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New Members Luncheon

We love our members! Thank you to all who attended "Meatballs & Membership", hosted by the Chamber Ambassadors and Chamber staff yesterday! This was a wonderful way to connect with our new members, hear from our ambassadors, and learn more about the benefits of CCCBI membership.

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A Comprehensive Overview of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

This past weekend, the Senate passed a climate, Medicare and tax overhaul act titled the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) at a 51-50 split. The 755-page bill is headed to the House of Representatives, where they expect to vote on the legislation on Friday, August 12.


The IRA is being credited as one of the most significant forms of legislation to be passed by the Democratic Party since The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. Unfortunately, the bill is seen by many economists as mistitled as several parts of it contradict each other. Despite rebranding it the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the bill could possibly increase inflation in the short term and would not reduce inflation over the long term.


From NPR – “The proposal won't help curb inflation dramatically nor right away, experts say.”


These three provisions make the bill unworkable for business:

  1. The Corporate Book Minimum Tax — Raising taxes on companies when they make certain investments, like 5G network expansion or new energy production. Discouraging investment will make America poorer and reduce economic growth.
  2. A new excise tax on stock buybacks would distort the efficient movement of capital and diminish the value of Americans’ retirement savings.
  3. Price controls on medicines would reduce private sector investment in new drugs.

If we want to get inflation under control and avoid a deep recession, we must address the ongoing worker shortage by getting more workers back into the labor force. Moreover, this is the absolute wrong time to increase taxes on American job creators or implement price controls on American innovators.


We understand the importance of tackling climate change and increasing our clean domestic energy program, lowering healthcare costs, and comprehensive tax reform, but we urge Congress to reject and rework this misguided legislative package and focus on getting Americans back to work, lowering inflationary costs, and avoiding a recession.

ITAG Grant Opportunity

For more information on technology training funds for 2022-2023 from the ITAG Industry Partnership, CLICK HERE.


Zarelli Landscaping Inc.

Zarelli Landscaping Inc. has been servicing Chester County’s landscaping and hardscaping needs since 2003. Their services include installing low-voltage outdoor lighting, custom patio designs, walkways and outdoor living areas. They also perform spring cleanups and mulching with precision and perfection! With 17+ years of experience in Chester County, Zarelli Landscaping has helped hundreds of families design and build the outdoor areas of their dreams. 

Zarelli Landscaping’s business process includes a sales representative visiting your site and providing the design teams with photos and plans that allow them to make a no-obligation, free estimate on how much the project will cost. After the estimate is approved by the builders and homeowners, Zarelli will implement their plans onto your property and your dreams will become a reality!

For more information visit their website today! 

The Chester County Chamber greatly appreciates Zarelli Landscaping's commitment to our community and for their membership and involvement with the Chamber! 


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