A Thank You Note from Your Board
Dear Friends and Colleagues of Unity Southwest Region,  

Having just finished our quarterly Board meeting, we, as your Board, wanted to share what is on the horizon and update you on the direction we are heading. 
During our time together, we opened to the realm of all possibilities in Spirit, knowing we would be inspired and guided in serving all the ministries in our Southwest Region. We felt it important to review our Vision, Mission, and Core Values. We conversed, prayed and with great joy we share with you our Mission Statement: 

“We serve, connect and support our regional Unity community
and ministries.”   

For the time being, we agreed to embrace Unity Worldwide Ministries Vision statement:  

“A World Powerfully transformed through our shared spiritual awakening.”

Pictured here: (L to R) Rev. Richard Maraj, Jacquie Hardesty, Rev. Arlene Meyer, Rev. Denese Schellink, Rev. Blair Tabor, Rev. Kim O'Connor, Rev. Karen Epps, Rev. Lori Fleming.
(Not pictured: Rev. Kathy McCall, Chris Ashe)
Core Values will be developed together as a collective body during our Regional Conference October 1 – 4, 2018 . Our Conference Committee is having their first meeting this week, so save the date and watch for more information to come.

Last year, we decided to implement a new mid-year Key Leader Event to support you in Leadership Development. Join us for our first Key Leader event Friday May 18th, hosted by Unity San Diego .

We also wanted to keep you informed about the On-going Scholarships available to you for SEE courses.

With the help of a team of talented and committed people, we have refocused and redesigned our Youth Programs with fewer but more significant events that utilize our resources more efficiently. Our Teen & Family Ministry Consultant, Angie Keyes, is building greater connections and participation to these events and is so eager to support our Youth in these exciting programs.

We deeply appreciate all you are doing for our Unity Movement and the greater good of this world. Without your dedication our Vision of “a world powerfully transformed” would not happen. As your Board, we are grateful to Serve, Connect, and Support you on this spiritual journey of awakening. We hope to see you at the Key Leader Event in San Diego on May 18 and at our Regional Conference in La Quinta in October.  

In the Spirit of Generosity,  
Your Board of Trustees  
Karen Epps, President
Blair Tabor, Secretary
Jacquie Hardesy, LUT Rep
Lori Fleming, Alternate Regional Rep
Kathy McCall, Trustee
Richard Maraj, Vice President
Kim O’Connor, Treasurer
Denese Schellink, Regional Rep
Arlene Meyer, Trustee
Chris Ashe, UWM Board Rep
1st Quarter Financial Report
Your generosity keeps our programs going and activates our mission to serve, connect, and support your ministries in all the ways needed to manifest our shared Vision through UWM. Thank you for your on-going support that allows us to do the work we are here do.
May 18 in San Diego, CA
Please join us for our first annual Key Leader Event for Unity Southwest Region. As a region of Unity Worldwide Ministries, we want to bring you the latest information and best practices for Leadership Development.

We invite: Ministers, Board Members, LUT's and Key Leaders. Join us for connection, fun, and insight. This workshop would meet our Ethics and Boundaries requirement for our new Continuing Education Units policy!
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