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Painted Canada Flag at Youth Forum
Celebrate Pickering's Canada 150 Tour! Visit

Canada 150 logo
In the above photo, Bacon, a local graffiti artist, paints the Canada flag at this year's Youth Forum.
Learn more about Pickering's Canada 150 Tour at

Farmers_ Market
City Centre Farmers' Market
Nestled next to the Civic Complex, the Pickering City Centre Farmers' Market continues the tradition of a unique outdoor community market, every Tuesday, until October 3, from 9 am to 3 pm. Check out the 2017 Farmers' Market Vendor listing online at
Pickering City Centre 

Live, work, gather, and be inspired

Our City Centre is undergoing a dramatic transformation, steadily evolving into a gathering place for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.
Pickering City Centre - 3D Model
Grande Esplanade 

Pickering City Centre - Grande Esplanade Concept
The work on planning for a development of 2.2 acres  of prime land at the heart of our City Centre has begun.  The concept includes closing down Esplanade South to  vehicular traffic, creating a 'Grande Esplanade', exclusive  to pedestrians, and home to a long awaited arts centre.  Next to the arts centre will be a new combined Seniors  and Youth Centre, along with a residential tower. 

Visit for more information, or  visit our 3D model at Pickering City Hall, during regular  business hours, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Congratulations to our Pickering 101 Class of 2017! 

The final class was spent learning  about Pickering's rich history at  Pickering Museum Village, the  largest living history site in Durham  Region. The knowledgeable residents  successfully completed the 8-week  course in the spring, and now have a  better understanding of the facilities,  services, events, and programs that  touch their everyday lives.  Thank  you to all who participated! 

#PickeringProud #Pickering101
Pickering 101 Participants
Support the Mayors' Monarch Pledge

Monarch Butterfly
Pollinators such as butterflies, birds, bats, and bees play a vital role in maintaining a healthy environment and sustainable food system. Unfortunately, many of these species are under threat, including the iconic Monarch butterfly, whose population has decreased by 90% in the last 20 years.

As part of our Sustainable Pickering program and Mayors' Monarch Pledge commitments, the City is undertaking many actions to address these issues, including working with partners to install large pollinator friendly gardens.

These gardens are certified by Monarch Watch, and are called Waystations, meaning they provide the necessary habitat to support the species in each of their life stages, from nectar plants to feed on, to host plants to lay eggs on.

But these actions alone are not enough and we're calling on you to help! When planning your own garden, please include pollinator friendly native plants. Not sure what to plant? We have a list of beautiful plants, their bloom times, and pictures on our website, along with other interesting ways you can help pollinators. Visit the 'Take Action' section of our website at to find out more.
Sustainable Pickering
We're working on a number of initiatives to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimize the City's environmental footprint. 

Street Lighting LED Conversion Project
Street Lighting LED ConversionWe are converting all of our existing highpressure sodium and mercury vapour street light luminaires, to energy-efficient LED lighting. LEDs use a Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology, and have many advantages over traditional lighting such as lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, and faster switching. They also provide other benefits like enhanced visibility and reduced light pollution. More than 7,000 street lights will be replaced this year.

We expect this effort to save the City $456,000 in annual energy costs, and $235,000 in annual maintenance costs, for a combined annual savings of approximately $691,000. The payback period is 7 years.

Integrated Energy Project at the Pickering Recreation Complex 
This project consists of the installation and configuration of energy efficient mechanical systems for the ice refrigeration plant, swimming pool, and recreation facility. Additionally, these systems will be tied into the Building Automation System to improve energy efficiency and result in greater energy savings.This will result in a total energy savings of $66,948 with a 12-year payback period.
New Tax Grant for Low Income Seniors or Persons with Disabilities

The City of Pickering is offering a new annual property tax grant for eligible residents. The grant for 2017 is $200. 

The deadline to apply for 2017 is August 18th, and eligible low income seniors or persons with disabilities must apply annually. Full requirements and applications are available on our website at, or by contacting the Tax Section at 905.420.4614 or [email protected].
Summer in the City
Join us for a Season of Fun for the whole family! 

Summer Events 


Pickering Waterfront
Petticoat Creek Library reading garden is just about complete!
Your list of favourite Pickering places is growing! Stay tuned for the opening in July.

Petticoat Creek Library Reading Garden Petticoat Creek Library Reading Garden


Baby Joy