Grateful for a rainy year! Still work to be done!
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Drought Impacts Lessened But Still Severe in Riparian Areas

In 2016, Pima Association of Governments worked with CWP volunteers to map the June flows in the Pima County Preserve and found improvement in perennial flow extent after several years of record lows. The BLM coordinated to map flows with volunteers the same week.  

The County Preserve is at the downstream end (northern end) of the watershed near Vail. In the Preserve in June 2015, only 9% of Cienega Creek within the 9 mile segment that was once considered perennial was flowing, a record low. This year, creek flows improved to 20%. Long-term drought impacts were still apparent, as Cienega Creek has not recovered above pre-drought flow levels. Davidson Canyon also saw improvement, with its first pre-monsoon flows since 2012! Drought impacts have lessened but are still severe in riparian areas.
Restoration Project Spotlight

The Ciénega Watershed Partnership has enlisted Watershed Management Group's help in creating a restoration plan to begin the process of revitalizing and conserving Ciénega Creek. WMG  will use the knowledge and experience gained through our work in the region with residences and hit the ground running in the Ciénega Creek watershed. 

Why is WMG joining us at Ciénega Creek? The creek is located in one of the Tucson basin's
rare shallow groundwater areas and fits WMG's goal of restoring our heritage of flowing rivers. More than 280 native species, several of them threatened or endangered, make their home here. Both riparian animal and plant species abound here, but unfortunately, so do threats to the ecosystem. The creek's banks are suffering from erosion and an influx of non-native invasive species that choke out important native species. 

The good news is that both individual property owners, and local and federal agencies are p assionate about creating a brighter future for the watershed and through a
stakeholder prioritization process CWP and WMG are seeking input from these stakeholders in work group meetings where we ask folks what's important to you and how do we protect it. This process is producing a guide to where and how we initiate conservation action and we will soon be out there doing it with restoration projects and trainings!

Contact Trevor Hare if you are a resident interested in contributing information to the assessment of potential sites or about joining a training!

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The Cienega Watershed Partnership facilitates cooperative actions that steward the natural and cultural resources of the Cienega Watershed while enabling sustainable human use.