at 301.980.2063 or robertavienna@hotmail.com.

Hamantaschen Time
     Baking will be done at the synagogue on March 14, 15 and 18, two shifts each day, 9-12pm and 1-3pm.  If there are enough people interested, we can do an evening on Thursday, March 14, 5-7 pm.
    Call me (Rena Goldwasser) at 860-490-0916 (leave message if no answer, please) or email at simplythebest53@yahoo.com

Have You Heard about Sunshine Meals?
We are a B'nai Israel program which delivers vegetarian meals to congregants who have recently come home from the hospital or rehab facility, are recovering from acute illness, or celebrating the birth of a baby. Since last April, we have delivered approximately 20 meals and the program has been well received.
What's new?
We are planning to expand the Sunshine Meals program! Congregants who are chronically ill or who live alone and have little chance to get out will be offered monthly visits with a meal, snack or simply a chance to visit with one of us. We'll also be making special holiday visits during Rosh Hashanah and Chanukah.
Please consider volunteering to visit these special congregants as part of our "Sunshine Team." A brief training session, which will be offered by Rabbi Julie prior to the start of visits, is all that's required. (The training session will be scheduled as soon as we have a list of volunteers.) Any meals or snacks will be provided by Sunshine Meals and a monthly commitment is not required. Contact Rabbi Julie or myself to help make a difference in our community. You'll be surprised at how good that can feel.
Do you need a Sunshine Meal? Do you know a fellow congregant who might appreciate visits from our team? Requests can be made to Rabbi Julie, by calling the synagogue office 910.762.1117, or by contacting me at mdbannon@yahoo.com
or 706.832.3048. Participation is voluntary and the privacy of our congregants is of the utmost importance.        -Michelle Bannon

Keep Those
Plastic Grocery Bags
coming!  We need at least

Please contact Rena Goldwasser by text
860-490-0916 or email at 

Coming Events
Please check Rabbi's Calendar before scheduling any event involving the congregation.  We aren't able to advertise any events in the Weekly Newsletter 
or on the ShulCloud calendar unless Rabbi's Calendar has been consulted.

Tea Party
at Bnai Israel

March 10,
2:00 - 4:00 PM
Men's Club

March 16th
9:30 am


March 20,
6:00 pm

United Jewish Appeal
Annual  Dinner

March 27, Landfall Country Club
Do Not Stand
Idly by
the Suffering
of Your Neighbor

Sunday, April 14, 
2:00 pm 
Rabbi Julie Kozlow
Jewish Film Festival

April 28 & 29
May 1, 5, 6 & 8
Thalian Hall

** Please make a reservation by calling or emailing the Shul office.
910.762.1117 ~ kate.bnaiisraelilm@gmail.com

B'nai Israel Men's Club

It is time to renew or join the Men's Club for 2019.  Dues are $18.  Make your check payable to B'nai Israel Men's Club and send it to:
Efraim Jaronowski
        1163 Forest Hills Drive
         Wilmington, NC  28403

Anyone interested in knowing more about any of the Men's Club act ivi ties past, present or future is welcome to contact Efraim Jaronowski, President of the BI Men's Club. 910.343.5789.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
March 2019

Ethan Leinwand
Elizabeth Freedland

Neil Harris
Sharon & Jerry Spivak 5-Mar
Joan Feinstein
Debbie Smith
Amie Sloane Suchecki
Michal Cohen
Arlene & David Burns 13-Mar
Jeff Beecher
Bruce Maurer
Elizabeth & Harrison Freedland

Jonathan Alper
Esther Eisenstein
Carol Atwood
Henry Westreich
Jeffrey Roberts
Sara Maurer
Judy Kaplan
Efraim Jaronowski
Stanley Prushik

Birthdays and Anniversaries come from your ShulCloud Member Profile.
If your special day is NOT included here, please check your profile and add the dates.  If you are not sure how to do that, contact Kate Maclay in the office for help at kate.bnaiisraelilm@gmail.com

5779  25 Adar 1 - 1 Adar II  March 2-8, 2019

Anna Snyderman Respectfully remembered
Joseph King Father of Susan Hoffman
Lila Popkin Mother of Matthew Popkin
Rachel Westreich Daughter of Laurel & Henry Westreich
Renee Messing Sister of Elaine Lathrop
Bob Margolis Husband of Roselle Margolis

The Yahrzeits represent those whom we have remembered over the past week, Saturday evening through Friday Shabbat.

If you would like to make a donation to B'nai Israel, please click below
and use the Pay On Line tab on our website.

Teasa Abrams
Education Fund
In memory of
Calvin S. Abrams
Nancy Kraselsky
Cemetery Fund
In memory of 
Anne Plisco
Nancy Kraselsky
Cemetery Fund
In memory of  her father,
Robert Kraselsky
Arlene & David Burns
Building Fund
In memory of
Gussie & Albert Burns
Elaine Lathrop
General Fund
In memory of her sister
Renee Messing
Laurel & Henry Westreich
General Fund
In memory of
Rachel Westreich
Pearl & Daniel Retchin
Education Fund
In memory of
Max Kaplan
The Kingoff Family
Sisterhood Fund
In memory of
Ivins Popkin
Erica Julien
Benevolent Fund
In memory of her father,
Robert Enog
Debbie Arouesty
Cemetery Fund
In memory of her husband, Jack Arouesty

We are blessed to receive many checks.  Please hep us to correctly direct your
gift by including a brief note regarding what the check is for:  dues, event
payments, and others.  If your check is a contribution, please advise us to whom
or for what fund you are donating.

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shabbat shalom

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