The Specimen Tracking Solution.
Barcode Labels: Making the right choice.
All labels are not created equal. In fact, the wrong label can lead to quality, compliance, productivity and customer service issues. Making an educated decision about which type of label you choose is critical; you definitely don’t want to deal with labels that fall off, cause poor print quality, or get damaged during any part of the normal workflow process. We are here to help you understand your choices and how to select the right type of label that will work optimally for you. This month’s blog shares all of this and more.
Why should I care about TCO?
TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is the concept of calculating the total cost of owning a product (beyond the initial purchase price) over the course of its useful life. This includes accompanying items like maintenance and repairs, accessories and supplies, and the actual estimated life of the product.

In many cases, acquisition costs may account for an average of only 33% of the total cost for most products and services. The balance are associated costs of owning and using the product.
Learn more about the importance of TCO and how to find the right products that can provide the most value over the long haul in this recent blog .
Great Times at KnowledgeLab Conference 2019!
Thank you for those of you who joined us at KnowledgeLab this year. As always, we had a lot of fun connecting with fellow attendees and learning about new trends in lab management. We are glad to have had the opportunity to exhibit and be a part of event.

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