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October 2016
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NEW!  The Weekend Fishing Forecast is being posted on our CT Fish and Wildlife  Facebook page  each Friday.

NEW!   Youth fishing passport scorecard to keep track of your catches during the " Fishing Challenge."

Last Call for Cover Shots!  The deadline to get your high quality fishing photo entered into the 2017 Angler's Guide Cover Contest is November 1, 2016 (see below). 

Fishing in autumn can't be beat!   There is no better way to take in the spectacular fall colors than spending time with family and friends from the water. So Fish ON this fall and introduce someone new to the thrill of fishing!

Big Time CARP fishing coming to Connecticut once again (October 9-14, 2016). $100,000 prize if you break the state record (details). 

Blackfish (Tautog) Season opens on October 10, 2016 (Closes December 6, 2016).  Anglers may keep up to 4 fish per day as long as they have a minimum length of 16 inches.  Good Luck!
Fall Trout Stocking Update:   Conditions (water temperature not stream flow) are improving and we hope to begin widespread trout stocking soon.  However, due to the unprecedented lack of rainfall and low flow conditions in streams and rivers throughout the state, some changes may be necessary.  We will begin our stocking in lakes/ponds which have adequate water quality to support trout.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page or visit our web page to get near real-time stocking information.
Our DEEP  weekly fishing report has your detailed fishing information 
LAST CALL!  All entries must be in by Nov. 1

The ultimate fish story - You can be on our next cover! We are looking for that special photo to capture the essence of the great fishing here in Connecticut. Be sure to keep your cell phone, Go-Pro, or camera handy!  Get all of the contest details on our web page  and email your submissions to:

deep.inland.fisheries@ct.gov (Attn. Photo Contest)
Good Luck!
Atlantic Salmon Stocking Begins
The fall tradition of stocking some Atlantic Salmon broodstock, which are past their prime reproductive capacity, has begun.  This unique fishery allows anglers to fish for and harvest an Atlantic salmon.  This fall, a total of just over 2,000 salmon will be stocked.  Most of the fish are between 2 and 6 pounds, however, some are between 6-20 pounds each!  Currently, Mount Tom Pond (Washington) and Crystal Lake (Ellington) have each been stocked with 500 fish.  The remaining 1,000 fish will be stocked soon.  Under normal water flow conditions certain sections of the Naugatuck and Shetucket Rivers are stocked, however this stocking is on hold until water levels increase (too low due to the ongoing drought). 
Funding Opportunity
Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is ready to award $15,000 in matching grant funds to support local efforts to build interest in recreational fishing in the Hispanic community.

The funds are being made available to DEEP's Inland Fisheries Division to award to nonprofit organizations as the result of a national initiative of the George H.W. Bush Vamos A Pescar™ Education Fund and the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation. These two organizations have teamed up to make $100,000 available nationwide to support state and local efforts to educate and engage families in high-density Hispanic communities through programs, classes and fishing activities.

Please review the Grant Guidelines for full details on the opportunity and process.
For additional information or questions please contact Mike Beauchene at 860-424-4185 or mike.beauchene@ct.gov .  All applications must be complete and submitted to Mike no later than  11:59 pm on October 31, 2016 .
Celebrate 150 Years of Natural Resource
Conservation  in Connecticut!

The DEEP's Bureau of Natural Resources is celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2016.  Joining in the celebration are the Divisions of Wildlife, Inland Fisheries, Marine Fisheries, Forestry, and the Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Police, as well as many partners.

Throughout 2016, we will look back at our history and also look ahead to the future of natural resources in our state. 
Follow along with the celebration and participate in special events to be held year-long. Learn more on our  Facebook Page and the  DEEP Website.
This Month's Mystery Fish
If you think you can correctly name the fish in this photo, email DEEP.Inland.fisheries@ct.gov with your guess.  Good luck! (photo submitted by Aaron Ouimette)
Mystery Fish Revealed
Last month's  Mystery Fish was t he Northern Pufferfish, Sphoeroides maculatus, also known as the blowfish, sea squab, chicken of the sea, or sugar toad.  It can be found along the eastern seaboard in bays, coves and estuaries.  Puffers prefer crabs, shrimp, and other crusteaceans. Most puffers that are caught by anglers are about 6-8 inches in length.  

Most people associate pufferfish with more "tropical" waters, however, the northern puffer can be found up and down the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida. 
Northern Puffer, Sphoeroides maculatus.
For your tackle box

Minnow Plugs -  An old reliable that produces consistent results.
Chances are if you have fished, you have tried one of these lures.  Minnow plugs mimic small fish and have great visual appeal to a variety of game fish.  To fish minnow plugs, either reel them in at a moderate speed or "twitch" them along the surface.  Whether fishing for bass, pike, walleye, channel catfish, or trout a variety of size and colors are a must have for the tackle box.     
Have you fished here?
Mount Tom Pond is a 56.3 acre natural lake located in the towns of Litchfield, Morris, and Washington.  There is a state-owned swimming area with a small area for car-top boats to launch.  Mount Tom has a modest number of homes around the shoreline, making one feel like they are in a more "northern" location. The lake has a maximum depth of about 45 feet, located about dead center of the lake.  Average depths are between 20-25 feet.  The shoreline drops fairly quickly throughout most of the lake.
License Fees Fund Hunting and Fishing Programs

100%  of the fees collected from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, tags, permits, and stamps goes to support fish and wildlife conservation, preservation, and recreation programs administered by the Bureau of Natural Resources. 

Each time you purchase a license your contribution goes to support hunting, fishing, and open space right here in CT. 

So, the next time you see a bald eagle, harvest a white-tail, pheasant, or turkey, or catch a brown trout or striped bass, give yourself and your fellow sportsmen a pat on the back!

You are making a difference and we thank you for your support!
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