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October, 2019
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Tim Ley
UHL News
Unique Compressor Features Modernize Outdated Compressor Units
Commercial Buildings equipped with outdated reciprocating, refrigerant cooling compressors, are susceptible to frequent break downs and require expensive maintenance. Rather than replacing or repairing reciprocating compressors, Uhl Company utilizes a unique and exclusive feature that brings the compressors up to today's standards. 

Many benefits make our compressor features worthwhile, such as the compressor's simple structure, low cost to implement, high reliability/efficiency, a better adjustment in cooling capacity, and less sensitivity to liquid slugging.
UHL Upgrades Water Infrastructure Security for City of Woodbury Public Works
The City of Woodbury Public Works division manages water and sewer operations. Recently, Woodbury Public Works has partnered with systems integrator, Uhl Company, to upgrade water tower security with S2 access controls. Many water tower sites have low-bandwidth SCADA radio connections, so Uhl added network devices to deploy S2 access control with full functionality. 

Now employees or approved third parties access the towers by swiping their badges. The badges then trigger an alarm that is sent to public works headquarters, as authorized personnel are verified remotely without sending someone on-site to check-in. Woodbury Public Works and Uhl are currently working on installing the same technology at wells throughout the city. 
Supply Air Temperature Reset

Distribution systems using terminal reheat tend to save reheat energy, along with increased supply air temperatures when the cooling load decreases. Discharge reset can be based on outside air temperatures, as lower outside air temperatures result in higher supply air temperatures. However, if the reset is based on indicators of actual load conditions, then even greater savings are possible.
Why You Need to Clean HVAC Coils and Inspect Air Filters

An uncleaned coil results in added dirt build-up, causing an increase in static pressure across the coil and works the central fan harder. Cleaning coils with specially designed coil cleaning detergent lowers system static pressure and leads to fan energy savings. Inspect air filters and HVAC coils regularly, and carefully clean both sides of coil surfaces and in between fins to avoid damage.
UHL Employee Spotlight
JB Stortz
Plans and Specs Estimator
Position: Plans and specs estimator, JB Stortz, has been at Uhl Company for 17 years. JB's favorite part about his job is working along-side his colleagues to provide customers with precise building estimates.

Fun Fact: JB competes in regional dirt track racing in his Uhl sponsored race car. He has placed first in over 80 races, earning himself numerous gold trophies.
Products We Install
Schneider Electric SmartX MP-V
SmartX IP Controller MP-V is a fully programmable IP based field controller dedicated for VAV cooling and heating applications. MP-V integrates a controller, a damper actuator, and an air flow sensor in a single compact package for easy installation. MP-V can either be used as a standalone BACnet/IP field controller or as part of an EcoStruxure BMS with a SmartX AS-P or AS-B server.
Schneider SmartX Living Space Sensors
Living space sensors are compatible with SmartX IP controllers that use the EcoStruxure Building Operation user interface. These sensors use an RJ-45 sensor bus, providing feedback and power from the SmartX IP controller. Up to four SmartX sensors may be connected to each SmartX IP controller through the RJ-45 sensor bus.
Schneider Electric SmartX MP-C
SmartX IP Controller MP-C is a multi-purpose, fully programmable, IP based field controller. The MP-C models offer a flexible mix of I/O point types that suit a wide range of HVAC applications. MP-C can either be used as a standalone BACnet/IP field controller or as part of an EcoStruxure BMS with a SmartX AS-P or AS-B server.
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