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May 04 Issue 39
Happy new month! Welcome to another edition of the CARTA monthly updates. Read on to keep abreast with what is new.
A Tribute to Vartan Gregorian, President of Carnegie Corporation of New York
We were saddened to hear about the loss of Vartan Gregorian, the President of Carnegie Corporation of New York. Since our inception, Carnegie Corporation of New York has funded our work, fervently supporting us in advancing the career paths of early career researchers in Africa through doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships.

Please read the full tribute on our website here.
Joint Advanced Seminar 2 Clinics
Fellows continue to benefit from the JAS 2 online clinics organized by the University of the Witwatersrand.

The clinics seek to help fellows develop their PhD protocols to move to the next stage of their research process and provide them with one-on-one support for specific problems/issues they may have with their research.
Kaindoa Appointed Adjunct Faculty at NMAI
Emmanuel Kaindoa (Cohort Five Graduate, Ifakara Health Institute) was appointed as adjunct faculty (Adjunct professor) of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology.

“For me, this is an opportunity to contribute to the capacity building of the future scientist and giving back to the academic community what CARTA invested in me,” said Kaindoa.
Ssemugabo Voted Co-chair for the Emerging Voices for Global Health
Charles Ssemugabo (Cohort Nine Fellow, Makerere University) was voted Co-chair for Emerging Voices for Global Health.

Emerging Voices for Global Health is a network of young Health Policy and Systems researchers, Decision Makers, and other health professionals interested in becoming influential global health voices and/or local change makers, particularly from LMIC. 

“I feel honored to serve the network, but most importantly, I am looking forward to the learnings that come with leading such a diverse group of people from around the world,” said Charles.
Kennedy Appointed to the Amref International University Council
Kennedy Otwombe (Cohort One Graduate, University of the Witwatersrand) was appointed to the Amref International University Council in Nairobi, Kenya. 

In this role, he will offer guidance in policy direction, strategic planning, and university management, promote collaboration between Amref International University (AMIU) and other institutions of higher learning, amongst others.
 “This appointment provides me with an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with AMIU and hopefully strengthen their public health research outputs to become world leaders,” said Kennedy.

We congratulate him on this achievement and wish him the best during his tenure.
Chinenyenwa Presents at the Virtual Keystone Symposia
Chinenyenwa Ohia (Cohort Ten Fellow, University of Ibadan) was invited to give a scientific presentation at the Keystone Symposia titled 'Malaria in the era of Covid-19'. The study she presented highlights the potential of green-synthesized silver nanoparticles in the search for green, low-cost, and innovative interventions for the control of malaria in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Please watch her presentation here.
Felicitations! Mpho Set to Graduate from Wits
Mpho Molete (Cohort Six Fellow, University of the Witwatersrand) is set to graduate in July after submitting her final thesis. Mpho's research was titled 'School-based oral health programmes in the Tshwane District of Gauteng: scope, implementation and outcomes.'

We congratulate her on this achievement!
Frederick Wins Extra Grant
Frederick Oporia (Cohort Ten Fellow, Makerere University) is one of the recipients of the "Seed Grants" under the MakSPH Small Grants Program to support part of his PhD study.

His study is also benefiting from being nested into a research project funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies through the CDC Foundation. The project is aimed at understanding and preventing drowning in low and middle-income countries, Africa inclusive. Uganda is one of the beneficiaries and he is the Coordinator for this project hosted at MakSPH. 
Fundraising Lessons from an Early Career Researcher
 It is the wish of every researcher to have access to funding for their work. While it is not always readily available, the first step to success is a well-written grant application. Frederick Oporia (Cohort Ten Fellow, Makerere University) took us through what fundraising as an early career researcher entails.

"Applicants should not get deflated if any of their applications are rejected not granted. It does not necessarily mean their work is not good enough. It may be that it was not among the interests of the grant call. Ride on the comments given for rejection and improve the writing and submit to other calls."~Frederick.
An Open Letter to International Funders
Fredros Okumu (Ifakara Health Institute) and Catherine Kyobutungi (APHRC), in collaboration with other authors (Ngozi Erondu, Janet Midega, Emelda Okiro, and Ifeyinwa Aniebo), wrote an open letter calling on international funders of science and development in Africa to invest in local capacity. They advised that such investments will create equitable and dignified partnerships and improve the health and wellbeing of communities in our continent.  
Folusho Balogun (Cohort Five Graduate, University of Ibadan) published Effect of intensive training in improving older women's knowledge and support for infant vaccination in Nigerian urban slums: a before-and-after intervention study in the BMC Public Health. The study determined the impact of training of older women on their knowledge and support for infant vaccination in selected urban slum communities in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Tamale Andrew (Cohort Four Graduate, Makerere University) published An analysis of heavy metals contamination and estimating the daily intakes of vegetables from Uganda in Toxicology Research and Application. They aimed to evaluate heavy metal concentrations in four vegetables from a typical open-air market in Uganda, assess the safety of consuming these vegetables against the WHO recommended limits of heavy metals consumption, and formulate a model of estimated daily intake (EDI) among consumers in the country.

Abigail Ruth Dreyer (Cohort Seven Fellow, University of the Witwatersrand) published Context, types, and utilisation of decentralised training platforms in undergraduate medical education at four South African universities: Implications for universal health coverage, in Cogent Education.
Mphatso S. Kamndaya (Cohort One Graduate, University of Malawi) published, Examining the incidence of catastrophic health expenditures and its determinants using multilevel logistic regression in Malawi in PLOS one. The study examined the incidence of catastrophic health expenditures, impoverishing effects of out-of-pocket expenditures on households, and factors associated with catastrophic expenditures in Malawi.

Henry Zakumumpa (Cohort Four Graduate, Makerere University) published The impact of loss of PEPFAR support on HIV services at health facilities in low-burden districts in Uganda in the BMC health services research. The analysis intends to explore patient and provider perspectives on the impact of the loss of PEPFAR support on HIV services in transitioned health facilities in Uganda.

Angella Musewa (Cohort Eight Fellow, Makerere University) published Sporadic outbreaks of Crimean-congo haemorrhagic fever in Uganda, July 2018-January 2019 in PLoS Negl Trop Dis. They investigated to identify risk factors and recommend interventions to prevent future outbreaks of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever.
The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation Postdoctoral Research Training Support in Basic Biomedical Sciences
Candidates who hold or are in the final stages of obtaining a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree and are seeking beginning postdoctoral training in basic biomedical research are eligible to apply for a fellowship. 

Deadline: June 15, 2021.

 Stars in Global Health
The Stars in Global Health program supports Bold Ideas with Big Impact from the best and brightest scientists and innovators, both in low- and middle-income countries and in Canada, to address some of the most pressing global health challenges. It provides funding to explore transformative ideas at proof-of-concept that bring together scientific/technical, social, and business innovation. 

Deadline: June 3, 2021

Off-Grid Cities: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Call
Call for applications for a PhD and two Postdoctoral Research Fellowship positions in the National Research Foundation (NRF) Off-Grid Cities project.

Deadline: July 31, 2021

 Call for Applications FIG Foundation Ph.D. Scholarship 2021
The FIG Foundation is now receiving applications for the 2021 FIG Foundation Ph.D. Scholarship. Applicants must be studying for a PhD degree in a surveying/geomatics academic program in a low-income, lower-middle, or upper-middle-income country. They must have had a paper accepted by a peer-reviewed international journal and should not have submitted their final thesis.

Deadline: June 1, 2021

Nature Research Awards for Inspiring Women in Science
Nature Research Awards for Inspiring Women in Science are now open for applications. Applicants must hold a PhD degree or a medical degree, or other type of doctorate by dissertation obtained after 31st December 2011.

Deadline: June 20, 2021

 Wellcome Innovator Awards- May 2021 Round
Innovator Awards are open to researchers who are developing healthcare innovations that could have a major and measurable impact on human health. Proposals from multidisciplinary collaborations within or between organisations are encouraged in this application.

 Deadline: May 24, 2021

Webinars and Conferences

ISQua's 37th International Conference

Join ISQua, Centro Regionale Gestione Rischio Clinico e Sicurezza del Paziente (GRC) and the Italian Network for Safety in Healthcare, in their next Conference. 

Dates: July 8-11, 2021

Webinar: Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trials Oversight in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Era of COVID-19 

The University of the Western Cape, South Africa and SPaRCS partners invite all interested to this interactive webinar which seeks to sensitise broader health systems and public health audience to pharmacovigilance (PV) and clinical trials oversight of medicines and vaccines.

Date: May 12, 2021, 02:00 PM,CAT

Wellcome Connecting Science: Public Engagement Masterclass (Virtual)

This course is designed to support researchers from all disciplines who want to embed public engagement as a leadership quality in their career portfolio.    

Application and bursary deadline: May 18, 2021

Our Reads this Month
Open letter to international funders of science and development in Africa

A call to create equitable and dignified partnerships and to defeat the diseases that threaten everyone. 

Using technology to promote safe maternal health practices in Nigeria
Read more from this article by Oluwaseun Obasola (Cohort Three Graduate, University of Ibadan).

Tick-borne diseases affecting cattle in Kenya
Read more from this article by Getrude Shepelo (Cohort Eight Graduate, University of Nairobi). 

More health research based on data from Africa will benefit the continent and the world
More home-grown genome sequencing is needed in Africa to address the wide range of diseases plaguing the continent.

The Adding It Up and Abortion Worldwide teams are thrilled to announce the release of four new datasets on OSF.

The All Women dataset and a similar set of indicators for adolescent women 15-19. The third dataset includes a detailed breakdown of costs used in Adding It Up for modern contraception and. The fourth is the Global Abortion Incidence Dataset.

Tips for online meetings for both organizers and participants and a 3-minute video on online etiquette.

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