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PA State Supreme Court Overturns Two Decade Old Malpractice Rule

The change announced last week in a highly anticipated decision by the PA Supreme Court would reverse a two-decade-old rule intended to prevent venue shopping for higher malpractice claims. The change is considered a win for trial lawyers and a setback for insurance and healthcare.

Some reading this may recall the highly controversial practice of filing medical malpractice claims in counties which were known to reward higher payouts to claimants prior to 2003. This meant an incident occurring in Armstrong County could be filed in Philadelphia County, where payouts are known to be higher and where in Armstrong County, or many other rural counties, payouts were lower. This was widely considered to be a significant cost driver in healthcare and insurance costs.

According to Court Statistics, linked HERE, there were 1144 medical malpractice verdicts in PA between 2000-03. In 2019, the number had diminished to 78 in 2019 and 27 in 2020.

Former State Legislator Curt Schroeder, Executive Director for Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform, stated to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “venue-shopping was found to be one of the key causes … in the liability crisis that doctors and hospitals faced in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The danger here is that history will repeat itself.”

The Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry advocated to see this rule changed and we will continue to watch the impact of this action by the State Supreme Court.


Oswald Building Services

Oswald Building Services, is both a GBAC STAR Facility and a GBAC STAR Service Provider! For over 20 years, they have been delivering the best service in commercial cleaning and janitorial services. They utilize their expert knowledge to serve as a critical part of their client's team, in protecting the health and cleanliness of their facility. The Oswald Building Services team provides valuable insight into the cleaning and disinfection of their client's property. Their mission is to be the best partner a business has ever had.

Oswald Building Services offers:

  • Annual Cleaning Programs
  • Deep Clean & Disinfection Programs
  • Floor Maintenance Programs
  • Carpet Maintenance Programs
  • Window Cleaning Programs
  • Day Porter Programs

Learn more about Oswald Building Services here.

The Chester County Chamber greatly appreciates Oswald's commitment to our community and for their membership and involvement with the Chamber! 


CCCBI is excited to partner with Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce to support the Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand PRIXview Party!

Thursday evening kicks-off a fun-filled weekend for the 6th annual CIVGP. Enjoy cocktails and live music, as you mingle under the stars with drivers, sponsors, event organizers & other vintage car and motorcycle enthusiasts! Register for the event here.

When you support the CIVGP, you are supporting Coatesville’s parks, quality of life and revitalization efforts that benefit all residents, neighbors and visitors to this historic city.

We hope you join us in supporting the Coatesville community. More info on sponsorships can be found here.

Check out our website for more upcoming events!

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend! 

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