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Mystery Fish
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The October mystery fish was the Spottail Shiner ( Notropis hudsonius).  Named for the faint black spot found at the base of the tail.  The spottail is easily confused with other silvery minnows like the Fallfish, Common Shiner, and small Golden Shiners.

This native minnow can be found in larger rivers and some lakes.  The spottail is a schooling species and when present can be very abundant. They are one of the most important forage (food) species in the Connecticut River and it's larger tributaries.  The maximum size for the spottail is about 5 inches.  
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Latest Bites
Fall trout stocking has been completed, however, due to a reduction in the amount water coming from the wells at the Quinebaug Hatchery, the Inland Fisheries Division  has had to stock some additional trout.  These trout have been stocked into various lakes around the state in order to provide great late fall fishing and support winter ice fishing opportunities. For more information check out the  2015 fall trout stocking  report.
Surplus Broodstock Atlantic Salmon have been stocked into the designated broodstock fishery areas on the Naugatuck River and Shetucket River as well as Mount Tom Pond and Crystal Lake. This is a unique opportunity to fish for and hopefully catch, an Atlantic salmon.  

Note:  Beginning on December 1, 2015 the daily creel (harvest) limit is 1 salmon per day (in rivers).  Gear is limited to artificial flies or lures with a single free swinging hook (no treble hooks). For more information see page 24 of the 2015 Angler's Guide.
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2016 Save the Dates! Upcoming fishing events you and your family will not want to miss.  Stay tuned for details as we approach each of the dates.

January 30, 2016:  Coventry Lake and CARE Ice Fishing Event, Patriots Park, Coventry.

February 6, 2016:  No Child Left Inside-Winterfest and CARE Ice Fishing Event, Black Rock State Park, Thomaston.

February 13, 2016:  DEEP Angler Recognition and Trophy Fish Awards Ceremony, CT Convention Center, Hartford (held during the CT Fishing and Hunting Show).

April 9, 2016:  Trout season opens at 6:00 am.

May 7, 2016:  Statewide Free Fishing Day.  No Child Left Inside Great Park Pursuit and CARE Family Fishing Day, Stratton Brook State Park, Simsbury.

June 19, 2016:  Free Fishing License Day, number 1.

August 13, 2016:  Free Fishing License Day, number 2.  CARE saltwater fishing event and No Child Left Inside Great Park Pursuit, Fort Trumbull State Park, New London.
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Surplus Broodstock Atlantic Salmon

Surplus Broodstock Atlantic Salmon are stocked into the Naugatuck River and Shetucket River Broodstock areas as well as several lakes.  These salmon have been raised at the Kensington State Fish Hatchery and have produced millions of offspring during their 3-4 years at the hatchery.  Stocking these fish, which have passed their reproductive prime, provides a unique fishery for many anglers.  The regulations related to this fishery can be found in the Inland section of the Connecticut Angler's Guide.  Thanks to the anglers who posted these photos to the CTFishandWildlife Facebook page. 
New State Record
Congratulations to Thien Nguyen
who landed the new state record Blackfish (Tautog). Thien's catch weighed in at an impressive 26.6 pounds and was within 2 pounds of the current world record!
A Second Huge Taug!

Deja vu!   J ust a couple of weeks after the state record Blackfish was landed (above), Ray Davidson caught this 24 pound Blackfish (Tautog).  Congrats on such an impressive fish!
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Ice fishing is a great way to spend quality time outdoors during a beautiful winter day. Attend a FREE CARE (Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education) Learn to Ice Fish class. Check out our class schedule (new classes are frequently added) and sign up today!     
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