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Chamber News   
Final Thanks to Our City Wide Yard Sale Participants!
Map Header

We can't say thank you enough to those who participated in the 9th Annual City Wide Yard Sale!  We ended up with 91 Yard Sales and 275 Maps Sold!!  Those are some pretty impressive numbers!

Also sending out thanks to our Event Sponsors:

MAOS SEMO Behavioral Health
Park Hills RM

We appreciate your continued support of the Chamber and each of it's event endeavors.


United Way of St. Francois County to Host September First Friday Coffee
FFC September

The United Way of St. Francois County will be hosting the September First Friday Coffee event on Friday, the 6th  of September, with the help of Upward Smiles Dental Clinic!

Join us between 7:30 and 8:30 am. on the 6th at 
 Upward Smiles Dental Clinic, located at 2820 Anchor Drive in Park Hills.

Coffee and pastries provided!  Register your attendance here:  September First Friday Coffee


We've Added a Page!
Finding a School

Have you had a chance to visit the Chamber's new website yet?  If you haven't, you should!  And if you have, you should go see it again!  We've just added a new page -- " Finding a School" under the "Living Locally" tab.

This page focuses on available education facilities in and around Park Hills & Leadington.  We've still got a few photos to add, but the page is up and running!

We are continually updating, adding and changing things on our new website, and still have a whole list of new pages we intend to add.  It is our hope that the Park Hills - Leadington Chamber of Commerce website will be your first stop for everything local!

So, go give us a look:, and let us know what else you'd like to see on our site!


Investor Announcements 
City of Park Hills
Final Concert of the Season - TONIGHT!

Open Range   

The Park Hills Parks & Recreation Department is excited to announce the last of the 6-concert series of 2013!

Sponsored by Ken's Cards & Coins, bluegrass lovers will stomp to the beats of "Open Range Bluegrass Band" 7-9 p.m. on Friday, August 23 at the Columbia Park Amphitheater.

Find Out More Here:  Open Range Bluegrass Band

The Daily Journal
Salute to Local Heroes

Salute to Heroes   
It took September 11, 2001 to help us realize that heroes walk among us everyday. They include firefighters, EMTs, police officers and the military. A hero can also be someone who shows that a life is only worth living when it's shared by helping others.

The Daily Journal wants to help honor the hero in your life.

Be a part of this Keepsake Edition that will publish on September 11, 2013. Submit your heroes photo and story at

Find out more here:  Salute to Local Heroes 

Mineral Area College

Breaking Onto The Stage: MAC Theater Auditions Schedule for 2013-2014

Community actors, actresses and stagehands can join in the drama, comedy, music and dance this season as Mineral Area College's Little Theatre Guild prepares for its upcoming performance season.


Chuck Gallaher, MAC theatre instructor, said he's built a performance season that includes classics and more modern fare.

Find Out More Here:  MAC Auditions

Mineral Area College
Harry Cecil Joins Mineral Area College Music Department
Harry Cecil   
Harry Cecil, of St. Louis, has joined Mineral Area College as Director of Choirs.

Harry comes to the Park Hills community college from Harris Stowe State University, St. Louis, where he was an adjunct faculty member. He was also a vocal music teacher at Jennings Sr. High School in St. Louis.

Find Out More Here:  Harry Cecil  

United Way of St. Francois County

Master of the BBQ

United Way of St. Francois County will host it's annual Master of the BBQ on Thursday, September 5, 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Dine in, Pick Up, or Delivery available!

Print Your Order Form Here:   Masters of the BBQ 

Around Missouri  

The Basics of Writing A Business Plan  - Tuesday, August 27, 2013  


Basic Business Plan


The Missouri Small Business & Technology Department Centers has created a program designed for current and future business owners to teach the key components of a simple business plan.  It will also provide guidelines for style and appearance to help create a more professional look for your business plan.

Find Out More Here:  The Basics of Writing a Business Plan


Shared Blessings Annual Golf Tournament    

Shared Blessings

Shared Blessings Homeless Shelter is hosting it's Annual Golf Tournament on September 7, 2013 at the Leadbelt Golf Course on Berry Road in Bonne Terre.

Find Out More Here:  Shared Blessings Golf Tournament

69th Annual St. Joseph Church Festival


St. Joseph's Festival

Sunday, September 15, 2013 at St. Joseph Church in Bonne Terre.  Music by "Stonewall".  Games, Concessions, Bingo, Beer Garden, Magic Show, Cash Raffle & More!

Find Out More Here:   St. Joseph Church Festival

All About Business 
Influential Leaders Ask These 6 Questions

Try zig-zagging into these conversations to generate ideas and extend your influence. 


Zig Zag


The key to being a powerful leader isn't giving orders -- it's extending your influence. And one important way to do that is by spreading and soliciting new ideas.  


As an influential leader, you are a conduit of ideas. Some are your own, while others are from your team. Some are well-baked concepts and validated theories, while others are raw musings and trial balloons. But to be an influential leader, one way or another, you must forward these ideas and ultimately convert them into action.

To Continue Reading, Click Here:  
Six Questions

The Most Important 30 Minutes Your Team Will Ever Spend Together

At some point, you can't lead a team until you fix the personal conflicts between them.  Here's how to do it on one session. 


30 Minutes


History often prevents us from doing great things together.

Here comes Sofia, for example, taking her seat at your weekly managers' meeting. You know she's good at what she does, but that massive screw-up she was responsible for three months ago --with your best customer, no less -- still stings. You'll complete the meeting politely, of course, and she will have no idea you're still harboring hurt. But you'll also fail to collaborate at the level you could-- and should.


Now here's Fred sauntering through the conference room door. You know he's absolutely the best guy for that exciting new project you have, but you find it hard to engage with him at present, because you know he's in open conflict with another manager and with you for taking the other manager's side. To prevent any further grief, you'll give the project to someone else and it won't be as well executed as it would have been if Fred had managed it.


And now you're half way through the managers' meeting, but only one-tenth of the way through the agenda. Why? Because you, and Sofia, and Fred, and Mateo, and Kirsty-- in fact everyone around the table -- has at least one issue with someone else. They all nurse some grievance, some story, some narrative, some perspective that colors and warps your interaction as a team.


To Continue Reading, Click HereMost Important 30 Minutes

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