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Edition 83 / November 2022

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City of Yucaipa Receives $9 Million in funds for Library Renovations

California Consulting congratulates the City of Yucaipa for receiving a $9 million grant for the construction and critical infrastructure elements for a new library. CC, Project Manager, Tracy Yassini, wrote the awarded application. 

The grant is part of the California State Library's $439 million Building Forward Library Improvement Grant Program, the largest investment in public library infrastructure in California history. The recently announced grant is among the largest awards from the grant program and reflects the City's dedication to providing a safe, accessible, and state-of-the-art library for the community.

For CC Project Director, Tracy Yassini, the award represents a proud full-circle moment from days spent reading at the library and from her early college aspirations of becoming a librarian.

Mayor David Avila stated: “I am excited to announce that the City of Yucaipa, in partnership with the County of San Bernardino and the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District, have successfully been awarded a $9 million dollar grant from the California State Library. This award is a major contribution that will not only support our efforts to build a new state-of-the-art library facility and teen café center, but it will also be a centerpiece for our City that will enhance and enrich the quality of life for the residents of Yucaipa and surrounding communities.” 

US Department of Justice awards THREE California Consulting clients

COPS Grants for over $1.5 Million

California Consulting is excited that improvement projects for the City of Parlier, South Whittier School District, and Meridian Community School District were approved by the Department of Justice for over $1.5 Millon!


The City of Parlier received The COPS Hiring Grant for $575,840 to hire officers. Melissa Noriego, CC Project Manager, wrote the awarded application.


South Whittier School District received $473,019 in funding from the COPS School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) for security cameras at all schools, maintenance buildings, and District office, and digital radios. Our Statewide Senior Project Manager, Dana Leusch, ensured the winning application.


Meridian Community School District received $500,000 from COPS School Violence Prevention Program that will go to fund a CPTED to redesign school vestibules to create a secure single point of entry. Jaclyn Harte, CC Project Manager, directed and implemented a team of individuals to produce a winning application.


CC Secured a total of $1,548,859 for our clients. These wonderful projects will safeguard the lives of the community in a number of ways. This success is due to our highly skilled grant writers who worked diligently to provide the best application for our clients.


San Mateo Harbor District Receives $298,000 from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

San Mateo County Harbor District Received $298,000 from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC): Priority Conservation Area (PCA) Grant.

This award will go toward expanding public coastal access in order to enhance the experience of the California Coastal Trail for pedestrians, bicyclists, and beach-goers.

This will be achieved through improvements and modifications made to the day-use parking area, which includes the implementation of a public restroom structure to allow for new facilities, ADA parking spaces, and additional amenities (as needed).

This wonderful project was first envisioned by SMCHD administration and through extensive teamwork with our grant writer, Michelle Ferguson, the highly competitive application prevailed.

California Consulting Welcomes the County of Los Angeles and Stallion Springs Community Services District as New Clients

California Consulting is honored that the County of Los Angeles and Stallion Springs Community Services District has asked us to provide grant writing services. We look forward to our strategic partnership to secure funding for their vision.

City of Pacifica and City of Santa Paula Renew Contracts for Grant Writing Services

California Consulting is honored that the City of Pacifica and the City of Santa Paula, have renewed their contract. Thank you for your continued confidence in our services.

Client Spotlight:

City of Gilroy

CC is excited to spotlight our client, the City of Gilroy, in our November newsletter. Gilroy, California is centrally located at the southern gateway to Silicon Valley and is proud to be “A Community with a Spice for Life.”

Gilroy is home to the Gilroy Garlic Festival, Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, and has over 20 wineries and tasting rooms located along the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail.

Gilroy has been a client for only a short time, just under a year, and has seen huge success in the grant writing arena. Gilroy has acquired, $4,947,014, in grant funding with an 8962% return on investment. 

Congratulations on this success. We look forward to continuing to secure funding for your vision. 

Tule River Economic Development Corporation Welcomes EDA for Site Visit on Tule River Indian Reservation

California Consulting client, Tule River Economic Development Corporation, welcomes Wilfred Marshall, EDA Economic Development Representative for Southern and Central California to a site visit on the Tule River Indian Reservation. California Consulting project manager, Tracy Yasinni, attended the meeting. 

California Consulting is honored to work on this project. 

City of Carson

Great Things are Happening

The City of Carson and its incredible visionary Administration team combined with our highly skilled grant writers have made for a wonderful partnership. Through their strategic vision, Carson has received $1,241,927 by securing funds through CalFire Urban Forest Management & Expansion, Cal Fire Urban Forestry Improvement & Expansion, MSRC Local Government Partnership Program, and CalRecycle Tire Derived Product Grant. With these highly competitive awards, Carson is now positioned to continue the vision to create great things in the community.


California Consulting and the City of Carson met at the MMASC Annual Conference. Pictured with Steve are the Assistant City Manager of Administrative Services, Robert Lennox, and the Assistant to the City Manager Michael George.

Congratulations to the City of Carson for all of its achievements.


California Consulting was honored to participate in the MMASC Annual Conference and have an exhibitors booth. The booth was staffed by CEO Steve Samuelian, Business Associate Derek Rojas, and Staff Assistant Clay Owens.

A big congratulations to the incoming MMASC President Domenique Samario on the election win and a big congratulations and Thank you to MMASC outgoing President Paulo Kespradit for a job well done!

California Consulting In the News

California City news featured our recent success in their newsletter. 

California County News feature article on our recent San Mateo County Harbor District Award here

CC is pleased to have our feature articles in Cal School News

ACSA Region 11 Featured CC in the newsletter.

Team Member Spotlight:

Project Manager Michelle Ferguson

Michelle Ferguson is a Project Manager for California Consulting. Her grant writing expertise is built upon more than 20 years of writing and editing experience, primarily in journalism and with Colorado’s nonprofit sector. Throughout her career in grant writing and management, Michelle has raised nearly $9 million to benefit a wide spectrum of societal causes ranging from improved student literacy levels to increasing equitable outcomes in healthcare for those uninsured/underinsured. Michelle is truly thrilled and delighted to bring her diverse set of skills to California Consulting, particularly with:

● Functioning as lead liaison and managing client portfolios, thereby incorporating any changes or edits communicated by clients in order to effectively bring their interests and goals to the forefront.

● Anticipating upcoming client needs through maintained, regular interaction that is always positive, respectful, and sensitive to partnering organizations’ respective points of view.

● Exercising model stewardship from start to finish during the entire grant writing process, and facilitating best practices to strengthen client/donor relationships alike.

● Taking the most appropriate and measurable course of action, demonstrating a willingness to embrace responsible risk-taking while frequently staying on top of trends that could affect client initiatives.

● Brainstorming innovative ideas and concepts that are not only informed by the current funding landscape but ultimately serve to swap out culturally-irrelevant strategies for more developed approaches that place a greater emphasis on advancing capacity building and community engagement.

Whether corporate, foundation or first-time funders, Michelle excels at cultivating partnerships with private and public sources to spearhead impactful change that is further bolstered by the power of community. What especially excites Michelle about joining the California Consulting team is having the opportunity to catalyze real change that’s both tangible and meaningful—sparking much-needed dialogue in ways that are braver, bolder, and provide new alternatives for “walking the walk.”

California Consulting Welcomes Jason Williams to the team as a New Grant Writer

Jason Williams was born and raised in Fresno. He spent nearly 20 years working in children’s mental health and social services with a focus on foster care and non-profit leadership. He worked at multiple non-profits and at the Department of Social Services. He considers himself a lifelong learner and he loves to read in his spare time. His most recent passion has been bringing trauma-informed care and practices to non-profits, the education sector, and the community.

While obtaining his master’s degree in psychology he found a passion for research and writing. He is involved in the Fresno County Health Improvement Partnership and the Fresno County Trauma and Resilience Network. He is well versed in grant writing, grant management, and leadership. He has been involved in writing multiple, successful, federal, state, and local grants over the last 5 years and brings his working knowledge of service providers and government agencies to the grant writing process. Jason believes that the service and partnership grant writing provides is a mechanism for improving our communities.   

Featured Municipal Grants

DOT and HUD: Thriving Communities Grant Program (TCP)

Deadline: November 22, 2022

Amount: $3,500,000 to $6,000,000

Eligibility: TCP applicants should propose strategies to provide deep-dive technical assistance, planning, and capacity building and build a robust Community of Practice across regions involving diverse transportation and community stakeholders. Specifically, this focused on facilitating the scoping, planning, development, and delivery of transportation and community revitalization activities supported by DOT—namely, to increase mobility, reduce pollution from transportation sources, expand affordable transportation options, facilitate efficient land use, preserve or expand jobs, improve housing conditions, enhance connections to health care, education, and food security, or improve health outcomes

Match: No


Purpose: TCP aims to ensure that disadvantaged communities and/or communities disproportionately affected by environmental, climate, and human health policy have the technical tools and organizational capacity to compete for federal aid and deliver quality infrastructure projects that enable their communities and neighborhoods to thrive. TCP facilitates the planning and development of transportation and community revitalization activities that:

●        Increase mobility

●        Reduce pollution from transportation sources

●        Expand affordable transportation options

●        Facilitate efficient land use

●        Preserve or expand jobs

●        Improve housing conditions

●        Enhance connections to healthcare, education, and food security

●        Improve health outcomes


National Park Service (ILMS, NEA, NEH): Save America’s Treasures Grant Program

Deadline: December 20, 2022

Amount: $25,000 to $750,000

Eligibility: Special district governments, State governments, City or township governments, County governments, Nonprofits that do not have a 501(c)(3) status, Private institutions of higher education, Public and State controlled institutions of higher education

Match: Yes


Purpose: Grants are available to fund under two types of projects: "Collections" and "Preservation". Collections projects must be determined to be of national significance based on the

description of its significance within the application. Collections include artifacts, documents, sculptures, and other works of art. Preservation projects fund planning and "bricks and mortar" preservation/conservation work on historic buildings and structures. Eligible Preservation projects must be:

●      a National Historic Landmark; or

●      a contributing property within a National Historic Landmark district; or

●      individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places for national significance; or

●      a contributing property within a National Register Historic District.


California Department of Housing and Community Development: REAP 2.0 Grant

Deadline: December 31, 2022

Eligibility: 1) Eligible applicants are limited to MPOs and Councils of Governments (COG) listed in Health and Safety Code section 50515.08, subdivision (a), paragraphs (1) to (6). These include: the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, the San Diego Association of Governments, the Southern California Association of Governments, the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, the Fresno Council of Governments, the Kern Council of Governments, the Kings County Association of Governments, the Madera County Transportation Commission, the Merced County Association of Governments, the San Joaquin Council of Governments, the Stanislaus Council of Governments, the Tulare County Association of Governments, the Butte County Association of Governments, Shasta County Regional Transportation Agency, and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

2) Eligible applicants that are COGs may include a single or multi-county Council of Governments.

3) Eligible applicants may partner through legally binding agreements with other forms of governments or entities where the proposal will have a direct effect on land use, transportation, or development within areas of influence of the eligible applicant. This includes, but is not limited to, partnerships with other localities, regional governments, housing authorities, school districts, special districts, community-based organizations, Tribal Entities, or any duly constituted governing body of an Indian Reservation or Rancheria. Applicants forming partnerships must submit separate, completed, and signed application packages, including resolutions and a copy of the signed agreement between partners. Applicant partners may not submit an application on behalf of the eligible applicant.

Match: No

Amount: $2,944,762 to $102,842,103 (typical grant size: $5M to $43M)


Purpose: REAP 2.0 provides funds to regional governments to accelerate Housing production and facilitate compliance with the 6th cycle of the Housing Element, including Regional Housing Needs Assessment. In addition, REAP 2.0 is specifically designed to provide MPOs and other Eligible Entities with tools and resources to help implement and advance plans, primarily by furthering the Sustainable Communities Strategies (SCS) adopted as part of Regional Transportation Plans to pursue greenhouse gas emission reduction targets through land use and transportation strategies. REAP 2.0’s overarching goal is to invest in Housing, planning, and Infill Housing-supportive infrastructure across the entire state in a manner that reduces VMT, increases Housing affordability and advances equity.

Department of Housing and Urban Development: Supportive Housing for the Elderly Grant Program

Deadline: January 25, 2023

Amount: Up to $20 million

Eligibility: For purposes of developing a mixed-finance project, a for-profit limited partnership of which all general partner interests are held by

·       One or more private nonprofit organization(s) that have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3); 

·       A corporation wholly owned and controlled by one or more private nonprofit organization(s) that have tax-exempt status; or

·       A limited liability company wholly owned and controlled by one or more private non-profit organization(s) that have tax-exempt status. Nonprofit entities associated with public bodies or tribes are also eligible applicants.

Match: Yes


Purpose: HUD is providing Capital Advance funding and project rental subsidies for the development and ongoing operation of supportive rental housing for very low-income persons, aged 62 years or older. This funding, leveraged with other financing sources, will expand affordable housing opportunities that are physically designed and that have a robust set of services that will allow seniors to live independently and age in community.


California Department of Parks & Recreation: Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

DeadlineNOFA will be released Spring 2023 at the earliest

Amount: $200,000 to $7 million

Eligibility: Local, state, and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations

Match: Yes – 50%


PurposeLand and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grants provide funding for the acquisition or development of land to create new outdoor recreation opportunities for the health and wellness of Californians. Since 1965, over one thousand parks throughout California have been created or improved with LWCF assistance (e.g., restrooms, program equipment, capital, etc.)

To View the Complete Municipal Grants Opportunities List for November 2022. Please Click Here

Featured Educational Grants

2022 NSLP Equipment Assistance Grant


Deadline: Thursday, December 8, 2022. The CDE will only accept online applications.


Eligibility: Public school districts, county offices of education, directly funded charter schools, private schools, and residential childcare institutions that participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) can apply for grant funding. Any of the above qualifying local agencies previously approved for the NSLP, and would otherwise be operating NSLP in School Year 2021–22, may apply for the EAG while using the flexibilities granted under the Seamless Summer Option. Each SFA may apply for no more than five sites with up to $100,000 per SFA.




These funds allow school food authorities (SFA) to purchase food service equipment to serve healthier meals that meet the updated meal pattern requirements, replace outdated and worn equipment, improve food safety, and help support the establishment, maintenance, or expansion of the School Breakfast Program. It gives priority to those SFAs that have not received an equipment grant since 2018.ttps://

California Department of Education: Universal Prekindergarten Planning & Implementation Grant

Deadline: TBD

Amount: Allocation Formula - Minimum Base Grants: LEAs with an enrollment of 1 to 23 pupils, inclusive, will receive twenty-five thousand dollars. LEAs with an enrollment of 24 to 99 pupils, inclusive, will receive fifty thousand dollars. LEAs with an enrollment of 100 or more pupils will receive one hundred thousand dollars.

Match: No

Eligibility: LEAs (school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education)  

The Universal Prekindergarten Planning (UPK) & Implementation Grant is a state early learning planning and capacity-building initiative with the goal of expanding access for preschool-age students to prekindergarten programs at local educational agencies (LEAs). Grant funds may pay for costs associated with creating or expanding California state preschool programs or transitional kindergarten programs or establish or strengthen partnerships with other providers of prekindergarten education within the LEA, including Head Start programs. 

To View the Complete Educational Grants Opportunities List for November 2022 Please Click Here

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