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January, 2020
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Tim Ley
UHL News
Melink Intelli-Hood ® Systems Result in Energy Savings For Crowne Plaza
Uhl Company is a certified distributor and installer of Melink Intelli-Hood®. Studies have shown that energy savings of up to 97% and conditioned air savings of up to 70% are attainable. Commercial kitchen hoods tend to operate at 100% all day, even during idle non-cooking periods. 

Melink hood controls run at reduced speeds of 10-50% to maintain exhaust air temperatures. While cooking, exhaust speeds will increase to 100% when smoke is sensed by Melink’s patented air purged optic sensors. The average payback is between 1-3 years, with 65% average fan speed savings.
"The Melink Intelli-Hood ® saves us a total energy savings of $13,691 per year. This new system has helped correct building pressure problems, along with concerns regarding frozen pipes in our building," Bruce Stickney, Crowne Plaza Chief Engineer
UHL Company Renovates Minneapolis Grain Exchange
The Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) is a 155,000-square-foot commercial office building located in downtown Minneapolis. Constructed in 1904, MGEX is considered one of the most dignified, turn-of-the-century office buildings in Minnesota. Due to the building's longevity, MGEX has required numerous renovations to keep the building up to date. 
When the time came to modernize their facilities, MGEX sought out a company that offered a variety of specialties. Uhl Company met this requirement as they continue to retrofit the building's mechanical systems, install new building automation, and fabricate custom ductwork.  
AHU Outside Air Reduction

When AHU systems are not in economizer mode, outside air entering systems must be heated or cooled to meet system set-points. Outside air can be reduced by adjusting outside air minimum damper positions, lowering outside airflow, or implementing demand control ventilation with CO2 monitoring. Reducing sums of outside air results in cooling and heating savings, but minimum airflow standards must be met.
Five Ways to Keep Your Building Safe and Secure. 
  • Use IP video surveillance to monitor your premises.
  • Use access control to prevent unauthorized intrusions.
  • Install a comprehensive building security system.
  • Install an after-hours video intercom system.
  • Deploy elevator access control system(s) in multilevel locations.
UHL Employee Spotlight
Kevin McDowell
Analytics Manager
Position: Kevin McDowell has been at Uhl Company for 13 years, working as a service pipe-fitter, standards engineer, analytics project engineer, and currently analytics manager. "My favorite part about my current position is working on a variety of different projects involving modern technology, alongside my diligent team," McDowell said.

Fun Fact: Kevin and his father built the final half of his cabin without any help. The hard work paid off, as Kevin spends most of his free time in McGregor with friends and family.
Products and Services
Schneider Electric SmartX MP-V
SmartX IP Controller MP-V is a fully programmable IP based field controller dedicated for VAV cooling and heating applications. MP-V integrates a controller, a damper actuator, and an air flow sensor in a single compact package for easy installation. MP-V can either be used as a standalone BACnet/IP field controller or as part of an EcoStruxure BMS with a SmartX AS-P or AS-B server.
Shaft Laser Alignment Service
Shaft misalignment can lead to coupling in machinery, which results in costly equipment repairs and downtime. To prevent this, Uhl Company offers a laser alignment service that realigns pumps, motors, and other machinery, utilizing the advanced laser alignment tool. This approach makes the dial indicator method of aligning shafts obsolete, as the laser alignment tool is more accurate, cuts alignment time in half, and spreads further apart.
Schneider Electric SmartX MP-C
SmartX IP Controller MP-C is a multi-purpose, fully programmable, IP based field controller. The MP-C models offer a flexible mix of I/O point types that suit a wide range of HVAC applications. MP-C can either be used as a standalone BACnet/IP field controller or as part of an EcoStruxure BMS with a SmartX AS-P or AS-B server.
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