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Latest Bites - April 2019
APRIL 13, 2019.

Interactive Trout Stocking Map:  Our very popular interactive trout stocking map is up and running! This map will tell you where we stock trout and when the location was last stocked (updated daily). We are currently stocking places that are open to fishing (but may be catch and release only - check regulations).  We will not be updating the locations that are currently closed to fishing until the week prior to opening day, which is April 13, 2019.

The 2018 Fish Stocking Report is now on our web page.  This report lists the number and types of fish the Fisheries Division stocked last year.

2019 Regulation Changes the only changes to our fishing regulations for 2019 will be for Scup.  We are awaiting final approval on the changes for Scup and will post them soon.  There are no changes for any other species.

2019 Fishing Licenses are on sale now.  100% of your investment in licenses, tags, permits, and stamps comes to the Bureau of Natural Resources in support of Fisheries and Wildlife programs. 
Please be sure that you are on the " Official" CT DEEP Sportsmen Licensing Page.  There are some offers on the internet that may lead someone to believe they are getting their fishing license, but instead are paying for a "guide" on how to get the fishing license. 
Come Stock Trout With Us on Opening Day!
Once again the Fisheries Division is calling all budding fisher-folks to help us stock some of our Trout Parks on Opening Day (Saturday, April 13).  We will be needing some help at the following locations and times:

Bring Your Own Waders or Hip Boots!!

Black Rock Trout Park, Watertown @ 10:00 am
Valley Falls, Vernon @ 8:00 am
Stratton Brook Trout Park, Simsbury @ 8:00 am
Southford Falls State Park, Oxford, @ 8:00 am
Kent Falls Trout Park, Kent, @ 8:30 am
Wharton Brook State Park, Wallingford @ 10:15 am
Mohegan Park Pond, Norwich @ 8:00 am
Great Hollow Park, Monroe @ 10:00 am

2019 Fishing Guide is Now Available
The Fishing Guide for 2019 is available at many locations where you purchase your fishing license; including most town clerks, bait and tackle shops, sporting good stores, and DEEP offices.  Download a copy direct to your portable device or view online.
TIPS for Opening Day
The Opening Day of Trout Season is one of the harbingers of spring in Connecticut.  On Saturday April 13th at 6:00 am sharp, fisher-folks of every age, shape, and size will descend on their favorite fishing hole.  We have done our part by stocking nearly 350,000 trout into over 200 rivers and streams and 100 lakes and ponds.  Here are some tips to help make Opening Day 2019 one to remember.

- Test out your gear ahead of time.  Unless you are fortunate to fish nearly everyday, as the fishing gear sits idle, minor problems can develop.  Re-spool with fresh line, lube your reel, and check the rod for any damage.

- Check out places to fish.  Our interactive trout stocking map will be updated with all of our stocking data a few days prior to Opening Day.  Find your favorite water and map your route.

- Dress for the weather.  April in Connecticut can be highly variable, ranging from temperatures in the 80's to those that are below freezing.  I recall many opening days as a kid where the eyelets on my rod froze solid (and yes that was when Opening Day was a week later and supposedly warmer).

-Watch the flows in rivers and streams.  If we get a lot of rain leading up to Opening Day, some of the lakes and ponds may be a better bet (until the water level drops).  Alternatively, you may need to adjust your fishing technique by adding weight or using heavier lures.

-Pack your camera or smartphone.  You have caught the fish, now catch the memory.  Be ready to get that shot or ask someone to.

-If you plan on keeping fish, be sure to have a cooler with ice to keep the fish fresh.

-If you plan on only releasing your catch, practice good technique.  Be sure to keep the fish in the water as much as possible, if you can't get the hook out - snip the line as close to the hook as possible, handle the fish with wet hands and only keep it out of the water for a few seconds, and finally- try not to let it flop around on the bank or ground.

We hope you enjoy Opening Day 2019!!   
Just a Reminder
A small section of the West Branch Farmington River in the Riverton area is closed to all fishing from April 1 until 6:00 am on Opening Day (April 13th).  Thank you for your cooperation.
FREE Learn to Fish Classes
Over a dozen FREE learn to fish classes are being offered across the state.  Please check the schedule to find a FREE introductory class near you.  Just in time for Opening Day of Trout season.
NEW Signs for the Trout and Salmon Stamp
Trout and Salmon Stamp .  A Trout and Salmon Stamp ($5) is required if you would like to KEEP any Trout or Salmon (look for the purple sign) or if you would like to FISH in a Trout Management Area (River or Stream), Wild Trout Management Area, Trout Park or Broodstock Atlantic Salmon Area (look for the green sign).  Details below and on our  FAQ page .  Get it at the same time you purchase your fishing license or add it later through 
This Month's Mystery Fish 
Email your guess to 
The Trout and Salmon Stamp
With approval by the Legislative Regulations Review Committee on February 27, 2018, Connecticut has a Trout and Salmon Stamp.  100% of the money invested in this stamp is guaranteed to support fisheries programs.  Please visit our FAQ page or email with questions.  A summary is provided below.

Anyone age 16 or older including everyone who is age 65 or older who chooses to do one or both of the following must purchase a trout and salmon stamp:

1. FISH in one of the following areas:  Trout Park, Trout Management Area, Wild Trout Management Area, or a Broodstock Atlantic Salmon Area.

2. HARVEST (keep) trout, Kokanee Salmon, or Atlantic Salmon anywhere in the state (except for waters stocked at no expense to the state).

The fee is $5.00 for age 18 and older and $3.00 for those 16-17.  The stamp is good for the calendar year (expires on December 31).

The Trout and Salmon Stamp will print on your fishing license as an additional privilege.
Mystery Fish Revealed
Last month's  Mystery Fish  was the Creek Chub (Semotilus atromaculatus).  The Creek Chub is native to Connecticut and very common in small to medium sized flowing waters in Western Connecticut.  Creek Chub can be very numerous where present and will eagerly take small pieces of bait.  The typical "Creekers" is about 3-5 inches in length.  Some larger Creek Chub may be confused with a similar silvery minnow, the Fallfish.
License Fees Fund Hunting & Fishing Programs

Each time you purchase a license your contribution goes to support hunting, fishing, and open space right here in CT. 

So, the next time you see a bald eagle, harvest a white-tail, pheasant, or turkey, or catch a brown trout or striped bass, give yourself and your fellow sportsmen a pat on the back!

You are making a difference and we thank you for your support!
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