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UNF MedNexus in Palm Coast:
A Story of Transformation and Opportunity
Enter the University of North Florida's MedNexus - with Palm Coast now at center stage to make history.

MedNexus is designed to be the nation's first comprehensive, university-based medical and healthcare nexus to educate and train medical professionals in an expansive set of disciplines including nursing, rehabilitation, genetic and addiction counseling, nutrition, sciences, engineering, analytics, psychology, computing and philosophy. UNF's first connection outside of Jacksonville will be Palm Coast.
The 2020 City of Palm Coast Communications Survey officially begins Sunday, Nov. 1, and runs until Thursday, Dec. 31.

The 11-question survey is designed to gauge and improve the effectiveness of City communications to residents to help them stay informed. The City wants to better understand how residents are receiving information so it can bridge gaps in coverage and help build a more unified, engaged community.

The survey can be taken online at PalmCoastConnect.com/s/survey or in-person at a number of City facilities (City Hall, Community Center, Palm Harbor Golf Club and Palm Coast Tennis Center).
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