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The CEO Report

Fall is in the air (or as my son calls it, 'fools gold' in Sacramento, because we're really in second summer lol), but it is my favorite time of year.  The travel gears up for my position, and I've had great opportunities the past couple of weeks to engage with staff and membership across the state.  Jerry and I travelled to PHCC San Diego to attend their fantastic tradeshow, and the energy was so high... I think everyone is just 'shot out of a cannon' to get to spend time with each other again. Great job Taylor, Noemy, Juri and the PHCC of San Diego Board of Directors, for a well-attended and exciting event!

I also took a tour around the Bay, and attended a lovely dinner meeting connecting with old friends and making new ones the PHCC of the Redwood Empire, and also attended a wonderful party to celebrate Chris Bonetti's retirement.  Many of you know Chris, she has served our association for over 26 years, and the room was packed with family (because to PHCC of Alameda, EVERYONE related to PHCC is family), and she received an outpouring of love and respect.  Her husband, Ray Bonetti of Frank Bonetti Plumbing, Inc. put together an amazing slideshow, you can find it here. 

Please take a moment and wish Chris well, you can email her at or email me at, and I'll make sure she gets the message.  Krystle Reddoch is now serving PHCC of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties as their Executive Manager, you can reach her at  She is a fantastic Exec, and human; make sure you get to know her!  To see photos from these great events, search PHCC of California on Facebook, Instagram, or myself on LinkedIn.  

Our President, Cheryl Mosier, Ed Foundation Administrator Jerry Threlfall, our CAPHCC Board Member (and past CAPHCC and NAPHCC President) Patrick Wallner, and I will be reconnecting with the PHCC National group at PHCC CONNECT 2022 next week, and visiting with our own local and state staff and members, as well as PHCC Contractors and Executive Directors from across this great country.  You still still be able to reach me at 916-599-1816 or, but it may take a minute :)   We'll be attending the NAPHCC Board of Directors Meeting, some great seminars and events, and posting nonstop, but I'll also report back when I return. 

I love conventions... it's an experience you don't want to miss.  There are so many opportunities that pop up, to make connections with people that care about the industry as much as we do, learn ways to improve ourselves and our businesses and most of all... just have that 'moment'... connecting with our people and creating memories that will last a lifetime.  For those of you who are attending CONNECT, I'm so looking forward to seeing you.

We are in final contract negotiations for our next PHCC WEST Conference in Anchorage Alaska, in the last week of April in 2023.  Mark your calendars, PHCC WEST 2023 will be an experience not to be missed!

Wishing you all the best! Tracy

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From the 2021 UPC Illustrated Training Manual, Chapter 9, VENTS


905.5 Location of Opening. The vent pipe opening from soil or waste pipe, except for water closets and similar fixtures, shall not be below the weir of the trap.


This section is identical to Section 1002.4. A vent pipe connection that is below the weir of the trap (see Definitions, Crown Weir (Trap Weir), and Figure 1001.2a) allows the potential for the fixture to induce self-siphonage (see commentary for Section 1002.2 for further discussion). Therefore, lengths of trap arms are limited and slopes are restricted to prevent the vent pipe connection to be below the weir of the trap (see Table 1002.2). If the vent connection is below the weir of the trap, this indicates that either the length or the slope of the trap arm is not code compliant.

This will determine what type of fitting may be used to connect the trap arm, vent and fixture drain. For example, in vertical installations, the sanitary tee is the proper fitting to use for this connection. A combination wye and one eighth bend or a wye will not be allowed here since the opening of the vent would be below the weir of the trap (see Figure 905.5a and commentary for Section 1002.2 for further discussion).

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PHCC of California members and staff share their favorite quotes:

Mine is 'beauty fades, money gets spent but funny is forever' Threlfall family crest. 

My recent favorite is from Amy Bloom's book 'In Love', where she quotes her mother in law: 'We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time'. Let us remember ;)

I've also included a couple of Halloween quotes below:  

If you have a favorite quote, send it to Tracy Threlfall, CEO at

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