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Mystery Fish
Do you recognize this fish?

Email your guess to DEEP.inland.fisheries@ct.gov

The June mystery fish was the Black Sea Bass.  A favorite of marine anglers, the Black Sea Bass can be caught using clams, sandworms, or squid.  

Black Sea Bass are usually associated with deeper water (30-150 feet or more) around underwater structures like a reef or wreck.

Interestingly, a female Black Sea Bass can change to male (protogynous hermaphrodite) should  the number of males in the population become too low.
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We are accepting your high quality digital photos of your great CT fish catches for the 2016 Angler's Guide until November 1, 2015. Ideal photos are sharp, well focused, high resolution images representing the great fishing opportunities in Connecticut.  Email your entries to deep.inland.fisheries@ct.gov.
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Latest Bites
August is the time for Blue Crabs.  Check out many of CT's tidal rivers and creeks to catch some of these delicious (but feisty) crabs.  Try using chicken legs, mackerel, or bunker as bait.  You can attach your bait to the end of a line or use it in a star trap.  There is no daily limit on the number you can keep, but the minimum shell width (spike tip to spike tip) is 5 inches for hard shell crabs and 3.5 inches for soft-shell crabs.

Visit a natural "cooling center".  Many small brooks within our state parks & forests are fed by seeps and springs. This groundwater enters the stream at about 50-55 degrees F. If you are looking to escape the heat and humidity, sit on a rock and dangle your feet into the cold water.  While you are there you may as well cast a line. Wild Brook and Brown Trout thrive in these small streams so you have a good chance at catching one.  

Need a park to explore?  Check out our web site to find a park near you.
Saltwater Fishing at Fort Trumbull
Saltwater Fishing Event: Our annual CARE and No Child Left Inside Summer Fishing Event will be held on
Saturday, August 15, 2015 (coinciding with free fishing license day- see below).  The event will be at Fort Trumbull State Park from 10 am to 3 pm.  Feel free to bring your own fishing gear or you can borrow ours. We will have bait too!  A great time will be had by all.

Youth Fishing Passport holders- bring your 2015 passport to be entered into our drawing for a cool
fishing related prize!
Free Fishing License Day: Our second free fishing license day will be Saturday, August 15, 2015.  Anyone can fish inland and marine waters provided they have obtained a 1-day free fishing license.

The free 1-day license for the August 15 date will be available starting on July 25, 2015 through our convenient online sportsmen licensing system (now mobile friendly!).  
New "Let's GO Fishing" Workbook 

The CARE (Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education) program is please to announce the publication of  "Let's Go Fishing"  a 30 page full color book with everything you need to know to get started enjoying fishing. 

Can't find a CARE learn to fish class
in your area of the state? Send a request to thomas.bourret@ct.gov and we will try to set up a class.
Save the Date
Hunting & Fishing Day: Back by popular demand!  On September 26, 2015 the DEEP Bureau of Natural Resources and the sporting community will be at Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area celebrating the many benefits of hunting and fishing (details).  
Nice Catches!

Tiger Trout:  This incredible fish was caught in a secret location in Northern Connecticut and the photo posted to our Facebook page. A Tiger Trout is a sterile hybrid produced when the eggs of a Brown Trout are fertilized by a Brook Trout.  Tiger trout can occur when there are both Brook and Brown Trout living and reproducing in the same section of stream. The Inland Fisheries Division produces a small number of Tiger Trout in our hatchery system to stock each spring into various rivers and streams. Thanks to Pat F. for sharing such a unique fish.

First Fish:  
Lance F. shared this photo of his son's very first fish. Congratulations on this milestone. Thanks for fishing together;
we wish you both tight lines in the future.

Seeing double:  
John A. with two jumbo fluke.  If he looks familiar to you, it is because he was featured in the June 2015 edition of CT Fishin' Tips with a large "doormat" fluke.  John says these were 7.6 and 8.5 pounds respectively. Can't wait to see what he lands next!
Soft-Shell Crab
Soft-shell blue crabs are those that have recently molted (shed their old shell in order to grow larger). Immediately after molting the new shell is temporarily paper-thin and very soft to the touch.

Many consider soft-shell crabs to be a delicacy and they are often sold at fish markets and at seafood restaurants. Soft-shells are the featured ingredient in the "spider roll" featured where sushi and sashimi are served.

If you happen to catch some of your own, check out the internet for easy to follow videos detailing how to clean, prepare, and cook soft shell blue crab.   Bon Appetit!
Have You Fished Here?
Shore-based fishing is the simplest and most affordable form of salt water fishing and a popular way to enjoy Connecticut's coastline. 

Good shore based summer flounder and/or scup fishing opportunities exist at 41 locations along CT's shoreline in at least 18 different communities from Stonington to Westport.   At these locations (indicated by the sign pictured above)  the minimum size to keep Scup (Porgy) and Summer Flounder (fluke) have been reduced to 9 inches and 16 inches respectively.

To get a list of locations visit our website or the Connecticut Coastal Access Guide.  Follow us on Facebook as during the next few weeks we will feature different enhanced opportunity shoreline locations.
By purchasing a fishing license, you help to support conservation and improvement of Connecticut's fisheries.  Thank you!