August 2017

August Edition at a Glance:

In this month’s edition, we’re sharing updates on work underway in several areas to provide organizations with the information, tools and strategies needed to improve quality and performance, including:

  • A recent panel presentation staff from CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health, together with several of our county partners, gave on how to use information from NYS OMH’s PSYCKES system to promote quality care at the client, program, agency, and systems levels.
  • A link to a recent webinar introducing, TIC-OASAT, a new web-based organizational self-assessment tool that enables providers to create a point in time “snapshot” of where they are in their journey towards becoming trauma-informed. The tool guides participants through a sequence of questions to assess implementation of trauma-informed care practices and aggregates results into a concise, real-time report along with recommendations for bolstering Trauma-Informed Care practices and linkages to additional resources.
  • A Workload & Time Management Workshop being offered by Health Homes of Upstate New York to support health home care managers on balancing time, tasks and activities to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and impact. 

As always, we’ve also included project / program news, and other resources that we hope you’ll find helpful.

System Transformation
Center for Collaboration In Community Health Webinar Series - September Webinar - Why Collaborate?
CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health is hosting a webinar series developed to share insights about approaches for succeeding in the new Medicaid Managed Care service delivery system. We invite you to join us! 

This webinar will provide a perspective on the importance of effective collaboration in the emerging world of Value Based Payments and steps to take to begin the process.  Click here to continue reading.

Trauma Informed Systems and Other Practice Transformations
Taking a Pulse Check: Using the TIC OSAT to Assess Organizational Trauma-Informed Practices
This hour-long webinar, presented by CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health, explores the importance of assessing organizational trauma-informed practices; provides an overview of the features and strengths of TIC OSAT (Trauma-Informed Care Organizational Self-Assessment Tool), and how organizations can leverage information obtained from their TIC OSAT reports. Click here to continue reading.
What's the Buzz: Time is of the Essence... 
As Care Managers, Supervisors and Outreach/Engagement Specialists, time management becomes an ever-present challenge – especially when you constantly encounter multiple caseloads, competing tasks and various demands on your time.

Health Homes of Upstate New York's   Workload & Time Management Workshop w/ Bob Peter couldn’t have launched at a better time. According to participants, this full-day, interactive workshop has provided guidance and tips on balancing your time, tasks and activities to be more effective and efficient.  Click here to continue reading.

Performance Measurement
Leaders Using PSYCKES to Promote Agency and Systems Change
CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health was asked by the PSYCKES QARR (Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements) project team to facilitate a presentation that features our cutting-edge use of PSYCKES data in our work with leaders from various agencies. On 8/17/17, we were the focus of their monthly state-wide PSYCKES QARR project webinar and we provided a presentation titled: “Leaders Using PSYCKES to Promote Agency and Systems Change.”  Click here to continue reading.

Social Determinants of Health
Triangle Block Club’s 7 th Annual Community Outreach Event
On August 12th, several CCSI staff members had the chance to participate in this terrific celebration in the neighborhood surrounding our 1099 Jay Street Offices. This annual event, now in its’ 7 th year, brings together hundreds of neighbors, friends and families in the JOSANA neighborhood for an afternoon of food, fun, music and more.   Click here to continue reading.
Celebrating CCSI’s Navigator Team and Community Partners
On August 11th, CCSI hosted a luncheon to recognize the important role that our community partners have had in helping the Navigator Program and the Aged, Blind and Disabled Program to achieve their goal of providing high quality, one-on-one assistance to individuals seeking access to health insurance coverage.   Click here to continue reading.
Meet the Board of Directors – Board Chair Cindee Gray, MBA
CCSI’s board of directors brings together an exceptionally talented group of individuals who are strongly committed to advancing the mission and vision of CCSI. In addition to a deep passion for strengthening the delivery of behavioral health and human services and improving outcomes, CCSI board members bring expertise in essential areas including healthcare finance, human resources, business development, health care law, compliance, and much more.  In the coming months, we’ll be spotlighting board members, starting with CCSI’s Board Chair, Cindee Gray.   Click here to continue reading.
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