A Note from Rev. Laura Hallett
Happy New Year, Beloved Friends!
I am knowing for each and every one of us that 2022 is an amazing year. It is a year of health and vitality, inspiration and creativity, love overflowing, and prosperity of every kind. And I
know that we are on the way to creating that now!

Here at Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Las Vegas we are opening up to a grand new adventure. An adventure that finds us in the right and perfect location here in Southern Nevada
with a beautiful building that meets all of our needs and has plenty of room for expansion. We are all about growth and expansion at CSLGLV. The vision that is taking hold here is powerful and unprecedented. And I know that we are perfectly aligned for the unfoldment of that and so much more.

Our theme for 2022 is Living Everyday Wonder. Each month focuses on a different life structure and gives us an opportunity to find the wonder in the common areas of our lives. We've chosen a book to accompany each month's theme. To explore each of the topics a bit deeper, we’ll be doing a weekly book study with each of these titles. The book study is free and open to all. Consider inviting your friends who are avid readers and would like to discuss these transformational topics. All meetings will be held via Zoom on Wednesdays from 2:00 – 3:30 pm.

I’ve created a schedule for our Spiritual Education Courses. Centers for Spiritual Living was founded as a school of philosophy and is well-known for the quality of classes we offer. All of these courses offered are either newly developed or recently revised and updated courses. We’re kicking off our courses with a brand new class called Intro to Science of Mind. I’ve just recently completed creating this course as an exploration of the Introductory section of the Science of Mind textbook and several of our powerful spiritual practices. All classes will be held on Zoom for the time being.

I am committed to meeting with our members. I’d like to get to know you better and provide spiritual support for you. I’ve set up a link to allow you to schedule a private meeting with me at your convenience. Just click on the link below and it will allow you to schedule a meeting with me. I’m available Monday – Thursday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

I’m always available by email at revlaura@cslglv.org. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestion, comments, or concerns.

Have a beautiful and blessed month!
Rev. Laura
Your Leadership Council
As we enter the New Year of 2022, we allow ourselves to take a moment to pause, reflect and reset. We now have an opportunity to open up the space to release the past, old ideas and invite in the new!

The Leadership Council wants to express our gratitude to the CSLGLV community for faithfully using the Co-Creation Process to attract our new Spiritual Leader. We welcome Rev. Laura Hallett who has begun a new era here at CSLGLV. She has already set up a slate of new classes and events on the Education calendar. We invite you to check our website for these new and exciting classes and events.

The Leadership Council is welcoming the New Year with Divine expectancy. We are opening this year with new ways of seeing and knowing who we truly are. We have visioned for a new location for our Center and now we are actively looking for the right place for our community to gather. The Relocation committee is meeting regularly and diligently working with an agent to find that sacred space. In the meantime, we are grateful that we will continue to meet at Susan B. Abston Elementary School on the third Sunday of each month. Our next in-person gathering will be January 16th. We continue to follow CDC and state guidelines for COVID. Masks must be worn and we are social distancing. We hope to see you all there!

We are offering volunteer opportunities for our Finance and Investment Committees. If you are interested, please contact us council@cslglv.org. As other opportunities for special events become available, we will announce them in the community announcements during our Sunday and Wednesday services and on the CSLGV website. Please stay tuned.

Five Delegates from CSLGLV will be attending the Annual CSL Conference entitled “Embrace the Now”. Three members from the Council, Rev. Laura and a community member will be representing our Center January 18 – 22, in Indian Wells, California. Delegates will be voting on issues affecting national CSL Centers.

We begin a new chapter at CSLGLV in 2022, and we embrace it with new energy. As we continue to evolve and expand, we are grateful for all of you taking the journey. The Leadership Council wishes you and your family a very Happy and Abundant New Year!

Shelia Callum
President, Leadership Council
January 1st - 3:00 to 4:30 PM
Guided by Rev. Laura, this meditative experience will combine elements of mindfulness, self-compassion, intention-setting practice, and Visioning. We will spend a bit of time reflecting on 2021 offering ourselves compassion for the challenges we have experienced this year and cultivating a state of mind that will allow us to move forward with an open heart. Please join us for this 90-minute guided experience and connect as a community as we move into the life that is waiting for us in 2022.
Please plan to have a paper (or a journal) and something to write with. Set aside all else and enter into this sacred time together.
Meeting ID: 836 3014 0738
January 9th - $40
A vision board is not just a collection of wishes, it's a glimpse into the future that you envision for yourself and your life. Held in a beautiful space at the Enterprise Library in Las Vegas, this time together will be one of meditation, peaceful conversation, inward reflection, and an opportunity to open up to the highest idea for your days and years to come.
Put the Law of Attraction to work for you! Learn how to put power in your affirmations!
Release the mind-clutter and bring your vision into focus! Let your creative energy take charge!

All materials are provided! Space is limited!
Wednesdays in January
Each Wednesday Service for January is based on the practices of mindfulness taken from the Book of the Month: What’s In The Way Is The Way, by Mary O’Malley. We’ll discuss the ideas around living a life free from our life-long limiting beliefs and put these concepts into practical application.
Each month’s theme has an accompanying book selected to support the topic and provide
practices that help develop a deeper understanding and practical application. We’ve set a time each week where we can discuss these books and the related topics. We’ll meet for 90 minutes on Wednesdays (2:00 – 3:30 pm) to discuss the books.

Our first book of the Month is What’s in the Way IS the Way by Mary O’Malley.
This book offers a practical guide for meeting all of your experiences in a new way – a way unclouded by fear or judgment; a way infused with an abiding sense of ease, trust, and openness to all of life.