CJ Journal May 2018

Greetings from Camp Jorn
 The time is here!  School is almost finished for the year and many families are now turning their attention to summer camp and programming!  There is still time to register for each of our programs – day camp, resident camp and summer child care. 

Each of the Camp Jorn programs provides a safe, fun and growth-oriented place for your child.  Kids gain confidence and independence.   Youth learn how to be a positive member of a team and a group.  They are able to shine in sharing, caring and helping! It’s a hard and sometimes scary and sometimes divisive world that we live in today.  Camp is an oasis from all of that.  We come together, from all walks of life and many different places and we live together for days, weeks even months at a time.  At Camp Jorn YMCA, we all belong.  We put down our screens and we really get to know each other. We talk, we sit, we pay attention.  We relax, we work, we play, we smile and laugh! Time at Camp Jorn YMCA is like a reset button that carries with each child (and staff member) for the rest of the year. How many kids come home and can’t wait to go back again?  

This summer, give your child the gift of summer growth and learning in our child care, day camp or resident camp programs! Give your family the gift of one of our family programs – Dad and Me weekend, August Family Camp or our Sept. Women’s weekend! Or, give yourself the gift of stopping in to say hello and see the magic of camp first hand!  

Can’t wait to see you this summer at Camp Jorn YMCA!

In the Spirit of Camp Jorn,
Carrie Wilson
Camp Jorn CEO
Staff Spotlight
Every year at Camp Jorn, we are proud to have staff members that come from not only all across the country, but from all over the world. Featured below are Aaron and Connor, two of our international staff members for this summer!

What country are you from?
Republic of Ireland

What got you interested in working at camp this summer?
I've always dreamed of visiting America from a very young age. An opportunity came around this year and I jumped at it. I'm always putting things off for one reason or another but this time I decided to go for it. Working with young people is a huge bonus as I enjoy coaching local underage soccer teams in my spare time.

When you come to America, what new thing are you most excited to try?
I'm looking forward to driving on roads that are recognized all around the globe as being the best for road trips. I've also never had mac and cheese or smores so it will be interesting to try them.

If you could bring one food from home to Camp Jorn, what would it be and why?
Most definitely a packet of cheese and onion Taytos and a box of Barry's tea. 

Anything else you would like us to know about you?
My biggest fear in life is having regret. If the opportunity to try something new arises, go for it. Life is short. I believe you learn more about yourself when you truly step outside of your comfort zone. You will only ever regret the chances you didn't take.

What country are you from?
I am from Adelaide, South Australia

What got you interested in working at camp this summer?
I got interested in camp because I have always wanted to travel and experience life to the fullest. I wanted to make a change to people’s lives for the better. I love kids and this opportunity really did excite me. Kids, nature, travel and soon to be friends. What more can you want in life? I don't want to work that 9-5 job, I want to explore what life has to offer and to find what my purpose really is on this earth. I know that summer camp will definitely be my purpose.

When you come to America, what new thing are you most excited to try?
I am most excited to try anything that is American. I just love food especially pizza and anything with pulled pork in it.

If you could bring one food from home to Camp Jorn, what would it be and why?
I would bring vegemite from Australia because it is the most amazing food on the planet!! although you do have to have a acquired taste for it.

Anything else you would like us to know about you?
I absolutely love spicy foods!
Camper Spotlight
Trevor Mayer
Trevor is 6 years old, and will be a day camper at Camp Jorn almost every week this summer. While he is excited to be a camper for the first time, Trevor is no stranger to Camp Jorn. He is the son of Elizabeth (our senior program director) and Andrew (one of our fantastic cooks), so he has been living on camp since January. When asked what his favorite thing about camp is, he said, "My dad and mom work here and it makes me happy." Trevor is most looking forward to playing gaga and making new friends this summer at day camp, and his favorite camp food that he's tried so far has been the famous cookies. 
Steve Bensing
Camp Jorn has been a part of my life for over 50 years. My family moved to Waukegan when I was 10. I joined the YMCA to take swimming lessons, which is where I heard about Camp Jorn. So I sold cookies to earn my way to Camp in 1967. I was a camper for 4 summers, a C.I.T. for two, a kitchen staff member one summer, and a counselor in 1974, the year I graduated from high school. My two brothers, Bill and Doug, also attended Camp Jorn.
Camp Jorn is where I did a lot of growing up. I caught my first fish and went on canoe trips. I did a lot of swimming, boating, and other outdoor activities. Seeing the stars and the weather up close, I gained a great appreciation of God's creation. I made friends and learned to get along with others. As a C.I.T. and counselor, I learned leadership skills that served me well as a parent, teacher, and in other areas of my life. 
From an early age, I took photos. I have some from my early days at Camp Jorn. My interest in photography grew, even at Camp. As a counselor, I taught photography, and even set up a darkroom in the back of the KYBO.
After years of getting started in a career and raising a family, I reconnected with Camp Jorn in 1999. I brought my sons for a weekend trip to Camp Jorn where my youngest, Isaac, was introduced to Camp. Consequently, he became a camper for 9 summers! During that time, Camp Jorn celebrated its 50th Anniversary. My mother, Alice Bensing, was in a wheelchair by then, but she attended the event with my family in 2003. She even enjoyed a ride on the pontoon boat.
We supported Camp many years by attending the Pancake Breakfast in Waukegan. At one of these, board member Dan Drury asked me if I would be interested in working on organizing Camp photos from over the years. From that start, I got involved in working on photo archives. That led to being on the committee that put together the book, "Camp Jorn: 60 Years and Counting". Buckshot Anderson interviewed a lot of Camp Jorn alumni and wrote the book. I did the photo editing, using many photos from the past that I had collected. Camp still has copies of this book available. To this day, I am continuing to work on preserving Camp Jorn history by cataloging the photos and stories that we have. (If you have any photos, letters, or stories to share, please pass them along.)
To me, Camp Jorn is a special place in my life and in the world. As a volunteer, I keep coming back each year to help. I currently live in Valparaiso, IN and work as a chemist for W.R. Grace in East Chicago, IN. But taking the time from work, and making the 8-hour drive to Camp for work weekends, pancake breakfasts and other events is worth it to me. There is no other feeling like waking up in a cabin on Rest Lake, feeling the crisp morning air, and knowing that I am at Camp Jorn.
Work Weekend Wrap Up
Our 2018 spring work weekend was a success! Thanks to the help of many volunteers the platform tents are up, buildings are cleaned, art supplies are set up and picnic tables are moved. Camp looks wonderful and is just waiting for our first group of campers to arrive. Our volunteers ranged from 2 years old to very seasoned, with everyone working hard and having fun. 
Upcoming Events
Northwoods Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training
June 8-24

Click here for more details or to fill out an application:
Program Updates
N EW! Mountain Bike Skills Camp
Join us for a week of mountain biking skills development and practice. Lessons will be taught by certified instructors from Ninja Mountain Bike Performance, a nationwide organization dedicated to teaching mountain bike skills. Activities will take place both on the skills course at camp and on the trails at WinMan. This program is a partnership with Camp Jorn YMCA, Win Man Trails and Ninja Mountain Bike Performance.
Register by clicking  here .
Our first session of day camp is just 3 weeks away! In preparation for all the fun and excitement we would like to announce the themes for each week this summer. Activities during the week, special meals and some fun dress up will all incorporate the theme of the week. Take a look to see what the theme is for your session(s) and start planning. Resident camp will also follow the themes for their activities and fun meals. 

Session 1- Disney/Fairytales
Session 2- Prehistoric
Session 3- Space
Session 4- Safari
Session 5- Party in the USA
Session 6- Decades
Session 7- Holidays
Session 8- Pirates
Session 9- Carnival
Session 10- Around the World
Session 11-Wild West
Session 12- Superheroes
May was a month of great weather changes. We went from a late snowfall to 75 degrees. The children are thrilled about not having to wear coats and boots all the time and can even start going barefoot in the sand. They are also excited about bringing out the trucks, balls, hula hoops, frisbees and sidewalk chalk.  
The children helped with spring cleanup in May; putting away the sleds and shovels, sweeping off the steps and cement areas, and of course helping rake and move leaves. 2-year-old Archer Mayer was a big helper. He loved pushing the wheelbarrow!
Children are now registering for the preschool summer camp program. Enrollment is going but there is still room for more registrations. We offer a great summer program for children 3 months -12 years. Children can sign up full time, part time, all summer or just for a week or two. For a summer of bug catching, sand and water play, hikes, ball play, outdoor art and other play-based learning adventures sign up now at  www.campjornymca.org  (on the child care page).
Scholarships for kids of Military Families
C alling all military families, current and past!

We invite you to join us for a Camp Jorn overnight experience this summer!
Children ages 8-17 are invited to attend a one or two week session at Camp Jorn YMCA.
There is no cost to you thanks to the YMCA of the USA’s Strategic Initiatives Fund and a generous matching donor.

Visit us at campjornymca.org to view our dates and registration.